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South Indian and Bollywood actress Parvathy's comments against Mammootty's cop thriller Kasaba during the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK 2017) has taken an ugly turn, with she falling victim to cyberbullying by fans of the megastar. 

After Malayalam director and actor Jude Anthany Joseph mocked Parvathy by comparing her to a "monkey in a circus who decided to speak against all its masters", the Qarib Qarib Singlle actress reacted with the message OMKV (Odada mayire/malare/makane kandam vazhi), which means "get lost".

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Now, actor Siddique is believed to have responded on the matter via Facebook. Though we are not sure if it is the official Facebook page of Siddique as it is not a verified one, the post is going viral on social media.

In the post, Mammootty's initial reaction on Parvathy's comment is also mentioned: Siddique had apparently contacted the megastar soon after hearing her speech.

"They are kids, let them say whatever they want to [sic]," reads the translated Facebook post of Siddique as Mammootty's response to Parvathy's statement during IFFK.

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He added that Mammootty was not there to do respond to each and every matter done by his fans. "Do you think that's what Mammootty is here to do? Did Mammootty ask them to attack Parvathy? She only paved the way for this situation. So the responsibility to control them or react to them is also on her," he added.

Siddique also asked Parvathy why she was talking about "men" and "women" instead of "us" despite belonging to the same industry.

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"I am not as talented as you are and cannot speak fluently in English. I am old enough to be your father. So, I would like to ask you something. We all work in the same industry and why are we talking about 'men' and 'women.' Why can't you speak about 'us'," he said.

Read the full Facebook post of Siddique here:

Note: Though the Facebook page of Siddique is not verified, it has nearly 50,000 followers. Either way, we do not claim it to be the actual statement of the actor