Infant death
The baby was born to 21-year-old Babita Ahirwar.Pixabay | Representational image

A baby boy with two heads and three hands was born in a village in Ganjbasoda area of Madhya Pradesh's Vidisha district. The incident happened on Sunday (November 24) when a woman gave birth to a boy.

The doctors at the Vidisha district hospital reported that only one heart was visible of the newborn, which also has two palms on one hand.

The baby born to 21-year-old Babita Ahirwar, a resident of Ganjbasoda area, is currently under intensive treatment in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit, reports news agency ANI.

Babita Ahirwar, who was married a year and a half ago, gave birth to her first child. Currently, the baby boy is under observation in the Intensive Care Unit.

(With agency inputs)