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That's a wrap – is what Mindy Lahiri should have said, while eating a king sized wrap in all her messy glory, in the last scene of the series finale of "The Mindy Project."

But sadly, you can't have everything and considering the endgame couple was seen cuddling away to the screen zooming out - fans are beyond just happy.

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Mindy Kaling's sitcom completed its sixth and final season with the episode "It Had to be You" which has been streaming on Hulu since Tuesday. As expected, there was drama – lots and lots of it, and the perfect romantic-comedy ending with a wedding and of course – Mindy reuniting with her prince.

First things first, major spoilers ahead!

Back to the episode, the drama revolved around a business crisis, as was seen in the previous episode. Mindy's business partner Jody has withdrawn his equity and her business might have to fold. On the other hand, is the big wedding of Morgan and Tamra, the on and off couple who also have a baby on the way.

Basically, here's what you've missed so far.

The fact that Mindy and Danny have been endgame from the beginning is no secret, and within the early minutes of the half an hour long episode, the chemistry between the two is back. The stern, critical Danny is impressed by how well Mindy has handled everything revolving around his mother's surgery and Morgan's wedding.

This was a clear give-away to the inevitable. Those who guessed that Danny invested in Mindy's practice to save her business can rejoice over how right they are. While predictable, it does remind fans of all those long years that Mindy spent looking for The Right Guy.

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Mindy and Danny kissing.YouTube screenshot

Mindy has her doubts about Danny's intentions about investing all so suddenly, but the two come around like every other time in the past, on the show.

The couple rekindle their old flame, but that of course isn't the highlight of the show. Through and through, the ironic humour and social satire is maintained. And of course, the wedding drops a few bombs, including a mind-blowing musical involving almost the entire cast.

In a turn of events Morgan actually delivers a beautiful, emotional wedding speech and not some irrelevant mumbo-jumbo for once, thus helping the character to come to a full closure. Fans even get a glimpse of crazy-Beverly's son and granddaughters at the wedding.

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Morgan and Tamra at their wedding.YouTube screenshot

Another striking element of the episode is Jeremy Reed's shocking transformation into a carefree but extremely reckless man right after his father's death. He spends three weeks in London and the new Jeremy talks like a "cool thug", throwing around slangs and being overly spontaneous.

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Jeremy's sudden transformation.YouTube screenshot

Jeremy's lady love Anna sits him down and holds an intervention of sorts, pointing out how ridiculous he looks, and of course – Jeremy sees the light and the strangely articulate perfectionist is back by the end of the episode.

But of course, the series comes full circle with Mindy Lahiri riding a bicycle – just like she had in the very first episode. And also, she takes the train and runs - just like the two previous grand romantic gestures she had performed to not let the love of her life run away.

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Mindy rides a bike to go see Danny.YouTube screenshot

For those still pumped, The Mindy Project is now streaming on Hulu.