Mindy Kaling
Is Mindy ever going to reunite with Danny in The Minday Project?Facebook/The Mindy Project

The Season 5 premiere of The Mindy Project ended with Mindy choosing neither Danny nor Jody, instead she decided to stay single and focus on herself a bit. While this has upset fans who wanted Mindy to reunite with Jody, Mindy Kaling feels it's the right decision.

Speaking to Glamour before the episode aired, Kaling said that she was proud of how the episode ended. "I think they [fans] will be surprised and feel really satisfied. In fact, our creative executive at Hulu just saw the premiere and was like, 'Oh my God, I love the ending.' It's an ending I'm really proud of. I think people are going to like it," she said.

As for her character's romance with Danny, Kaling said that her character has a sizzling chemistry with Danny, but that doesn't mean they are good for one another. "I don't know. I was talking to Chris [Messina] about it, and I don't know. As a show, it's such an evolving thing. We love acting together and our scenes together are so great, and Danny and Mindy as characters have such an electric energy. They are so good together, but not necessarily good for each other all the time," she said.

The Season 5 premiere saw Mindy being shocked when she sees a wedding invitation to Danny's wedding shortly after they had hooked up in an elevator. Danny and Sarah have dated only for a few months, but he seems sure that Sarah is the woman he wants to end up with.

The next episode is titled Take My Ex-Wife, Please and it will air on October 11.