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Microsoft Xbox One backwards compatible games: New Xbox 360 titles could join the fray from this week; check outTwitter/Xbox

With technology giant Microsoft having recently teased and hinted that January 2017 would be an important month as far as seeding of newer and additional Xbox 360 backwards compatible games are concerned, new rumours have cropped up which indicate that newer Xbox One backwards compatible games would come out as early as from next week.

Now, a new report states that there would be newer Xbox 360 games offering backwards compatibility for gamers using an Xbox One console. However, the specific titles that are said to be released this week have not surfaced yet. Nonetheless, going by this new report (that quotes a tweet by Microsoft Xbox's Project Management lead Bill Stillwell) it seems that Xbox One gamers can keep their eyes and ears open this week and check if newer Xbox 360 backwards compatible games have been launched.

Bill Stillwell tweeted the following piece of information, to his Twitter followers, officially:

"We plan to resume BC game releases next week."

This tweet was sent out on January 5; considering the timeline, this week seems interesting as far as release of additional Xbox 360 backwards compatible games are concerned.

It is worth noting that there are currently 309 Xbox 360 games offering backwards compatibility on the Xbox One device. It is also said that the original count of backwards compatible titles was 1722. Click here to find out why many games were deleted from the final list of 'eligible" Xbox 360 backwards compatible games.

[Source: DailyStar UK].