Razer mouse for Xbox One
Razer mouse for Xbox OneWindows Central

It's been quite a while since Microsoft has been considering keyboard and mouse support for its Xbox One gaming console. However, the tech giant has not been able to materialize it just yet. Once the console receives the mouse and keyboard support, the owners will be able to play a lot of gaming titles, which are currently incompatible with Xbox One. Although Microsoft has not yet made it clear as to when they will launch the support, according to a recent report, they have taken the first step and joined hands with Razer to develop these peripherals.

This partnership makes sense for Microsoft, as Razer is widely known for creating and manufacturing gaming gadgets. The company has even launched a smartphone dedicated entirely to gaming.

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Razer Gaming PhoneRazer

Windows Central recently reported that they have obtained a leaked document and as per that Microsoft presentation, this partnership, if actually happens, will bring Razer Chroma RGB lighting support directly on Xbox. It will work similarly as it does with the PCs.

The same presentation also mentioned guidance and rules for the game developers, who are looking forward to adding keyboard and mouse support to their Xbox version of the games. It also noted that it's completely the developers' call as to how they wish to make use of the mouse and keyboard support.

Windows Central

The tech company has not yet confirmed as to when it will roll out the support for mouse and keyboard in Xbox One via updates.