shelf cloud
YouTube: CBS News

A strange incident happened over Lake Superior resort recently when a massive shelf cloud appeared in the skies, that too very low from the surface. The video of the creepy sighting was later shot by a Michigan woman, and it left many spell-bound. Those who watched the video initially thought that the visuals are actually from a science fiction Hollywood movie.

The woman named Holly Marengar revealed that the strangely shaped clouds were spotted while she was at the Pinewood Lodge Resort in Au Train. At the first glance, she thought that it was a giant wave, and she later found that it is the dark cloud right over the surface of the water which resulted in this spooky sky phenomenon.

As per experts, it is the high humidity surrounding the area which played a crucial role in creating this bizarre sky sighting. It should be noted that a storm very small in size has passed through Pinewood Lodge Resort in Au Train at around 9.30 AM.

Shelf clouds usually form on the leading edge of storms as rain-cooled air rushes towards the ground. In normal cases, these shelf clouds look very daunting in nature, but the one that appeared recently was literally spooky and eerie.

Weather experts revealed that the storm which hit the area is a real example of how nature is trying to balance itself out. In this case, when the climate was too hot and unstable, the storm brought hot air up into the sky and cold air down into the ground.

Marengar revealed that all the people in the area were smacked with the cool wind after the impact of the storm, and the temperature soon returned to a normal level.

Many people, after seeing the visuals, strongly argued that these spooky natural sightings are an indication that apocalypse is near. Some conspiracy theorists have completely ruled out the scientific angle behind this phenomenon, and they adamantly claim that a weather control program is being carried out by the governments, and these strange sky sightings are the result of these atmospheric experiments.