Chemtrail image, Matt Landman
An image of cloud that is enveloping the skies of Florida.YouTube: MRMB33

A video apparently shot from Palmdale, California is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists. The video shows a mammoth cigar-shaped cloud stretching across the skies in the eeriest manner.

A local resident named Dona snapped the image of the bizarre cloud, and it was later shared by the conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'MRMB333'.

Is weather control a reality?

As the video went viral, another woman from Australia claimed that she had spotted a similar line that stretched from Antarctica to Australia on the same day. In the video released, the conspiracy theory YouTube channel claims that the two testimonials from eyewitnesses are actually interwoven.

The viral video has compelled many viewers to that the government might be conducting a secret weather control program allegedly known as HAARP ( High-Frequency Active Auroral Research).

The video which was uploaded on June 04, has already racked up more than 67,000 views, and viewers were quick to speculate what is the real reason behind the strange sky phenomena.

A YouTube user named 'I'm Cheech' argued that the governments are actually spraying chemtrails all across the globe to control the weather.

However, skeptics argue that the cloud spotted in the video is basically roll clouds and it is completely natural.

Chemtrail frenzy grips the internet

This is not the first time that rumors regarding chemtrails are storming the internet. A few days back, Matt Landman, a social activist who works to stop geoengineering released a frightening image of chemtrails in the skies of Florida. The stunning image shared by Landman featured the evening sky completely filled with trail lines.

As per conspiracy theorists, chemtrails are a reality, and it is being hidden from the general public by the government. As per chemtrail believers, governments are secretly spraying harmful chemicals in the skies for umpteen numbers of reasons including weather control, psychological manipulation and population control.

In the meantime, a section of Nibiru believers has started blaming that chemtrails are being sprayed in the skies to blur the actual happenings in the space. These people argue that the alleged killer planet Nibiru is fast approaching the earth, and governments are spraying chemicals to hide its existence.