Anirban Das Blah
Was Anirban Das Blah's suicide attempt a drama?Twitter

Celebrity manager and KWAN Entertainment co-founder, Anirban Das Blah reportedly attempted suicide after being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. However, many on social media felt that the act was done just to gain sympathy.

Anirban after being named in #MeToo movement reportedly has been brought down from his power in KWAN Entertainment. Apparently being depressed at losing his job and the sexual harassment allegations, he tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge.

But his act of informing a popular media house about his plan a few hours before committing suicide left many to wonder if it was done for sympathy, and did not actually intend to die. Anirban sent a suicide note to the publication, mentioning details about his suicide plan, following which police rescued him from the bridge at midnight in Mumbai.

Although the police told media that he looked depressed and was in tears when they rescued him, people on social media have been expressing doubts at his intentions.

In the suicide note published in a leading daily, Anirban appears to be admitting his wrong doings saying that "one part of me turned into a monster".

"Without trying to justify any of my actions, I just want to say that I have tried to be the best person I can be. I didn't have the strength to cope with what happened to me as a child in a healthy way. I never was able to separate sex from power, to make it a part of love, and somewhere along the way one part of me turned into a monster. Maybe ... I am bipolar. Because I know how much love I have to give...But unfortunately the monster inside me keeps resurfacing...To anyone I may have hurt, I am sorry. This isn't revenge for you. This is justice," he said in the suicide note published in Mid-Day.

Another controversial aspect of this episode relates to a note that has started doing the rounds on social media that suggests that Anirban has not been removed from his power.

A note on social media, claiming to be from one of the employees of KWAN Entertainment states that the declaration of he being ousted from the agency was made just to save image of the company, while in reality he is still in power. The note also states that the employees have been warned to stay quiet in this matter.

This note also has been creating suspicion in the minds of people. IB Times could not verify the authenticity of the note.