A bizarre meteor incident happened in Kerala during the evening hours of February 1, Monday. Several people from different parts of the state reported seeing a bright fireball with a tail in the skies claiming that the mysterious object was screeching across the atmosphere at a mindblowing speed.

Meteor incident in Kerala
Meteor that screeched across the skies of KeralaFacebook: Black Humor Society

Netizens suspect alien presence

A picture of the event was initially shared on Facebook in a group named 'Black Humor Society'. As the image went viral, several people also came forward and claimed that they also witnessed the event during the evening hours.

People who witnessed the sighting claimed that the object that screeched across the sky was glowing, and it emanated orange colour from its body. Pictures that were taken during the event clearly suggest that the object in the skies could be most probably a meteor, which people fondly call 'shooting star'.

However, a section of netizens suspects that the bright object spotted in the skies could be most probably a damaged alien UFO burning up in the earth's atmosphere. Even though several people have admitted seeing the bright object in the skies, neither the Kerala weather authorities nor the police has not commented about the event.

What is a shooting star?

Shooting stars are nothing but falling meteors. As these meteors, while entering the Earth's atmosphere undergo an explosion, it will resemble the course of a star with a tail at its end. Even though a meteor, as viewed from the earth will seem a few thousand feet from the Earth, these space rocks could be most probably flying in the mesosphere at altitudes ranging from 76 to 100 kilometers.

According to space experts, millions of meteors used to enter the earth's atmosphere on a daily basis. However, due to their small size, they often do not make any impact on the surface of the blue planet.