Fireball as seen on American Meteor Society site
Fireball as seen on American Meteor Society siteAmerican Meteor Society

A video featuring a meteorite named ZLAF9B2 blasting off the skies has gone viral recently. It shows a fireball reaching the earth at skyrocket speed and finally exploding in South Africa. Now, Tyler Glockner, a UFO researcher who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has claimed that the object spotted in the video might not be a meteorite.

The space mystery continues...

In the recently released video, Tyler Glockner alleged that there are many mysteries surrounding the meteorite ZLAF9B2. As per Glockner, NASA came to know about the space body just nine hours before the impact which is unusual.

The conspiracy theorist also stated that there were no objects recovered from the crash site which indicates that it was not a meteorite, but some other flying object which has made a close flyby.

In the same video, Glockner released another clip showing a bizarre cone-shaped object hovering in the skies of Florida. The object is bright red in color, and it produced so sound.

Social media reacts

The clip has already attracted more than 370,000 views and spectators were quick to put forward various theories explaining this weird sky phenomenon. Many people who watched the video connected these bizarre space events to the arrival of Nibiru.

Jon Doe, a YouTube user argued that the increased number of seismic activities and the recent Guatemala volcanic eruption is a sign that the alleged killer planet Nibiru is approaching the earth.

"With all the shit flying into our atmosphere coupled with the volcanic eruptions worldwide, it really makes you wonder if something big is going on that we just aren't being told about," chsftball57, another YouTube user.

This is not the first time that Tyler Glockner is alleging government for covering up the presence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. A few days back he has released a video of a black saucer-like flying object hovering across the skies of Australia. Interestingly, this UFO sighting happened very near to an Australian military base in Victoria, and this compelled many to think that the government is secretly running a black project.