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A new prediction has been made by Christian numerologist David Meade regarding Nibiru, which is also known as Planet X. Conspiracy theorist Meade has stated that the end of the world will begin in the Spring of 2018.

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The mythical Planet X will collide with Earth and cause massive destruction after it appears later this year, Meade predicted, as per a report by Express.

Meade had previously claimed that Nibiru would destroy Earth on September 23, 2017, which triggered many doomsday conspiracy theories.

After Meade's prediction failed, the conspiracy theorist came up with another theory as well as a new date for the doomsday.

"The more I study every month, I would say I expect an awful lot to happen to commence in the spring of 2018," Meade stated while speaking to Pastor Paul Begley, another conspiracy theorist, the report by Express stated.

Israel will be celebrating 70 years of independence as a nation in May 2018, Meade pointed out. He believes that this indicates the end of the world.

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"Here's what I believe is going to start in the Spring of 2018: I believe North Korea will ascend to become a world-class superpower in March of 2018. I believe the great tribulation will begin after a short period of peace," the Christian numerologist said.

"Planet X won't appear until after the tribulation period commences, and I don't think you can pinpoint a month, week and day but I do believe 2018 is high watch and I would be very surprised if a year from now, that we will be talking about anything except Nibiru," Express quoted Meade as saying.

Mythical Planet X is believed to come closer to our solar system and result in catastrophe on Earth, causing massive damage on the planet resulting in massive loss of human and animal life.

Meade had speculated that Nibiru would be visible to naked eyes and that it would result in destructive natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes because of its powerful gravitational pull.

Despite all the destruction Nibiru will cause, the human race will not be eliminated completely and will be able to repair the damage caused by the mythical planet, Meade believes.