Sana Khan, Melvin Louis
Sana Khan, Melvin LouisInstagram

The controversy between ex-lovers Sana Khan and Melvin Louis is not ending and seems to be getting worse. The couple has been making some serious allegations against each other. The duo finally called their relationship off after Sana came out in public and alleged that Melvin was cheating on her. 

In a shocking interview, the 32-year-old actress revealed that she was abused and beaten by her boyfriend. Firstly Sana claimed that the renowned choreographer cheated on her and she alleged that Melvin had made an 18-year-old girl pregnant in the past.  

Sana Khan's shocking revelation:

Sana Khan, Melvin Louis
Sana Khan, Melvin LouisInstagram

The Jai Ho fame actress, in an interview with Pinkvilla, revealed how Melvin used to hit and abuse her. She said, "This man hit me. I have these pictures of him hitting me, of my broken head and there are bruises on my face and I have still not posted those pictures. This guy was abusive, domestic violence was there and he's beaten me up. I was crying at that point of time. I got to know and I was like, 'I am gonna show the world who you are' and that's when he started recording,".

The recording which Sana is referring to in the interview was later leaked by Melvin as a reply to his ex-girlfriend's claims. The 31-year-old dancer further alleged that Sana was playing a victim card.

In the recording, Sana can be heard saying, "I have to humiliate you! The point is, to feel better, publicly!"

Melvin Louis reacts to Sana Khan's claims that he impregnated a minor girl

Melvin Louis, Sana Khan
Melvin Louis, Sana KhanInstagram

Melvin, after releasing a shocking audio clip,  in a recent interview, also tackled Sana Khan's claims that he made a minor girl pregnant. The choreographer spoke to India Forums and said that he would never do something like this.

"If I did any wrong to any girl? Never!", said Melvin. He continued, "I think the cheating allegations are baseless, no incident of that sort has happened. I don't understand why am I stuck in this thing because when I first read about this in the paper I was shocked."

Melvin further added, "People told me to respond to it and I said no, had I cheated, it would have been with someone right? In that case, that other person should have said those things. I was shocked when I got to know that not 1, 2, or 3 but 5-6 names were out, so I think this is very unfair. It is easy to put allegations on someone."