Melania Trump son
US President-elect Donald Trump arrives with his son Baron and wife Melania at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York on November 8, 2016.SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Melania Trump has been silent about adult star Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes claiming that US President Donald Trump had an affair with the porn star. The First Lady seems to have chosen to stay away from the controversy.

Now, her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham has broken her silence on behalf of the FLOTUS. While she doesn't reveal what is going on in Melania's mind, the spokeswoman revealed that Melania has chosen to focus on her family while she takes a break in Mar-a-Lago.

Talking to NBC, Grisham said, "She's focused on being a mom and is quite enjoying spring break at Mar-a-Lago while working on future projects." Melania is scheduled to stay in Florida with Barron Trump for a week at least.

According to The Hill, Melania and Barron reached the Palm Beach, Florida, on Friday. The president was also joined by the family but he returned to Washington D.C. Sunday. It is safe to assume that the couple wasn't together in Mar-a-Lago when Daniels' 60 Minutes interview aired.

Grisham's maintained the suspense over Melania's reaction to Daniels' claims when she took to Twitter and spoke on behalf of Trump's wife. Although her response seemed subtle to NBC, the spokeswoman lashed out at the media on Twitter.

It appears that Barron's well-being is the biggest concern for Melania right now, judging by Grisham's. Her tweet calls out the media for "enjoying" the "speculation and "salacious gossip" caused by Daniels through CNN and 60 Minutes interview. While she doesn't stop the media from their reporting, she asked people to keep Trump and Melania's 12-year-old son out of this fiasco.

The tweet refers to the news reports suggesting that Trump's alleged affairs with former Playboy model Karen McDougal and Daniels took place in the summer of 2006, soon after Melania gave birth to Barron.

In the 60 Minutes interview, Daniels said she asked Trump about his wife and new child. Trump allegedly wasn't concerned about them. "I asked," she said. "And he brushed it aside, said, 'Oh yeah, yeah, you know, don't worry about that. We don't even—we have separate rooms and stuff.'"

As for McDougal, the model spoke to CNN last week and apologized to Melania. "What can you say except I'm sorry?" she said. "I'm sorry. I wouldn't want it done to me."