Melania Trump with US President Donald TrumpTV grab

It happened again. She batted his hands away, again. In the new footage that is going viral on social media, Melania Trump apparently refused to hold her husband, US President Donald Trump's hand when he tried holding hers while disembarking from Air force one.

The moment was captured when the US first family, President Trump, wife Melania and son Barron, was stepping off Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Washington DC. As they got out of the plane, Trump tried to hold Melania's hand but she apparently didn't let him. He then tried again a second time, but then too she refused and kept her hand busy with her bag while trying to adjust her dress.

Their wrestling to get their respective ways went on for a few seconds before Trump finally placed his right hand on her lower back. The clip then went viral with Twitterati having a field day.

Here are a few of the reactions to the viral clip.


Not the first time

This is not the first time when the first lady Melania Trump has refused to hold her husband's hand in public.

On their visit to Israel in 2017, when PM Netanyahu went to receive the power couple at the Ben Gurion International Airport, Trump tried to hold Melania's hand but she batted his hands away. The video of her pushing off Trump's hand had gone viral then too.

Here are some of the other times when Melania refused to hold Trump's hand.

In February 2018, when Trump and Melania left the White House to board Marine One on the way to Ohio, he tried to hold her hand but wasn't successful.

This in April 2018, during a photo op with French first couple, Trump tried to have a lovely dovely gesture with his wife, but it went, the way it went.

The couple was traveling from NewYork where the President went to meet his younger brother Robert Trump who died on Sunday at the age of 71.