US President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump do not always give each other gifts for Christmas, because the First Lady feels that the President is a difficult person to shop for.

Because of this, the first couple sometimes simply do not give each other Christmas gifts, according to a source close to Melania told Hollywood Life in an exclusive interview. It is not clear at this time if this tradition is only during Christmas or if it extends to other holidays as well.

While the Trumps don't strictly give each other gifts, the report notes that the First Lady has a lot planned for Christmas this year. It looks like the couple is headed back to Florida this year as well. "Donald and Melania will be going to Mar-a-Largo again this Christmas, and the whole family will be there to celebrate," says the source.

"All of Donald's children, and grandchildren, in addition to Melania's parents, will be flying down to Florida, and she's really looking forward to having a beautiful and festive celebration."

Melania is said to be a person who likes to keep to tradition. "Donald and Melania always go to midnight mass, so they will definitely be doing that again this year, as Melania finds it the perfect start to Christmas and she's big on tradition," said the unnamed source.

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U.S. President Donald Trump and the first Lady Melania TrumpREUTERS

"Melania has worked hard with the kitchen staff to devise a healthy but tasty menu for dinner, and she's thrilled with the end result."

In spite of all these plans, Melania is still finding it difficult to figure out what to get her husband, it seems. "Melania absolutely loves Christmas, she goes all out...but as of now she has yet to buy Donald anything,"

"Melania says he's[Donald Trump] next to impossible to buy for and often they don't exchange gifts at all for Christmas." The source made no mention if Barron Trump, the couple's only child, aged 12, will get a gift from either of his parents or not.