Lady Colin Campbell
Lady Colin Campbell is working on a book, but who is the subject of the expose?Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

Lady Colin Campbell is writing a new book and has grown close to Meghan Markle's nephew—Tyler Dooley. This has many speculating that the "royal author" is working on a book, a sort of expose on the Duchess of Sussex.

Campbell is an author and socialite who has so far written three books about the lives of the British Royal family. Among her work is an unofficial biography on Princess Diana, in which she infamously "exposed" Lady Di, making several shocking claims that after her death was found to actually be true, according to a report by the Daily Mail. In her book—Diana in Private, Campbell claimed that the Princess struggled with bulimia and also that she had an affair with James Hewitt.

Princess Diana
Lady Campbell wrote a shocking tell-all book on Princess DianaREUTERS

Campbell, who is well known for her outspoken nature, is often seen as having a caustic disposition and said that she "did not agree with her [Princess Diana's] posture of victimhood," when working on her book.

She is now working on a new book, and it just might be about the newest member of the Royal family, Meghan Markle. Markle has been a bit of an oddball among the Royals. As an American and former actress, the media attention she has and is receiving is rumoured to make even her own husband, Prince Harry a bit nervous.

Markle has been notoriously breaking Royal protocol for some time now, and there are talks of a feud with sister-in-law and wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton. Markle is also seemingly not liked by her staff, as evidenced by a number of her key staff members leaving "Duchess Difficult".

When Campbell was asked directly if she was writing a tell-all about Markle, she neither confirmed nor denied it. She said: "I am writing a new book but I am not prepared to discuss what it is about yet.

"The thing about Meghan Markle is that it is a developing story," she said. "There is a lot more about her to come out yet," reports the Sun. She has, however, grown rather chummy with Markle's nephew Dooley, who has been quite outspoken about the Duchess' life. As a licensed weed farmer, he released a strain of marijuana called the "Markle Sparkle" just before her wedding, much to the chagrin of the Royal family, reports the Sun.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle was a popular actress in the US before her weddingAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images