Sean and Davina
Sean and DavinaScreenshot/Video

On 'Married at First Sight' last week, the three couples that took part in Season 2 of the experiment declared their decision on staying married or getting separated. While Jaclyn-Ryan and Jessica-Ryan decided to give marriage a shot, Sean and Davina decided to end it. 

All three couples will appear together in ''Six Months Later'. While Ryan R, Jaclyn, Ryan N and Jessica talk about the trials and tribulations of married life, Sean and Davina will probably be seeing each other for the first time since their divorce.

The thought caused 'immense anxiety' in Sean, he admitted on camera. And it looks like he has a reason to be anxious. According to the promo for the upcoming episode, Sean admitted to calling Davina 'Satan'.

It is not clear if he called her 'Satan' during the course of the shooting or after they got divorced, but even the experts seem to be disappointed with him. The appalled host also asks Sean what exactly is the reason for him to call his estranged wife 'devil'.

Even in the last episode, when the couples told the experts their decision regarding their marriages, Davina was blind-sided with some accusations. Although the duo agreed that they were not compatible, Sean complained to the experts that Davina had a temper that stopped him from saying his peace many a time.

Was that supposed temper a reason for him to call Davina 'devil'? Find out on Tuesday, 16 June, when the "Six Months Later" reunion will be aired at 9.00 pm (EST) on A&E.