Married at First Sight couples that are still together
Married at First Sight couples that are still togetherScreenshot/Video

After six weeks of "will they stay together, will they get divorced", the couples of "Married at First Sight" Season 2 revealed their true intentions in last week's episode. While Ryan R-Jaclyn and Ryan D-Jessica decided to give their marriage a shot, Sean and Davina decided they are better off divorced.

In the coming week, the three paired couples will meet with all the experts and talk about their life after the experiment. Did "Married at First Sight" truly work for the couples who decided to stay married? Are they still together?

When the host of the upcoming episode, to be aired on Tuesday (16 June), asks Ryan and Jaclyn the similar questions, the newlyweds are seen blushing and smiling at each other. One can only assume that their bond has only grown stronger in the six months after the experiment.

Moreover, during the course of the show, when fans criticised Ryan for pulling away from Jaclyn and abandoning her for a while, she quickly shushed them and took her husband's side. We are almost certain that the couple is still together.

One major bump in Ryan and Jessica's relationship was the former's temper, and even Jessica admitted that for them to have a wonderful future, she needed to be sure that temperamental Ryan would not pop up in the future. From the looks of the sneak-peak, it looks like they have had disagreements in the six months after "Married at First Sight".

However, they both have seen the worst sides of each other; and therefore, it is quite possible that even with blocks in their marital road, they still powered through. Moreover, Jessica has made it clear that "divorce" is not a word in her dictionary, so we are hoping that they work through their problems and find happiness with each other.