Married at First Sight
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"Married at First Sight" season 3 has come to an end. After five tiring weeks of living together and figuring out if they were meant for each other, all three couples have come to the decision of either staying married or getting divorced.

Ryan and Jessica: Happily Married
Although consisting of explosive arguments and silent treatments, Ryan-Jessica found a way to live amicably towards the end of the experiment. In many ways, the two compliment each other; while Ryan is short-tempered, Jess is non-confrontational and while Ryan likes being the provider, Jess takes to creating a homely space for the two of them.

Sean and Davina: Divorced
The main concern of the couple throughout the experiment was Davina's unwillingness to move out of New York and Sean's unwillingness to move out of Jersey. Although they have had many fun and adorable moments together, both being very logical and practical people, they kept arguing about their living situation. Lack of physical intimacy also plagues their marriage throughout season 2.

Ryan and Jaclyn: Happily Married
Although Jaclyn was unsure if she could see her husband on their wedding day, Ryan's charisma reeled her in. Although there were a few bumps in their martial road, both of them took turns to be the pillar that held their relation intact. Fans seemed to have rooted the most for Ryan and Jaclyn, and they both have shown care and love for each other throughout the show.