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Season 2 of the social experiment, "Married at First Sight", will be aired on Tuesday, 9 June, and from the previous 12 episodes of the season, fans have some pretty good guesses on who among the three couples will opt divorce after six weeks of marriage.

The couple that is most likely to stick with each other is Ryan and Jaclyn. Although Jaclyn was unsure if she could see her husband in Ryan on their wedding day, she fell in love with him, only for him to pull away.

Now, towards the end of "Married at First Sight", however, the duo has found a way to live together happily. Although, they seem the most happiest, it cannot be ascertained if the two will decide to be just friends or move on as husband and wife. Regardless, they are the most popular couple this season, with fans even demanding a spin-off series based on Ryan and Jaclyn.

Sean and Davina, who seemed to be having fun with each other, were featured last in the penultimate episode, wherein the trauma nurse, Sean, told his wife that he would not move out to New York, where Davina lives. Sean is still willing to make an attempt at long-distance relationship, but Davina still feels that she is struck with a man who did not think ahead before committing to the experiment.

While many "Married at First Sight" fans feel that Davina is being a little too adamant in her decision to relocate from New York, others feel she is a strong independent woman who should say no to the marriage if she feels it is not good enough for her.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Jessica, who have come a long way since their explosive arguments and silent treatments, have higher chances of remaining married. The two even moved on from the misunderstanding about their "marriage money", and spent it on a nice dinner.

In the short while that Ryan and Jess have been married, the fans have seen that even with all their differences Ryan and Jess complete each other. If the couple has seen what fans have been able to see, they will definitely remain married.

Watch out for the finale episode at 9.00 pm (EST) on 9 June on A&E or watch online on FYI to see which of the couples will stay married.

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