After the train-wreck that was season 2 of "Married at First Sight", FYI is trying to revive the show with a new season that follows the lives of the two couples from season 1. Kicking off on 13 October, the new season will be considered as season 2 for "Married at First Sight: The First Year".

In the first season of "The First Year", we saw the couples Jason Carrion-Cortney Hendrix and Doug Hehner-Jamie Otis share many special milestones, including birthday and holiday celebrations, meeting extended family members and career struggles, along with disputing about expanding their family.

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The couples have managed to work through all hindrances that life has posed in the first year of marriage. Now, as a reminder that the experts of "Married at First Sight", Dr. Joseph Cilona, Dr Logan Levkoff and Dr Pepper Schwartz are perfectly capable of matching two compatible individuals, FYI is bringing the two favourite couples back.

Meanwhile, some fans of the show are still hoping that the show would return in its original format of matching strangers. Some are even leaving comments on "Married at First Sight" Facebook page in the hope of being a participant in the upcoming season.

"Please come back for and 3rd season I want a husband, I PROMISE you if the show comes back for a season three I WILL MAKE IT WORK," goes one comment.

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Watch out for the season premiere of "Married at First Sight: The First Year" season 2 on Tuesday, 13 October. Meanwhile, check back here for latest updates about the FYI reality show.