Experts of 'Married at First Sight'
Experts of 'Married at First Sight' (clockwise) Dr. Logan Levkoff, Dr. Joseph Cilona, Greg Epstein and Dr. Pepper SchwartzFacebok/Married at First Sight

It has been barely a week since the finale of A&E's reality show "Married at First Sight" and the experts are now knee-deep in trouble with the media and fans feeling betrayed. The two reunion episodes were a mess, with one contestant alleging that her husband has a gambling problem and another claiming her husband pretended to be someone else when he was on camera.

In the train-wreck that was the "MAFS" season 2 finale, Jessica said that her husband spent Valentine's Day with another woman and that he has gambling and anger issues, which the experts did not take into account. While her husband Ryan claims that he has been portrayed badly on the show, she maintained the same decorum or lack thereof during the reunion as well.

When the questions got too tough for him, Ryan walked away from the interview and according to Viral Global News, he was even caught threatening to kill Jessica and her entire family on a hot microphone. She reportedly has a restraining order against the man and is also planning to sue A&E for fraud.

The episode was also edited, with many cuts seeming very obvious even to the viewers. Sean's reply to why he called his wife Davina "Satan" was never shown and Davina's claim that her husband was not what he seemed was not dealt with.

The saddest aspect of the experiment this time round is that none of the couples stayed together. Although Ryan said he would like Jaclyn to be in his life, and she agreed to give him another chance, the most promising couple this season also bid adieu to each other.

Another shocking news regarding "MAFS" that has come to the forefront is that the experts are allegedly making no attempt at matching the couples based on compatibility. They claim that Ryan and Jessica were matched just because they looked "sexy together", while the other two were chosen because one was a friend of a cast member from season 1 and the other because he has a background in acting and modelling.

Instead of accepting their failure in matching the right couples, the "experts" put the blame on the contestant. Dr Logan Levkoff particularly got quite animated in the finale and told the contestants that the experiment did not fail them, but they failed the experiment.

Their self-righteousness comes as a shock, especially in the aftermath of the revelations that they missed these serious factors during the "extensive background check": DUI, probation violation, gambling addiction, pathological liar, animal abuse and anger management issues.