The smugglers were nabbed with 300 kg of marijuana. [Representational Image]Reuters

The Commissioners Task Force (CTF) nabbed two cannabis smugglers and seized 300 kg of marijuana from them after a three-hour long cinematic car chase in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh on Sunday (February 18) night.

The CTF sleuths had received a tip-off about a plan to smuggle large quantities of marijuana from Vishakapatnam to Hyderabad, The New Indian Express reported.

Following this, the officials started checking the vehicles at the toll gate where the task force tried to intercept an approaching Innova car. In order to avoid getting caught, the smugglers slammed into a police car and sped past. 

The smugglers were chased down by the police team after a three-hour long chase that ended in Kannur village in Andhra Pradesh. 

The smugglers were later taken into custody by the CTF officials. The police seized 300 kg of marijuana packed in polythene covers.

"We seized 300 kg ganja worth around '50 lakh and the car. The investigation is on," a senior CTF official was quoted by New Indian Express as saying.

In a similar incident, a special police team seized 150 kg and arrested four smugglers in connection with the transportation of the illicit drug in Madurai district in Tamil Nadu on Saturday. The police found 68 bundles of marijuana in the backyard of the Slum Clearance Board apartment at Rajakkoor, The Hindu reported.

The bundles of ganja were kept hidden amidst the bushes when the police raided the place after a tip-off. The smuggler claimed they had got the marijuana from Andhra Pradesh.

The men arrested were booked under the provisions of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, The Hindu reported.

The consumption of marijuana can lead to 6 months of imprisonment or a fine of Rs 10,000 in India. Surprisingly, the most used drug in the Indian illicit drug trade is also marijuana.