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People smoking marijuana have 20 percent more sex than those who don't smoke pot, a recent study carried out by the Stanford University School of Medicine has revealed.

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Researchers figured out the link between sexual intercourse as well as smoking pot after analysing the data on more than 50,000 Americans belonging to the age groups of 25 to 45 years. This data was accumulated by the National Survey of Family Growth from 2002 to 2015 and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had surveyed this research.

The participants were questioned regarding the number of times they had heterosexual intercourse over the last four weeks and how often they smoked up over the last 12 months.

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It was found that the women who smoke up regularly had sex on an average of 7.1 times during the past four weeks and those women who denied the use of cannabis in the past year had it on an average of six times.

On the other hand, men who had marijuana on a regular basis had sex on an average of 6.9 times, while men who didn't smoke up had it on an average of 5.6 times.

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"In other words, pot users are having about 20 percent more sex than pot abstainers," said Dr Michael Eisenberg, the study's senior author and assistant professor of urology at Stanford.

The results concluded that couples smoking blunt or bong had 20 more instances of having sexual intercourse in a year, when compared to couples who are non-smokers.

"I think if you asked a man or a woman, 20 more times to have sex over a year that would seem like a lot" Eisenberg stated.

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It was previously believed that couples usually smoked after having sex but the latest revelations made by Eisenberg points towards the opposite being true.

"The overall trend we saw applied to people of both sexes and all races, ages, education levels, income groups and religions, every health status, whether they were married or single and whether or not they had kids."

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According to Stanford University, 20 million adult Americans are marijuana users. Marijuana is legalised in 29 states and District of Columbia for medical or recreational adult use, Morgan Fox, the spokesman for Marijuana Policy Project, told Reuters.

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But Eisenberg concluded cautioning that this research doesn't prove that marijuana boosts sexual activity but it proves that the previously conducted studies that stated that cannabis resulted in erectile dysfunction contradict this latest finding.

"It doesn't say if you smoke more marijuana, you'll have more sex," he said.