Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala, who is of Nepalese origin, is facing the wrath of people after she expressed concern over her country on Monday. Some of them slammed her for supporting Nepal.

Manisha Koirala, who was born into the politically prominent Brahmin Koirala family, in Kathmandu, Nepal, took to Twitter to talk about Nepal. The Bollywood actress wrote, "Territorial sovereignty + political sovereignty + economical sovereignty = sovereign state!! Let's mull over this!"

Manisha Koirala
Manisha KoiralaTwitter

A netizen named Sameer M Dixit (@smadixit) asked her, "You surely mean #nepal right?" Responding to him, Manisha Koirala wroe, "I was simply mulling over where Nepal stands today n where it's heading in future, on these fronts.. we kinda know the past .. not saying it's either good or bad.. just mulling.."

Manisha Koirala faced criticism for her statement with some people asking her to pack her bags and leave India. They said that she is ungrateful towards India after making it big here. A few even went on to say Nepal is soon going to turn into China's colony.

Harshva @harshva66170089

Please pack ur bags and get out from India. Ur PM has betrayed India on China's behalf and also gifted China Rui village. To whom you are lecturing all this. World knows ur pm is a sold person who wants to destroy our ancestral relation.

Manisha Koirala

Manish @Manish95122679


TM @tusharmandhyan

We will return back all the nepalis working here back to their Country. Provide them jobs and education there. We are not here for the samaj sewa here.

Jerico Nomad @DevdasJerico

Nepal very soon will be China's Colony...Chinese Language are made mandatory to teach in schools...Nepal's current government will drag Nepal to Dark Ages..

After seeing this flood of hate, Manisha Koirala requested everyone not to be aggressive and disrespectful. She tweeted, "A heartfelt request please let's not be aggressive and disrespectful..we are in this situation together..our respective Gov's will resolve the issue. In the meantime, we can be civil. I remain hopeful."