Welsh Corgi
[Representative Image] A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is seen in the judging area February 15, 2016, in New York during the first day of competition at the Westminster Kennel Club 140th Annual Dog Show.TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

A 62-year-old farmer in the southern city of Pyeongtaek, South Korea, killed his neighbor's 2-year-old Welsh corgi, cooked it and then invited the owner to eat the dog meat for dinner. The incident came to light only after another neighbor tipped off the pet owner's family.

The unnamed man confessed to the crime and said he was irritated by the dog's constant barking. The farmer said he threw a stone at the dog causing the animal to lose consciousness.

"Only after the dog passed out, he claims, he strangled the animal and cooked it," AFP quoted a detective in the southern city of Pyeongtaek as saying. "The man then invited his neighbors to share the meal, including the father of the dog-owning family."

The pet owner's daughter, who asked to keep the family's name anonymous, published an online petition seeking public support to ensure that the offender is punished. The petition has gone viral and has gained around 15,000 signatures.

"We had been all around the town, handing out leaflets containing the dog's picture, phone number and rewards of 1m won (£660), in order to find the missing dog. When I reached the man's house, which is just three doors down from ours, he expressed sympathy, promising to let us know if he found the dog," she told the publication.

The farmer was reportedly hiding the dog in his barn when she approached the man seeking help to find the Welsh corgi. The next day, the farmer visited the pet owner's house to console him.

"He even invited neighbors to come share the dog meat, including my father who did not accept the invitation as he is a non-dog meat eater," the daughter said.

The consumption of dog meat has been a part of Korea's cuisine; however, the consumption has declined in recent years as animal rights groups have gained traction in the country.