A 27-year-old Queensland man was stabbed after a drunken pub fight, but he chose to go to the pub before calling the police. [Representational image]Creative Commons.

A Queensland man was allegedly stabbed in the back at Beerwah on the night of April 1 and what he did next was not something you'd expect anybody but Marvel superhero Deadpool to do. Before calling the police – like one is expected – the man stopped by at a pub!

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman shared with The Observer that there was a fight between two men — a 20-year-old from Beerwah and a 27-year-old from Caboolture — at the Beerwah Hotel. She said the fight moved out on the road soon and on Turner St, the younger man allegedly stabbed the older one.

She said the two men had been initially kicked out of the pub for fighting, and it was only when the fight scene moved elsewhere that the younger man decided to stab the older one in the back with a knife.

What followed was a shocker to most, as the victim returned to the pub with the knife still in his back, the QPS spokeswoman said. He did end up calling the police and was immediately rushed to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in a stable condition, reported The Observer.

The QPS spokeswoman added that the two men were acquainted with each other and as per their last update, one of them was assisting the police with their inquiries. While "substantial" amounts of alcohol were involved, no charges have been filed as of yet.

This comes not long after the video of a similar incident surfaced on the internet, where a man was seen getting stabbed in the back with a knife and then walking around with the weapon sticking out of his back.

The 22-year-old victim, Elionardo Nascimento from Brazil, had shared with The Sun back then that the attack was unprovoked as he "did not know the person behind the assault and had not argued with anyone that night."

Speaking about how swiftly things happened and the state it had left him in, Nascimento said: "I just felt a punch in my back which nearly knocked me off my feet."

He added: "I was a bit confused as to what had just happened and when a friend took a look and told me I had a knife in my back, I couldn't believe it."