Australian Stabbed in Kuala Lumpur Pub Brawl
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In a gory incident that took place in Mumbai, a 21-year-old man reportedly killed his teen friend Thursday, March 22, for mocking him and calling him uneducated. The man is said to have stabbed the 18-year-old victim 54 times after taking him to an isolated spot.

Mohammed Amir Abdul Wahid Rahin was said to be annoyed with his friend Mohammed Afroz Alam Shaikh for speaking to him in English and belittling him for being uneducated and not knowing the language.

On Wednesday, Rahin took Shaikh out to Bandra for a drink and both of them bought beers. In some time, Shaikh visited the washroom and Rahin followed him. That is when Rahin slit Shaikh's throat and stabbed him to death. "When Shaikh fell, Rahin stabbed him 54 times to ensure he was dead," DB Thorat, senior police inspector at the Shahu Nagar police station, told Hindustan Times.

After committing the crime, Rahin went to the Shahu Nagar police station around 1 am and confessed that he had killed his friend. He then took the police near Raheja bridge in Mahim, where Shaikh's body was found.

The 18-year-old was taken to the Sion hospital with wounds on his neck and stomach. He was declared brought dead.

The police also said that Rahin had been planning the murder for almost a week. "But he was waiting for the right time and location," Thorat added.

Speaking of his education, Shaikh's brother Firoz Alam said that he had come to Mumbai about two years ago and intended to write his SSC exams. "He filled in the forms, but did not appear for them," Alam revealed.

A few days ago another incident in Mumbai had baffled residents. A 22-year-old reportedly stabbed his neighbor in a fit of rage after losing an Uno game. The victim, Abuzar Ansari, had invited Noor Mohammed Mansoori for a game of cards.

The duo had been playing the game peacefully for about an hour, but Mansoori suddenly flew into a rage and accused Ansari of cheating.