Air India Airbus A320 passenger aircraft.
An Air India Airbus A320 passenger aircraft.Reuters file [Representational Image]

A male passenger on board an Air India flight from Dubai to Lucknow stripped naked mid-air, leaving the passengers and crew bewildered.

The passenger in his thirties was walking up and down the aisle, naked on the Air India Express flight IX-194 when the flight staff saw him. They immediately wrapped him in a blanket and covered him.

The man was overpowered by two of the in-flight staff after the initial resistance and was made to sit down. After landing at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow, the staff handed him over to the airport security officials.

"The man after being detained by the authorities revealed that he had been harassed by his Pakistani coworkers in Dubai who far outnumbered him as he was the only Indian there. He said he was mercilessly beaten by the Pakistanis and tortured to go back. In frustration, he had resigned and was returning to India," the Air India in-charge in Lucknow, Shakeel Ahmed, told Hindustan Times.

After the Air India staff verified the male passenger's credentials, he was let off the security and was taken by his family. 

Air India has now put the passenger on the watch list.