Mahindra Group and Ford Motor, Mahindra Ford JV
Mahindra Group and Ford Motormanufacturers

Mahindra Group and Ford Motor Company on Monday, September 18 announced a new partnership to leverage their mutual strengths for mobility programs, connected vehicle projects, electrification and distribution within India and global markets.

Teams from both companies  have decided to collaborate and work together for the next three years, at a time when the global automotive industry is going through a period of unprecedented transformation.

"Ford is committed to India and this alliance can help us deliver the best vehicles and services to customers while profitably growing in the world's fifth largest vehicle market," said Jim Farley, Ford Executive Vice President and President of Global Markets.

The strategic alliance, which also looks forward to improving Ford's reach in India and in other emerging markets globally while helping its Indian partner to extend its reach outside the country. 

According to Farley, the two companies have a long history of cooperation and mutual respect.

"The memorandum of understanding we have signed today with Mahindra will allow us to work together to take advantage of the changes coming in the auto industry," he continues. "The enormous growth potential in the utility market and the growing importance of mobility and affordable battery electric vehicles are all aligned with our strategic priorities."

Pawan Goenka, managing director, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd elaborated: "The changes facing the automotive industry globally are triggered by the accelerated rise of new technologies, sustainability policies and new models of urban shared mobility. Given these changes we see the need to anticipate new market trends, explore alternatives and look for ways to collaborate even as we compete and build powerful synergies that will allow rapid exploitation of the exciting new opportunities."

Ford India Private Limited, which began production in 1926 as a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company of Canada was forced to shut down in 1954 following huge losses. Ford made a re-entry into the market in October 1995 as Mahindra Ford India Limited (MFIL) on a 50-50 joint venture with Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. In March 1998, Ford increased its interest to 72% and renamed the company Ford India Private Limited.

Mahindra and Ford deal:--Key points to look at

Mobility programs

Connected vehicle projects


Product development

Sourcing and commercial efficiencies

Distribution within India; improving Ford's reach within India

Global emerging markets; improving Mahindra's reach outside of India