Mahesh Kathi, Poonam Kaur and Pawan Kalyan
Mahesh Kathi, Poonam Kaur and Pawan KalyanCollage of photos taken from Facebook and Twitter

The Twitter war between actress Poonam Kaur and film critic Mahesh Kathi is making many wonder if the Jana Sena Party chief and Telugu actor, Pawan Kalyan is above criticism.

Pawan Kalyan is the most popular actor in the Telugu film industry and referred to as power star. Though he launched his own political party, Jana Sena, in 2014, he refrained from taking part in elections but extended support to Telugu Desam Party, a part of National Democratic Alliance led by BJP at the Centre currently. Read: Agnyaathavaasi beats Baahubali record

For the good part of three years since the party was announced, Pawan Kalyan has been juggling between film shootings and political pursuits. Though he was vocal on several social issues plaguing the Andhra Pradesh populace, the party lacked an organisational structure and the famed actor too barely made efforts in that direction. Many political critics also mocked the party as a one-man army.  Read: Poonam Kaur cries for Pawan Kalyan's help to escape from Mahesh Kathi

Pawan Kalyan in his public meetings has retorted to the allegations made against him by other politicians. He also pointed out how 'lethargic' Andhra Pradesh MPs were in Parliament. On certain occasions, he also criticised the ruling party's leaders though he campaigned for them in the previous elections. According to him, it is because of Congress that his brother and megastar Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) got dissolved. But it also raises the question, if the Congress party was behind Chiranjeevi's PRP debacle, why would he take accept a Rajya Sabha MP and central minister berth in the UPA regime?   

Pawan Kalyan's majority of rhetoric began with AP's special status demand and how BJP backstabbed the state, and last, he spoke Kapu reservation.

For the people of the residual Telugu state who have been vexed with both the ruling TDP and main Opposition YSR Congress, Jana Sena seems to give a ray of hope in the form of a third alternative. But, any political party requires workers at the grassroot level, and when a matinee idol plunges to politics, his fanatic crowds craving for his onscreen persona, don't exactly translate to party cadres.  Read: Agnyaathavaasi pre-sales in US: Trivikram's film beats SGS record 

The bone of contention comes when the actor's fans can't take even a pinch of criticism. The people who are vocal get trolled on social media and become victims of cyberbullying. Though Pawan Kalyan's thoughts on some issues were found to be illogical and contradictory, fans spared none when a finger is raised at their 'God', as they like to call him.

Mahesh Kathi, who refers himself to be a film activist, is one of those victims, who had been viciously targetting by the actors' fan groups for criticising the power star.

It all started with the first interview of Mahesh Kathi after getting evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu. He made a statement on Pawan Kalyan's political career which did not go well with the latter's followers, who went on to troll him on the social media. They even circulated the film critics' mobile number on social media.

Mahesh has been having a tough time fighting it out, as he received thousands of calls every day for the past two months. Pawan Kalyan fans abused him and threatened him over phone calls and whatsapp. The harassment went to such an extent, that he finally chose to stop using that number.

But he did not bow down to the fan rage and filed a police complaint. He also warned the culprits that he will continue to expose the hero, until they stop attacking and trolling him. 

Even as the beef between the fans and him refuses to die down, in a latest, actress Poonam Kaur tweeted against the critic further fuelling the debate while showing her support to Pawan Kalyan.  

Without directly referring to his name, she made a couple of derogatory tweets. She said he is beggar and earning livelihood by criticising people. She even went on to body shame him, by asking people to donate money to him for his weight reduction.

Poonam Kaur Lal tweeted: "Beggarsrbetter than people who rmaking money outta criticising others,okeyy suthi,change the man or the topic,I am bored 2c the same fatso! Employment problems...papam...contribute trps it's a way of donating guys4 some1s ill health actually should pay4 weight reduction programme."

Her series of tweets have shocked many in the Telugu film industry. With her posts, she is proving that she is no better than Pawan Kalyan fans. This attitude only reassures that Pawan Kalyan is above criticism.

Critical thinking is necessary for a society to progress and independent thought process is crucial for a healthy democracy. The fans of whom a majority are apparently under the voting age need to educate themselves about the basics of democracy. After all, even Pawan Kalyan criticises his political opponents.