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Actress Poonam Kaur pleaded with power star Pawan Kalyan on Twitter to rescue her after Mahesh Kathi asked some her controversial questions, but she deleted her posts after 10 minutes.

Days after she ranted against film critic Mahesh Kathi for linking Pawan Kalyan with her, Poonam Kaur Lal once again caused embarrassment to the power star by requesting him on Twitter to help her out.

In a couple of posts, she wrote that she has a long way to go in life and cannot fall victim to dirty politics. She requested Pawan Kalyan to allow her to meet and talk to him about the situation.

ā€¸Poonam Kaur tweeted at around 10:30 am on Monday, January 8: "Respected @PawanKalyan garu, I request u to help me out in this situation cozit relates 2my career, family and most importantly my respect! I do not want to become a political target 4people's hidden agendas, I would like like to meet you and talk to about the same @PawanKalyan (sic)."

Surprisingly, Poonam Kaur deleted her posts on Twitter after 10 minutes. But they had already reached thousands of people. They were liked by over 365 people and retweeted by over 185 people, while around 50 replied to her. People in the industry are surprised by her behaviour.

Poonam Kaur's deleted tweets
Poonam Kaur's deleted tweetsTwitter

Poonam Kaur had been ranting against Mahesh Kathi indirectly over the past weekend, and it was all out of the blue. She called him a "beggar" and "unemployed person," who was criticising people for a livelihood. She even body-shamed him, asking people to donate money to help him shed some weight.

Her comments did not go down well with Mahesh Kathi, who held a press meet on Sunday and invited her and Pawan Kalyan for an open debate. When the two did not come, he asked her some controversial questions, which came as a rude shock to people in the industry as well as fans of the Mega family.

Here are Mahesh Kathi's six questions to Poonam Kaur.

1. With whose help were you appointed the Handlooms brand ambassador for AP?

2. Why did you perform puja along with Pawan Kalyan under the same Gothram (clan)?

3. You attempted suicide with a feeling that Pawan Kalyan cheated on you. You were admitted to a hospital then. Who saved you? What is the hospital's name? Who paid your hospital bills?

4. What did Pawan Kalyan promise your mother?

5. Why do you hold a grudge against director Trivikram Srinivas?

6. When Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan were performing a Kshudra Puja, what were you doing there?