Director Vamshi Paidipally has apparently failed to meet the expectations of superstar Mahesh Babu fans, as he has faltered in creating a crispy and engaging script for Maharshi, which hit the screens on May 9.

Maharshi has been the most-talked about film as it is the landmark 25th movie of Mahesh Babu. Hence, there were a lot of expectations from the movie. Vamshi Paidipally had doubled the curiosity of the viewers with some exciting promos of the film. The hype surrounding it made everyone feel that it would become the blockbuster success of 2019. Prince fans were all thrilled to watch it in the theatres.

But Maharshi has opened to mixed response, as it failed to live up to the expectations generated before its release. The film goers are impressed with Mahesh Babu, Pooja Hegde, Allari Naresh and others' acting and its rich production values like music, beautiful locales and pictursation, action and dialogues.

What has disappointed the audience the most is the poor scripting of Maharshi. Many viewers took to Twitter to share their reviews after watching the movie. They say that Vamshi Paidipally has chosen an interesting subject with a burning social issue, but he has faltered in its execution on big screen.

Maharshi, which has a runtime of 2.58 hours, appears to be very lengthy and its narration is predictable and dragging in parts especially in the second half of the film. Some scenes appear to be unnecessarily forced in the movie. Above all these things, the flick is more of a preachy and less of an entertainer, add the viewers.

A superstar's film usually gets a big opening at the box office and so is the case with Maharshi. But the success in the long run depends on the content. However, the Mahesh Babu and Pooja Hegde starrer suffers from a weak script. Hence the above mentioned drawbacks may take a toll on its collection at the box office.

Maharshi tweet review: Here some viewers' response shared on Twitter. Continue to see their reactions

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

Interval. Average and very predictable first half.... neither any high points nor low. #Maharshi Movie is predictable and feels like every emotion was deliberately forced upon us... in the process of telling so many issues it almost made me forget I'm watching a movie. Success failure friendship farming corporations etc etc... #Maharshi is a mess and total misfire.

Harish‏ @harish975

#Maharshi only @urstrulyMahesh and @allarinaresh are good. Sir please stop selecting these kind of scripts. Dialogues about farmers are true overall it's an average film with predictable story. Disappointed. Artificial intelligence with Artificial emotions totally

Praveen kumar‏ @praveen_pandu

@directorvamshi #maharshi Vamshi bro.A lot of drag in movie.Climax was only good.Allari naresh only saved the movie to an extent. You made an average flick for @urstrulyMahesh bro.

Dinesh141‏ @Dinesh14110

#Maharshi Review -A Forgettable Journey of Rishi! We are going with 2.35/5 Prestigiuos LandMark FIlm Should Be taken care by Heroes Routine & Predictable Story

Vamsi krishna‏ @pvamk

@urstrulyMahesh & @allarinaresh Performances are the biggest positives Length, @ThisIsDSP & inconsistent screenplay are the negatives #Maharshi

404 not found!‏ @500Server

Average movie. Some good moments in second half. Rest everything seems predictable and goes on a flat pace. #Maharshi

RA‏ @a4s4r

Yet I would say the movie a decent watch though its predictable. @urstrulyMahesh Please stop this preaching movies for god's sake , I mean How can't you judge the script when it has mix of your own movies starting form script to narration.#Maharshi

Rajeshwari Prasad‏ @RajeshwariGowd

#Maharshi lacks the vibe abbah. I also love MB don't start anything here! But yeah, feels like something is missing here or it's too predictable or idk what. Lacks the whole MB effect. Who else feels this way here?

Cherry Pulipaka‏ @CherryPulipaka

#Maharshi Pros: Mahesh's charisma Naresh Cons: Predictable story Forced emotional scenes Moosa acting by Mahesh (ZERO character variantions) Cluster f*ck of a screenplay DSP Overall: Chala problems ni tackle cheddamanukunnadu director. Kudaraledu. Cinema poyindi. Rating: 2/5