Mahesh Babu, Allari Naresh and Pooja Hegde in Maharshi
Mahesh Babu, Allari Naresh and Pooja Hegde in MaharshiTwitter

The much-awaited Telugu movie Maharshi starring Mahesh Babu and Pooja Hegde is premiered in a large number of screens across the US, where the film goers will get to see the film before Indian viewers.

Maharshi is a milestone film in the career of superstar Mahesh Babu, as it happens to be his 25th movie. Its stills, posters, teaser, songs and trailer have grabbed many eyeballs and created a lot of curiosity about this landmark film. After being postponed for a couple of times, the movie is now scheduled for release on May 9.

Mahesh Babu is one of the most popular Indian actors in the US and the huge collections of his previous film is the proof for his massive fan-following in the foreign countries. Great Indian Films, which earlier distributed films like Baahubali 2 and Bharat Ane Nenu, has bagged the theatrical rights of Maharshi for a whopping price of Rs 16.50 crore and set to release in the international markets.

Great Indian Films has booked a large number of cinema halls in 260 locations across the US alone in a bid to cash on Mahesh maina. The distributors is also holding 2,500 premiere shows in the country. The Mahesh Babu and Pooja Hegde starrer has beaten the record of Baahubali 2, which had 2,000 preview shows and become the highest number for any Indian film.


Great India Films tweeted, "#MAHARSHI 2500+ SHOWS OVERSEAS ON May 8th. #Maharshi USA, A Record 119 Locations in @Cinemark chain alone. Online tickets are open in many locations, to get your ticket visit. Join @Cinemark MovieClub offer and get one movieticket free and $4-$8 off on other movie tickets @urstrulyMahesh."

The hype has helped Maharshi register a huge amount of advance booking in the foreign countries. Great India Films has confirmed that its premiere shows will start at 3.00 pm EST (12:15 am India time) in the US. We bring you the overseas viewers' review on the film. Continue to see their response.

Thyview‏ @Thyview

Decent 1st half. Felt few sequences are very good, a few are unnecessary and the interval block is setup well for the 2nd half. Everyone looks like a million bucks ,Mahesh's dialogues strucks a chord .Naresh & Mahesh scenes work. Where as scenes with pooja are just ok #Maharshi Movies is picking up pace in 2nd, mahesh & Jagapathi babu scenes are excellent follows by allari naresh & sai Kumar scenes...just too good #Maharshi Farmers don't need sympathy, they need our respect and we owe them that Entire farmers episode is pure Gold. #Maharshi is a decent film which picks right gear in 2nd half and goes full throttle in the end , the last 40 mins I.e., farmers episode is the heart of the film. There are many wolf whistle moments but also some inconsistent writing reduces the impact. Thyview Rating : 6.5/10

Raja Shekar‏ @modemraj

Superb first half with no boring moments. College part worked out superbly with both emotional & comedy scenes #Maharshi 2nd half concept & execution Mahesh & Naresh kummaru...Dialogues excellent Phir Shuru song kevv #Maharshi

Venkat‏ @Venkt_Reddy

Done with first half Extraordinary college scenes @urstrulyMahesh energy levels and emotions worked out very well @directorvamshi sir thank you @ThisIsDSP bgm superb #Maharshi Good second half last 30 minutes about farmers excellent Overall very good movie #Maharshi

Rampage‏ @paathalabhairav

Good first half! Dialogues #Maharshi Second half enti srimanthudu remake aa #Maharshi ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ Outstanding and excellent pre climax and climax portions. Standing ovation #Maharshi blockbuster Padara Padara song climax lo amazing @ThisIsDSP rampage #Maharshi

praveen kumar‏ @praveen_pandu

@directorvamshi #maharshi Vamshi bro.A lot of drag in movie.Climax was only good.Allari naresh only saved the movie to an extent. You made an average flick for @urstrulyMahesh bro.

Nandu Pspk‏ @NanduPspk4

#Maharshi 1st half: For youth, Vintage Babu ❤ 2nd half: MAss and Emotional Ending Overall: Decent One for Summer #MaharshiDay #MaharshiMania

Dileep Varma‏ @IamDilluu

#Maharshi 1st half 45 mins good (college episode) 2nd - 20 mins good (padara padara song sequences) Rest movie felt like dragged. Naresh is very good role, nailed it. Mahesh should change script selection.

Review Ram‏ @MovieReviewRam

#Maharshi - Interval - Too many talkie portions, sadly #MaheshBabu continuously preaches all sorts of life values. MB's is super smart in the movie but no scene justify it by action, but only through dialogues. But, #Rishi's journey isn't engaging enough so far. Mass is missing!

Sreekanth Mantri‏ @sree3339

A story driven with pure class and outstanding message #Maharshi. Thankyou @directorvamshi for a genuine movie that will be remembered forever @urstrulyMahesh we owe you respect for giving us such message oriented films and I do always

Rakib Hossain‏ @UrstrulyRakib

Maharshi movie tho Farmer suicides stop ✋ @urstrulyMahesh performance ki best actor awards aani manake #Maharshi 1st half: For youth and class audience 2nd half: MAss and Emotional Overall: Full meals ,Blockbuster

кяιѕн мєℓℓємρυ∂ι‏ @MELLEMPUDIS

#Maharshi #SSMB25 Done with first half.Rishi rocking as studentMovie is good, but songs on screen testing the patience!! Rishi journey so far looks like this: ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ No ups and downs!! Rishi gelusthadoo ledoo..2nd half decide chesthadi..zindabad Tiger Mahesh Babu!!

SK‏ @TheKrrishS

#MaharshiDay #Maharshi Finished my show in Doha Super movie from The Superstar Clean and complete movie with good drama, emotions and entertainment Blockbuster kottesav Anna @urstrulyMahesh

Yash‏ @yashkoyyalamudi

#BlockbusterMaharshi #MaharshiReview #Srimanthudu version, this was nicely narrated by @directorvamshi, hope #NegativeTalk will not effect the movie, execution is good, #Sentiment & last 30mins are the best parts, @urstrulyMahesh glamour, good role for @allarinaresh #Maharshi A Stylish Film of Successful Character @urstrulyMahesh and his Emotions, with a Good Social Message by @directorvamshi, all characters @allarinaresh @hegdepooja @prakashraaj helped the film to hit a boundary

Sandeep Vardhan‏ @sandeepvardhan1

Done with #Maharshi first half (at Leeds ,UK ) Mahesh won't disappoint fans.. a content based first half.. @urstrulyMahesh @MaharshiTheFilm Just watched #Maharshi in UK. As one of those youngest diehard fans of Krishna Garu, I always had that some dissatisfaction that Mahesh had not delivered a classic like Ooriki Monagadu. Now that is fulfilled. @urstrulyMahesh @MaharshiTheFilm

Jaya Sai Krishna‏ @jsk_raavi

NYC lo first 10 mins thappa, rest Mahesh keka ..came out of that subtle zone Preaching konchem over the limit undi Abv avg first half #Maharshi Second half ela untadho First half lo babu Good first half. Poor second half. @urstrulyMahesh, inka chaalu anna ee type valla kaavatledu.. BAN >>>> #Maharshi One good movie please @AnilRavipudi

Akshay Reddy‏ @akshaykumarred2

Just now watched #MaharshiPremiers, his journey is amazing and it's gonna crash all the records #Maharshi #USA #BlockbusterMaharshi

Roshan‏ @RoshanPalla

Good 1st half but lengthy #Maharshi Decent 2nd half extraordinary last 30mins . Overall good one. Top4 #Maharshi Negative side has too many issues, plot gets diverted too many sub stories unnecessary length not the one which should have been 25th film #Maharshi

Neeeeeee‏ @neebondapetta

#Maharshi it is not bad but not a movie more like a lecture... mahesh Anna - enough of these lessons please. We want a movie from You not more and more lectures ... yes the cause is good but then just do some socialActivity personally not 150 cr budget movies. Thank you

Sudheer Rockzz‏ @Sudheer81217251

#Maharshi -First 1 hour so far good MaheshBabu Timing & Comedy are the key Elements 3 songs , 2 fights Prakash raj and jayasudha as father and mother flash back allari naresh and Mahesh comedy timings Mahesh as Krishna getup costume #MaharshiDay #MaharshiFDFS

Weekend Review‏ @cinema_radar

#Maharshi Movie Review - #MaheshBabu Pulls off to an extent Excellent Performances , Good Dialogues , Good first half , climax , Rich Production values Length , Average plot , slow pace , unnecessary scenes #Maharshi Dreams Big but delivers an Okay film - 3/5 #MaharshiDay #Maharshi is not best come out from #MaheshBabu It has Good first half and Average 2nd half Overall Decent film Keep expectations in check

Harsha V‏ @harshavrokz

Just watched #maharshi superb movie with good message.... @urstrulyMahesh superb stylish.. credits to @allarinaresh acting.. very good music from @ThisIsDSP


#Maharshi First Half Report- Decent first half. Mahesh Babu's performance and comedy timing are pretty good Dialogues are good Little too long Shades of Businessman, 3 idiots! Second half so far is going on a routine and predictable note. #Srimanthudu rehashed. #Maharshi Review -A Forgettable Journey of Rishi! We are going with 2.5/5 Prestigiuos LandMark FIlm Should Be taken care by Heroes Routine & Predictable Story