Hari Teja
Hari Teja

TV anchor and actress Hari Teja was left red-faced after a woman insulted her during the screening of Mahanati. This incident has sparked a serious debate on people's lowly opinion on celebs.

Mahanati, a biopic on the legendary south Indian actress Savitri, has received applause from audience and film fraternity across the country. The movie hit headlines now for a reason that is not exactly linked to it.

Hari Teja recently went to watch Mahanati along with her family. When her father changed his seat during the interval as Hari Teja's mother wanted to sit beside her, another woman objected to it as her daughter was allegedly not comfortable to sit beside a man, that is Teja's father. This irked the actress and they got into a verbal spat.

While arguing with the former Bigg Boss Telugu contestant, the woman who had a problem to sit beside a man, passed a derogatory comment. She said they were not cinema people to sit beside any random male. A deeply hurt Teja put out a video online explaining the whole issue. 

Later, Hari Teja recorded a video narrating the whole incident and released it to the media. In the video, the actress is seen saying, "I was watching Mahanti in the theater along my mother, father and sister. During the interval I shifted to my father's seat as my mother wanted me to sit beside her."

The actress added, "The lady who was sitting the right side us asked not to shift the places as her daughter seems to be not comfortable sitting beside my father. When I said, he is my father. The lady said, we are not from film industry who can sit beside any male and enjoy. After hearing her words, I lost my control and the argument started between us."

Hari Teja is a professional Kuchipudi dancer and was part of many Telugu TV shows like Bigg Boss Telugu, Ragada The Ultimate Dance Show. She said the video, "I came to this position after a lot of hard work and struggles. The people have no rights to treat the movie artists in such type of manner."

Hari Teja's emotional video, which went viral on the Internet, has received a mixed response from the people on the social media. While some defended and supported the actress, others could not stop blasting her. They said that it is her mistake, as she did not consider other woman's apprehensions/reservations. Check out what social media users are saying about the issue.

Sashi‏ @SashiRekhaSam

A small request to all the people, Pls #RespectWorkingwomen nd stop speak nonsense about working women pls #HariTeja I'm with you nd im sorry about yesterdays incident

Suresh‏ @sb11115

It obviously is Hariteja's mistake because she did not consider other woman's apprehensions / reservations while changing seats. She unnecessarily converted her personal issue into a public issue. This is not related to 'Respect Working Women'. Hariteja did not consider other women's apprehensions for changing seats, and created a personal quarrel, and finally converted into public issue. Women and Men - all are equal and same.