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Nitish Bharadwaj, best known for his portrayal of Lord Krishna in B. R. Chopra's television series Mahabharat has been known for his alliance with BJP over years, and he was the party's Lok Sabha member from Jamshedpur constituency in 1996. The actor who is a known name in Mollywood recently paid a visit to Kerala and talked about BJP's chances in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

While talking to the media, Nitish Bharadwaj predicted that the Narendra Modi led BJP government will be once again elected to rule India in the upcoming elections. The 'Njan Gandharvan' actor added that Narendra Modi's government is very much necessary for India's growth and development in the coming years.

Nitish Bharadwaj also made it clear that he will not contest in the upcoming elections, as he is concentrating only in his acting career now.

During his Kerala visit, Nitish Bharadwaj also visited Pappettan's Cafe, a coffee shop which was opened in fond memory of legendary director Padmarajan. It should be noted that Nitish Bharadwaj made his Mollywood debut with the movie 'Njan Gandharvan' directed by Padmarajan.

Nitish Bharadwaj

In 'Njan Gandharvan', the actor played the role of 'Gandharva', a mythical character depicted in Hindu mythologies. The character which he played in the movie had the capability to transform himself into various beings including deer and butterfly. The character of Gandharva used to visit virgin ladies, and after stealing their virginity, he will fly away to darkness.

It should be noted that Padmarajan died during the final leg shooting of this movie, and many people at that time argued that it was Gandharva's curse which killed Padmarajan.

In Mollywood, 'Njan Gandharvan' is widely considered a cult classic, and it is being screened during prime time in Malayalam channels due to its increasing publicity. The songs from this movie are still top-rated in Mollywood music channels.