Modi Dal Lake
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, Jammu and KashmirTwitter/Narendra Modi

So, who was Prime Minister Narendra Modi waving at during his boat ride on the scenic Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir? Twitterati was left puzzled when they saw videos of the PM waving at what seems to be mountains and trees but no people. 

BJP's official Twitter handle had posted a video of PM Modi in a boat on Dal Lake in Srinagar. However, many questioned this since there were no people due to the roads around Dal Lake being cordoned off ahead of the PM's visit.

Phone and internet services were also temporarily suspended as security measures during PM Modi's visit to Jammu and Kashmir.

Several politicians and journalists have now taken to Twitter to make fun of the PM. 

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief ministers' heavily laden sarcastic tweet has many LOLing.

Mehbooba Mufti said that PM Modi was waving at all his imaginary friends.

Yusuf Jameel made fun of PM Modi saying that he was waving at the migratory birds in the area since there were no curbs stopping them from gathering in the area. 

Some supported Modi