MacOS Mojave
Dark Mode is one of the long list of new features Apple had introduced in macOS Mojave.Apple

Apple has proven that macOS Mojave is a major upgrade from macOS High Sierra, with all the new features and changes it revealed at the last WWDC event. While the final version is not going to be released until later this year, macOS Mojave beta has already shown us some really cool features which we can expect to figure in the final cut.

To get you started, here are some game-changing new features Apple has in store with macOS Mojave:


If your desktop is messy with all your photos, files, app shortcuts, and whatnot spread all over, chances are high that you will fall in love with Stacks. In just a click, you will be able to instantly organize all items on your desktop according to file type, date, or tag. Stacks cannot be used for folders, though.

By clicking on the Stacks icon, desktop files shrink into a single location or file system. Clicking on it again will expand all organized files into their individual state.

Dark Mode

A system-wide dark theme has long been awaited and so to release it, Apple is finally hitting the sweet spot. Dark Mode will be a major help, especially for those who love to work at night. From Photos to iTunes to Safari and pretty much all windows, you will get to experience a long night of hustle without hurting your eyes.

Screenshot Editing

While Apple is working on porting some iOS apps to macOS, one important feature in its mobile operating system is the ability to edit a screenshot immediately after taking it. Say you take a screenshot, a thumbnail preview will pop up on the right-bottom side of the screen. If you click on it, it will transform into full preview mode so you can do quick actions, like marking up, adding text, and cropping, among others. In addition, you can customize the folder destination of saved screenshots.

Quick Look Editing

The Quick Look app allows you to do specific actions on certain files without pulling an app. With macOS Mojave, this app lets you trim videos, crop and rotate photos, add your signature, and a lot more actions.

These are just the tip of an iceberg. Apple certainly has more changes and features in the pipeline and we still have a couple of months left to see which ones are not going to make the cut. Stay tuned!