Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman
Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds gets involved in a Twitter war with Logan actor Hugh Jackman.Facebook/Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, known for their superhero roles as Wolverine and Deadpool, engaged in a playful Twitter banter recently, much to the delight of the fans of both the stars.

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The Twitter war began after the Logan star posted a message thanking his fans for their support. "Thanks for an amazing visit Beijing! @WolverineMovie @20thcenturyfox." he tweeted, along with a photo of himself standing in front of a huge crowd.

Immediately, the 48-year-old Prisoners actor received a sarcastic reply from his X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star. "Pretty sure those are protesters," he wrote. The Twitter spat continued with Jackman's response, which read: "Really...Guy ... Really?!@VancityReynolds."

Meanwhile, the exchanges elicited many comments from fans on the social networking platform, like Gabriel Pasquino, who wrote, "The best bromance."

There were also a few Wolverine fans, such as Shaun Norton, who tweeted, "@RealHughJackman best to just sign up for Deadpool 2 so you can punch @VancityReynolds in the face."

Some of the social media users even got involved in a Twitter war for their favourite superhero characters. The tweets ranged from, "@RealHughJackman he's just jealous you had 17 years of wolverine/Logan while he's only had 1 deadpool movie" to "@LaughtonJay @RealHughJackman Someone didnt see the Deadpool 2 trailer..."

However, this is not the first time Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is getting involved in a spar on social media. While the Logan star once asked his admirers to urinate on the section of the sidewalk reserved for the Deadpool star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Reynold posted a video on Instagram impersonating his longtime friend's Australian accent and asking his fans to vote him for PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive.