6.11 pm: Another gripping day has finally come to an end. it has been a long one, owing to a couple of rain delays. India will definitely be the happier of the two teams. Sri Lanka looked like they might dominate Day 3 after winning the first session, with Mathews and Thirimanne looking in control. But the Thirimanne wicket early in the second session turned the fortunes around and from there India did not look back as Mishra and Ishant led the Indian bowling charge.

The India batsmen were then given a tricky two hours to bat out, and it got dicier when Rahul fell in the first over to Prasad. But, from there, Vijay (39, 89b, 2x4) and Rahane (29, 84b, 1x4) steadied the innings, putting on 67 runs, to take India to 70/1, for an overall lead of 157 runs.

Should be an engrossing day tomorrow. That's it from me from today, catch you in the morning on Sunday.

6.07 pm: Herath still. The last thing the batsmen want to do right now is get out, with one over, after this, at best, to come. Wait, the light metres are out again and it is stumps. India 70/1 in 29.2 overs, lead by 157 runs.

6.04 pm: Very watchful are now India, with just minutes to go before the close of play. Mathews asks Kaushal to come over the wicket off the last ball, but Vijay plays him well. India 69/1 in 29 overs, lead by 156 runs.

6 pm: You know what Herath will do – stays nice and accurate again and Rahane blocks. India 67/1 in 28 overs, lead by 154 runs.

5.58 pm: The light metres come out again. Plenty of conversation between the umpires, but the match continues as Herath comes back.

5.57 pm: Around the wicket remains Kaushal and a big appeal comes out as the ball pitches on off and hits Rahane's pads. Umpire says no and probably the right decision as it looked like it was sliding down. Getting plenty of turn now is Kaushal, who has found his range with this around the wicket line. India 65/1 in 27 overs, lead by 152 runs.

5.54 pm: Short with a bit of width first ball from Chameera, and Rahane picks up a single to deep point, with Vijay doing the same next ball to take India's lead to 150. Both batsmen don't look too troubled by the fading light in this over. India 63/1 in 26 overs, lead by 150 runs.

5.49 pm: The umpires are checking their light metres. It is getting dark now and Mathews does not help matters by bringing on Chameera, their fastest bowler.

5.48 pm: Kaushal around the wicket again. Trying to induce a catch to short leg or legslip. But nothing doing says Rahane, who takes a quick single third ball. Then Kaushal does have Vijay in a bit of trouble with a ball that turns and bounces, with the next one falling just short of short leg as well. India 61/1 in 25 overs, lead by 148 runs.

5.45 pm: Nice and tight again is Herath, Vijay watchful. India 60/1 in 24 overs, lead by 147 runs.

5.42 pm: Around the wicket to Vijay comes Kaushal and the batsman is a little frustrated as he fails to put the balls on the pads away. India 60/1 in 23 overs, lead by 147 runs.

5.38 pm: Herath has troubled Vijay all day with the batsman just not able to read the left-arm spinner. Beats his bat does Herath, but Vijay picks up a couple of runs with another late cut. Then gets off strike with a single. India 59/1 in 22 overs, lead by 146 runs. Half an hour of play to go.

5.35 pm: All the fielders on the offside, barring the slip fielder, are in the deep as Mathews invites the drive from the batsmen. With plenty of singles on offer, though, Rahane and Vijay are happy to do just that. India 56/1 in 21 overs, lead by 143 runs.

5.32 pm: Herath again and nearly gets Vijay out. If not for an inside-edge he would have been plumb, but the umpire makes the right call. Fourth ball, it is Rahane's turn to face a Herath appeal, but this one might have been sliding down. Good over from Herath. India 54/1 in 20 overs, lead by 141 runs.

5.28 pm: Kaushal bowls another over and the batsmen take a few more singles. India 52/1 in 19 overs, lead by 139 runs.

5.24 pm: Steady over from Herath. India 49/1 in 18 overs, lead by 136 runs.

5.21 pm: Rahane gets out the sweep shot for the first time, albeit only for a single as Kaushal bowls one more time. Plenty of singles. India 47/1 in 17 overs, lead by 134 runs.

5.18 pm: Herath again. Rahane is watchful initially, and then he gets a chip shot through extra cover out. Only a single, though, as the man in the deep laps it up. Vijay also shows some aggression, to the onside, but again, only one run. India 43/1 in 16 overs, lead by 130 runs.

5.15 pm: Tharindu Kaushal gets a bowl for the first time in this innings. Starts with a one-day wide, and then Vijay nearly flicks one straight to legslip. The ball evades the fielder, though, and the batsmen run a single. Rahane then takes a couple with a nice extra cover drive. A single follows as Kaushal drops the ball short, with Vijay playing with that legslip again. Kaushal hasn't been able to get his line right so far. India 40/1 in 15 overs, lead by 127 runs.

5.10 pm: Herath is back. Rahane picks up a single first ball with a prod to the onside. Vijay then misses out on a second consecutive full toss, finding the fielder at midwicket. Next ball, though, Vijay rocks back and plays a nice late cut to the third man boundary. There was a bit of risk in it as the ball was pretty close to offstump. Wicketkeeper Chandimal then gets a little too excited next ball as a bump ball is fielded by Herath. Vijay scampers for a quick single off the final ball, but the umpire goes upstairs owing to a direct hit, but the batsman is well in. India 35/1 in 14 overs, lead by 122 runs.

5.02 pm: Plenty of runs going to that deep point fielder as Chameera keeps it at a back of a length. Time for more spin maybe. India 29/1 in 13 overs, lead by 116 runs. Drinks time.

4.57 pm: On the stumps Mathews to begin with and then throws one well outside off. Rahane looks for the expansive drive, and nearly chops one on. He got out playing the big drive in the first innings, getting an outside edge. India 26/1 in 12 overs, lead by 113 runs.

4.52 pm: Some good bowling from Chameera in this over, including a short ball at the body of Vijay, who just about keeps it from popping up to a fielder. Rahane, after being stuck on 6 for quite a while, moves to 7 with a single to deep point, before doing the same a little later in the over. Vijay also picks up a couple of singles in this over. India 25/1 in 11 overs, lead by 112 runs.

4.46 pm: Angelo Mathews, who was so effective in the first innings replaces Herath. On target from the off, with not-thinking-about-scoring runs-right-now Rahane defending. India 20/1 in 10 overs, lead by 107 runs.

4.43 pm: Chameera replaces Prasad. Decent pace to begin with, but not much movement to really trouble the batsmen, who have dropped anchor for the moment. Vijay is happy to wait for the bad ball, and it comes in the fifth delivery of the over, with the opener flicking it off his hips to the square-leg boundary. India 20/1 in 9 overs, lead by 107 runs.

4.37 pm: Herath is running through the overs like Usain Bolt at the 100 metres, helped, no doubt, by the fact that the India batsmen are happy to defend him. India 16/1 in 8 overs, lead by 103 runs.

4.35 pm: Prasad is mixing up his lengths here. Bowling full, back-of-a-length and shirt, which troubles Vijay a little with the batsman also forced to change his bat after some problem with the handle. Again, though, a maiden over is stopped with a couple through the offside as Vijay gets the drive out. India 16/1 in 7 overs, lead by 103 runs.

4.29 pm: Herath remains his usual accurate self, but Rahane is happy to defend. India 14/1 in 6 overs, lead by 101 runs.

4.27 pm: Prasad bowls another decent over, can't quite trouble Rahane enough with the one that jags back, though. India 13/1 in 5 overs, lead by 100 runs.

4.22 pm: Vijay is not reading Herath. Not sure if the ball is spinning or coming in with the arm. After getting beaten again, Vijay uses his feet and plays an ugly cross-batted heave to midwicket. It gives him three runs, though, and gets him off strike. India 10/1 in 4 overs, lead by 97 runs.

4.19 pm: A good testing over from Prasad is ruined by an elegant straight drive from Rahane. India 7/1 in 3 overs.

4.14 pm: On target as always, and goes for a big appeal second ball as it hits Vijay's pads. Sliding down leg surely and the umpire shakes his head. Vijay gets beaten as well with the ball turning a little away this time. Pressure is already building on India here, as SL start brilliant again with the ball in the second innings. A maiden from Herath. India 3/1 in 2 overs.

4.12 pm: Forget about Dushmantha Chameera, it is Rangana Herath with the new ball.

4.11 pm: Ajinkya Rahane comes in at No.3 again. Brilliant first over from Prasad. India 3/1 in 1 over, lead by 90 runs.

4.09 pm: On a pair is Vijay, don't forget, and second ball he makes sure a second consecutive duck will not fall under his name, taking a quick single with a push to mid-on. Nice and full, as has been the norm, from Prasad. Rahul gets his first runs with a force through the offside for a couple. Wicket, Rahul (2, 3b) gone! Draws Rahul forward again, and this time it jags back enough to take an inside edge and crash onto the stumps. Big early wicket for Sri Lanka, the centurion from the first innings is gone. India 3/1 in 0.5 overs.

4.05 pm: Vijay to face Dhammika Prasad first.

4.03 pm: The Sri Lanka players walk onto the field, led by Sangakkara. Murali Vijay and KL Rahul the openers for India.

3.56 pm: A good comeback from the bowlers, when, at one point of time, Sri Lanka looked like they will get pretty close to, if not top, India's first innings total. The key wickets were Thirimanne and Chandimal, with Mathews also falling soon after his beautiful hundred. Mishra was the pick of the bowlers, with figures of 21-3-43-4, while Ishant impressed as well. Sri Lanka lost their final seven wickets for 65 runs, and how they might come to rue that. India will bat now for around two hours, if the light stays true.

3.54 pm: Mishra again and Kaushal defends the legspinner really well for five balls and then goes down the track looking for a big shot, but Wicket, Kaushal gone! Misses the ball completely and Saha has a simple stumping. Sri Lanka 306 all out in 108 overs, trail by 87 runs.

3.50 pm: Dushmantha Chameera the batsman in. Ashwin greets him with a couple of straighter ones then reverts to the offspinner. Comes around the wicket as well for the final couple of balls to the right-hander, but that wicket does not come. Sri Lanka 306/9 in 107 overs, trail by 87 runs.

3.47 pm: Wicket, Herath (1, 16b) gone! Goes for the big slog sweep, misses it and it hits him on the back pad and Ashwin has only his second wicket of the match. The umpire takes his time, but eventually raises his finger for the lbw. Should have been given out before, he is this time, though. Sri Lanka 306/9 in 106.1 overs.

3.45 pm: Mishra starts the over with a full toss, and Kaushal drives it tentatively through the covers for a couple. Nothing tentative in the next shot as Kaushal smashes a short ball to square-leg for a boundary. Poor bowling from Mishra, allows that lead to come down further. Sri Lanka 306/8 in 106 overs, trail by 87 runs.

3.42 pm: A bit of aggression (ah Ravi Shastri's favourite word) from Ishant to Herath, but it is a little wasted really as Herath avoids the short balls comfortably. Ishant will do much better pitching it up and inducing the drive from the left-hander. Sri Lanka 300/8 in 105 overs, trail by 93 runs.

3.36 pm: Tharindu Kaushal is the new man in and he nearly gives a catch to legslip, but survives. Sri Lanka 300/8 in 104 overs, trail by 93 runs.

3.34 pm: Mishra first up and he turns one square starting from almost outside the pitch. Mubarak cuts it to backward point for a couple to bring up Sri Lanka's 300 runs in the first innings. Wicket, Mubarak (22, 46b, 2x4) gone! Mishra spun one prodigiously first ball, but this one doesn't turn as much. Mubarak playing for the turn, plays inside it and the ball clips offstump. Sri Lanka 300/8 in 103.4 overs.

3.31 pm: Play about to start again. The final session will go on till 6.07 pm local time, if light permits.

3.14 pm: Sri Lana were in control going into the second session, but India came back well, picking up four wickets in the session, including those of Mathews, Thirimanne and Chandimal. Ishant Sharma was particularly impressive in this session, which was interrupted by rain. The final session, a long, long one, should be interesting. See you in 15 minutes.

3.12 pm: Mubarak playing it nice and cool here as Ashwin comes in, drops the first one short, and allows the batsman to cut it to deep point for a couple. Mubarak then wastes some time tying his shoelaces to ensure this will be the final over before Tea. Defends the next couple of balls well enough, before taking a single to long-on. That gives Ashwin two balls to bowl to Herath, who blocks. Sri Lanka 298/7 in 103 overs, trail by 95 runs. Tea time.

3.08 pm: Mubarak takes a single second ball as he decides against a second. Herath prods at one which falls in between short leg and legslip and then goes for his sweep shot, which gets him off the mark with a single to deep square-leg. Mubarak defends the fifth ball and a misfield from Murali Vijay at mid-off allows Mubarak to take three runs off the final ball to keep strike. The lead for India now is under 100. Sri Lanka 295/7 in 102 overs, trail by 98 runs.

3.04 pm: Binny keeps bowling and bowls well, with Herath given two balls to face in the over after Mubarak takes a quick single to mid-off. Barely survives, as one ball sniffs past the inside-edge and the offstump. Sri Lanka 290/7 in 101 overs, trail by 103 runs.

3 pm: Herath the new batsman. Survives a big appeal for lbw, it looked nailed-on, but Rod Tucker does not think the same. Yup, replays show that was as plumb an lbw as they come. No idea why Tucker chose to shake his head. That Prasad wicket was Mishra's 50th in Test cricket. Sri Lanka 289/7 in 100 overs, trail by 104 runs.

2.56 pm: With around 15 minutes to go to Tea, Kohli brings Amit Mishra in. Prasad pushes a ball to the onside uppishly, and it just evades the short midwicket and he gets a couple. Next ball, Prasad French-gloves one after being befuddled by a googly, gets another couple. Next ball Wicket, Prasad (5, 4b) gone! He couldhave got a wickets in both of his first two balls, but it is third time lucky. A classic leg-spinners delivery as Prasad pushes at a flighted delivery that just turns enough to take the glove and nestle into the hands of Rahane at first slip. Sri Lanka 289/7 in 99.3 overs.

2.53 pm: Dhammika Prasad, not Rangana Herath, is the new batsman. Gets off the mark immediately with a push to the onside. Mubarak then sees the over through. Kohli is back on the field. Sri Lanka 285/6 in 9 overs, trail by 108 runs.

2.48 pm: Wicket, Mathews (102, 167b, 12x4) gone! Ah right after his century. A nice ball that moves away from Binny and Mathews pokes at it, with the outside edge carrying comfortably to Murali Vijay at first slip. Binny has his first Test wicket, and not a bad one as well, he celebrates after making sure the umpire is not asking to check for a no-ball. Sri Lanka 284/6 in 98.1 overs.

2.47 pm: Around the wicket to Mathews and Kohli hurts himself going for a ball from legslip. Stutters while chasing the ball and falls awkwardly, on his fingers. It's his left hand, and the physio comes out to take a look. Probably just a little embarrassed by the way he lost his balance while running after the ball. Nope, Kohli walks off the field with Cheteshwar Pujara coming in to replace the captain in the field. Is Mathews lucky here? India go for a big appeal for a bat pad as the ball lobs up to legslip. Rohit Sharma, who took the catch is convinced, but Rod Tucker shakes his head and it probably was the right one. Next ball, Mathews brings out the reverse-sweep to hit the ball to the third man boundary for his century off 164 balls. A brilliant one it has been as well, as he punches the air in delight. What an outstanding Test batsman he is. Sri Lanka 284/5 in 98 overs, trail by 109 runs.

2.41 pm: A bit happening in this Binny over. First there is nearly a run out as Mathews looks for a tap and run to the onside. Mubarak sends him back and he reaches in ground in time despite Binny's direct hit. Next ball he gets an outside edge off a back of a length delivery, with the ball falling short of Rahul at second slip. Binny then beats Mubarak's bat, with the left-hander replying by flicking one through midwicket for a couple. Sri Lanka 279/6 in 97 overs, trail by 114 runs.

2.36 pm: Ashwin now. First ball single from Mathews again, way too easy for him to do that at the moment. Not getting as much turn is Ashwin, and India make an appeal for a ball that goes with the angle from around the wicket. Going down leg and it is turned down. Can't get that ball to turn from middle to outside off, but he does get one to spin a little from outside off. Sri Lanka 276/5 in 96 overs, trail by 117 runs.

2.33 pm: Binny returns with the ball after drinks, Ishant's good spell is over. Mathews again picks up a single first ball, and Binny, after one ball from over the wicket, gets cracking from around, India's favourite spot to bowl to the left-handers. No worries for Mubarak, who takes advantage of a short ball to cut it to deep point for a single. Mathews takes another single easily immediately after, to keep the scoreboard ticking over, and move to within five of a century. Sri Lanka 275/5 in 95 overs, trail by 118 runs.

2.24 pm: Too straight again is Umesh, and after missing out a couple of times, Mathews takes a single to square leg to move to 93. Around the wicket to Mubarak, Umesh gives too much room and the left-hander steers one to the third man boundary. Sri Lanka 272/5 in 94 overs, trail by 121 runs. Drinks.

2.20 pm: Ishant bowls again with Mathews on strike. Would have preferred to bowl to Mubarak, and he gets the opportunity after Mathews takes a quick single to wide mid-on second ball. Ishant has Mubarak in big trouble with a wonderful short ball, right into the ribs and the left-hander takes his eye off the ball and fends at it, thankfully for him the ball lobs safely into a vacant area backward of square. They run a single and Mathews takes another one with a thump to deep point, before Mubarak gets his first boundary with a gorgeous cover drive straight down the ground. Ishant tried the double bluff after asking for a short leg, but it didn't work. Sri Lanka 267/5 in 93 overs, trail by 126 runs.

2.14 pm: Yadav has been poor so far in this spell, and after Mathews takes a single first ball to move into the 90s, Mubarak is greeted by a short ball, which the batsman ducks under. Angling away outside off next up and Mubarak lets go. Around the wicket then from Umesh – boy India like their around the wicket bowling to the left-handers don't they – and again Mubarak is happy to leave unless the ball is on the stumps. Sri Lanka 260/5, trail by 133 runs.

2.10 pm: Jehan Mubarak is the new batsman. Ishant keeps it tight for the next couple of balls. Sri Lanka 259/5 in 91 overs, trail by 134 runs.

2.07 pm: Wicket, Chandimal (11, 23b) gone! Ishant has bowled well in this post-Lunch session and he is rewarded again with a wicket. A typical new ball wicket. Ball shapes a touch away, Chandimal tries to guide the ball with his hands, only gets a thick edge and KL Rahul takes the catch at the second attempt in the slips. Sri Lanka 259/5 in 90.4 overs.

2.02 pm: Umesh is bowling like the Yadav we see so often. Too many different lines and lengths, and that pressure that is being created by Ishant at one end is all coming to nought. Sri Lanka 257/4 in 90 overs, trail by 136 runs.

1.57 pm: In and around off from Ishant, no more of that nonsense short stuff from around the wicket, thankfully. Sri Lanka 253/4 in 89 overs, trail by 140 runs.

1.53 pm: Umesh Yadav comes in and he immediately looks for that perfect pitches-on-leg-hits-off ball. Doesn't get the swing away and Mathews is able to pick up a single to square-leg to bring up Sri Lanka's 250. Too legside is Umesh in this over. Sri Lanka 252/4 in 88 overs, trail by 141 runs.

1.48 pm: Ishant will be confident after picking up his first wicket of the match. Gets is alright a couple of balls and then hits Mathews pads. The right-hander whips it to midwicket, and Ishant is lucky it doesn't beat the man there, and three runs are saved. Chandimal gets his first boundary with an outer edge through slips and gully for four. Wouldn't have carried even if it went in the direction of one of the fielders, but frustrating for the bowler, nonetheless. Sri Lanka 249/4 in 87 overs, trail by 144 runs.

1.44 pm: The play timings have been changed with Tea now taken at 3.10. The close of play is scheduled for 5.39 pm, which means play can go on until 6.09 pm.

1.43 pm: Ashwin continues with his over, after bowling just one ball. Chandimal on strike and he defends well enough, before getting off the mark with a flick to fine-leg. Sri Lanka 243/4 in 86 overs, trail by 150 runs.

1.39 pm: The umpires are walking out and so are the players.

1.30 pm: Good news, the covers are coming off.

1.24 pm: Nope, not yet. The rain is getting a little stronger and the covers that were slowly peeling off are being brought back again.

1.19 pm: The rain has almost gone away, not quite even if the sun is still out. Play should, hopefully, start soon.

1.13 pm: The sun is out, but the rain is pretty heavy. Should go away soon, though.

1.08 pm: Oh dear, the rain is back again and the covers are on.

1.07 pm: Dinesh Chandimal, the man who won the game for Sri Lanka in the first Test is greeted by a ripper of a short ball from Ishant which hits the batsman's helmet. Sri Lanka 242/4 in 85 overs, trail by 151 runs.

1.04 pm: After starting around the wicket to the right-hander last over, Ishant stays over the wicket to the left-hander. Bowls a couple of nice ones to Thirimanne, who plays then well enough.Comesaround the wicket fifth ball and Wicket, Thirimanne (62, 168b, 5x4) gone! Just on the offstump corridor nice and full and Thirimanne goes for the drive, you can hear a sound on the way through to the wicketkeeper, and India go for the appeal. Umpire Bruce Oxenford raises his finger. Thirimanne looks at him in disbelief convinced there is edge, but replays and sounds suggest there was one. The partnership of 127 runs for the 4th wicket is broken. Sri Lanka 241/4 in 84.5 overs.

1 pm: A single is taken by Thirimanne second ball and Ashwin comes around the wicket to Mathews, with a short leg and legslip in place. Mathews defends the balls on legstump easily. Sri Lanka 239/3 in 84 overs, trail by 154 runs, Thirimanne 60, Mathews 84.

12.57 pm: New ball in hand and what does Ishant Sharma do? He comes around the wicket and starts with a bit of short stuff. Strange decisions India have made in this series, and this is another one that can be added to that list. Mathews says "I'm cool with that" and spanks a short ball at shoulder level to cow corner for a boundary. Next ball, Mathews slams one again and beats Umesh Yadav at midwicket for another boundary. A third consecutive boundary for Mathews, Ishant keeps it around the wicket and the ball lands on legstump with Mathews helping it to the backward square-leg boundary. Ishant comes over the wicket for the final two balls, and Mathews defends. Absolutely ridiculous stuff this from India. This is where the role and decision-making of the coaching staff and the captain must be questioned. Because this is just plain and simple strange. Sri Lanka 238/3 in 83 overs, Thirimanne 59, Mathews 84.

12.51 pm: Ishant Sharma to bowl from the other end as play resumes.

12.49 pm: Yup, the covers were unnecessary as the covers come back off again with the rain going away.

12.47 pm: The rain isn't too heavy, and there was some hesitation from the umpires on whether to halt play, but the groundsmen, who ran in the moment it started drizzling seem to have made up their mind for them. Hopefully the rain blows away soon.

12.46 pm: It is raining and the covers are coming on. Delay in play barely after play resumed after Lunch.

12.45 pm: It is a little gloomy now with clouds hovering around the P Sara Oval. Ashwin is given the new ball to start of proceedings after Lunch. Not much spin with the new ball, but Thirimanne gets a little lucky again as an inside-edge goes past the stumps and the batsmen run a couple. Sri Lanka 226/3 in 82 overs, trail by 167 runs. Thirimanne 59, Mathews 72.

12.39 pm: Almost there for the start of the second session. Sri Lanka dominated the first one, will it be more of the same again?

12.05 pm: All Sri Lanka in the first session of Day 3, with Mathews in particular looking extremely good. The ball did not turn for the India spinners worryingly, allowing the batsmen to add 84 runs in this session without the loss of a single wicket. Mathews and Thirimanne have put on 110 runs together, and if India cannot make this new ball, one over old, talk, it will be a long, long day for them. See you in about 30 minutes.

12.03 pm: India take the new ball as well with Umesh Yadav bowling the last over before Lunch. A single is taken first ball to the onside by Thirimanne and then Umesh beats Mathews' bat again, for what must be the umpteenth time. Looks for that magic delivery that pitches on leg and takes off next, but strays down the legside. Looks for it one more time and with no movement, Mathews whips it through midwicket for a boundary. A couple with a push to midwicket follows Sri Lanka 224/3 in 81 overs, trail by 169 runs, Thirimanne 57, Mathews 72. Lunch break.

11.57 am: New ball is available.

11.56 am: Mishra to bowl what should be the penultimate over before Lunch. Four dot balls, and a couple of singles. Sri Lanka 217/3 in 80 overs, trail by 176 runs, Thirimanne 56, Mathews 66.

11.56 am: Mishra to bowl what should be the penultimate over before Lunch. Four dot balls, a single and a dot. Sri Lanka 215/3 in 79 overs, trail by 178 runs, Thirimanne 55, Mathews 65.

11.53 am: Couple of overs for Binny and it is Umesh Yadav, with just a couple of overs to go before the new ball is due. The match is just meandering a little now. Both camps look happy to play for Lunch. Mathews takes a single second ball and then a Thirimanne dab to third man brings up the hundred partnership for the fourth wicket. A splendid one it has been too. Mathews then plays a misses for once as Yadav hits that back of a length again and just gets the ball to move away a touch. Sri Lanka 215/3 in 79 overs, trail by 178 runs, Thirimanne 55, Mathews 65.

11.48 am: Change of ends for Mishra, who replaces Ashwin. Easy peasy over, even if just a single is taken. Sri Lanka 212/3 in 78 overs, trail by 181 runs, Thirimanne 54, Mathews 63.

11.44 am: Lanka slowly but surely turning the screws. Thirimanne starts the Binny over with a boundary, cutting one to the point boundary. Ind are not getting a slice of luck either as an inside-edge is nearly chopped on, but not quite. Sri Lanka 211/3 in 77 overs, trail by 182 runs, Thirimanne 54, Mathews 62.

11.39 am: Ashwin again and he comes over the wicket to Thirimanne. The left-hander defends the first ball and then moves to 49 with a chip over mid-off after coming down the track. Then calmly takes a single to deep mid-off to complete his half-century. A patient, but assured one from Thirimanne. SL are cruising it here with the bat. Sri Lanka 207/3 in 76 overs, trail by 186 runs, Thirimanne 50, Mathews 62.

11.34 am: Binny replaces Mishra. Six overs to go for the new ball, so, don't think it will happen before Lunch, or maybe a maximum of one over, with just half an hour to go for the break. Binny bowls it well outside off and Mathews is a little watchful to begin with. Sri Lanka 204/3 in 75 overs, trail by 189 runs, Mathews 62, Thirimanne 47.

11.29 am: Ashwin continues and so does the batsmen's comfort in the middle with Mathews adding three more runs to his name off another loose delivery from the offspinner. All that discipline from Day 2 is gone with the wind for India here; this is where a captain's ability is really tested. Sri Lanka 204/3 in 74 overs, trail by 189 runs, Mathews 62, Thirimanne 47.

11.26 am: Poor over from Mishra to begin with as Mathews picks up a couple to midwicket and then cuts a wide and short one to the boundary. He brings up his team's 200 with that shot as well. Sri Lanka 201/3 in 73 overs, trail by 192 runs, Mathews 59, Thirimanne 47.

11.23 am: Ashwin bowls and Kohli must be starting to get a little worried now, as the chances for a wicket haven't come as often as he would have liked. It shows in the field as well, with only a slip in place for the left-hander. Ashwin drops short again and Thirimanne beats Mishra at backward point for a boundary. Sri Lanka 194/3 in 72 overs, trail by 199 runs, Thirimanne 47, Mathews 52.

11.20 am: A couple of nervy moments in the Mishra over, but not enough for India to get that wicket they so crave. Sri Lanka 190/3 in 71 overs, trail by 203 runs, Thirimanne 43, Mathews 52.

11.18 am: Ashwin continues and slips in a carom ball as well as he looks for the wicket. No way jose says Mathews, who looks as comfortable as anyone has looked against the offspinner. Sri Lanka 189/3 in 70 overs, trail by 204 runs, Thirimanne 43, Mathews 52.

11.13 am: Mishra still. A push to the offside and Mathews gets to his half-century off just 81 balls. Thirimanne is more than happy to defend the rest of the over. Sri Lanka 185/3 in 69 overs, trail by 208 runs, Thirimanne 41, Mathews 50.

11.10 am: Too many gaps in the deep for Thirimanne, and he quickly takes a single to long-off to get off strike. Mathews has a short leg, leg slip and a first slip in place with Ashwin staying on middle and leg. A couple of flicks find the fielders and then he moves to one short of a half-century with a single to square-leg. Sri Lanka 184/3 in 68 overs, trail by 209 runs, Thirimanne 41, Mathews 49.

11.07 am: Couple of nervy moment for Thirimanne as balls lob up off the edge. But is lands safely, and a run comes off this Mishra over, the first after drinks. Sri Lanka 182/3 in 67 overs, trail by 211 runs, Thirimanne 40, Mathews 48.

11 am: Ashwin not as potent against the right-hander and Mathews, after a couple of comfortable blocks, takes a single to the onside. Thirimanne defends the next, and then, off a short ball, he takes a single to deep cover. Final ball of the over Mathews is happy to defend. Sri Lanka 181/3 in 66 overs, trail by 213 runs, Thirimanne 39, Mathews 48. Drinks.

10.57 am: A couple of runs to begin the Mishra over, and then, third ball, the legspinner induces the edge, but Mathews takes his hand off in time and the ball does not carry to Ajinkya Rahane at first slip. Another probing over from Mishra. Sri Lanka 178/3 in 65 overs, trail by 215 runs, Thirimanne 37, Mathews 47.

10.53 am: Ashwin continues. Mathews takes a single second ball, which brings Thirimanne on strike. Ashwin cannot get that magic ball, though, as Thirimanne releases the pressure with a cut shot off a short and wide ball for a boundary. Sri Lanka 176/3 in 64 overs, trail by 217 runs, Thirimanne 37, Mathews 45.

10.50 am: The spinners are definitely troubling the batsmen more. Mishra's turn now to beat the bat as Mathews finds it difficult to get his bat to a perfect legspinner. Gets off the strike with a single off the fourth ball, leaving Thirimanne to defend the next two. Sri Lanka 171/3 in 63 overs, trail by 222 runs, Thirimanne 33, Mathews 44.

10.47 am: Spin from both ends as Ashwin isgive the ball. Thirimanne takes a single first ball and Mathews takes one as well third ball. Ashwin then creates a few ooh moments, with Thirimanne lucky as the ball evades the first slip off an outside edge. Sri Lanka 170/3 in 62 overs, trail by 223 runs, Thirimanne 33, Mathews 43.

10.43 am: Gets his lines and lengths right from the off does Mishra and Mathews is forced to defend to begin with. Fifth ball goes down leg and Mathews takes a single to fineleg. Thirimanne does the same final ball. Sri Lanka 168/3 in 61 overs, trail by 225 runs, Thirimanne 32, Mathews 42.

10.39 am: Spin comes in and it is Amit Mishra.

10.37 am: Mathews is such a good Test batsman. Always positive, always looking for runs. He has dominated the proceedings on Day 3 so far, with Thirimanne happy to play second fiddle. It might be time for spin already, because, apart from Ishant, neither of the two seamers, have been able to curb the runscoring. Mathews takes a single to the onside first ball of this Ishant over and then Thirimanne defends the next five. Sri Lanka 166/3 in 60 overs, trail by 227 runs, Thirimanne 31, Mathews 41.

10.33 am: Mathews is looking really good already. Gets a boundary first ball with a nice ondrive, should have been stopped, though, as Ishant puts in a clumsy dive. Next ball, Umesh overcompensates with a short ball, but it is wide as well, and Mathews cuts it for a couple to deep backward point. The man from short cover moves back to the slips, so it is two slips and a gully for Mathews now. Not sure if that is the best of ideas, because going by his morning shots, Mathews looks more likely to loft one to the covers than get an outside edge. Good first half hour for Sri Lanka here.Mathewstakes a couple to midwicket off the fifth ball and that brings up the fifty partnership for thefourth wicket. Sri Lanka 165/3 in 59 overs, trail by 228 runs, Thirimanne 31, Mathews 40.

10.27 am: Ishant Sharma keeps the pressure up from his end with another good over, just the two runs off it. Sri Lanka 156/3 in 58 overs, trail by 237 runs, Thirimanne 31, Mathews 31.

10.21 am: Unsurprisingly, Binny gets only one over after going for two boundaries and he is replaced by Umesh Yadav. A dot ball to start and Kohli then gives away an extra run with an unnecessary overthrow, keeping Mathews on strike. Mathews cannot help himself from playing across the line to the ball that is on the stumps, but Umesh is still getting just a hint of shape away and the Sri Lanka captain is lucky to see an outer edge fall safely. Sri Lanka 154/3 in 57 overs, trail by 239 runs, Thirimanne 30, Mathews 30.

10.16 am: Solid over from Ishant, with just a no-ball preventing it from being a maiden. Sri Lanka 152/3 in 56 overs, trail by 241 runs, Thirimanne 30, Mathews 28.

10.12 am: Surprise, surprise. It's not Umesh Yadav or R Ashwin to open the bowling, but instead Virat Kohli gives the ball to Stuart Binny. He bowled well yesterday, but to open the Day 3 morning.....

Mathews struggled against Umesh Yadav on Day 2, and if not Ashwin, it surely should have been the fast bowler. Binny, though, it is and after a couple of sighters, Mathews crunches one straight back past the left of mid-on for a delightful boundary. Now that is as good a first boundary as they come in a day's play. Keeps it well outside off does Binny next couple of balls, and Mathews, standing way outside his crease, is untroubled. He then finishes the over off with a nice cover drive, even if it was a little uppish. So, the Binny plan wasn't the brightest then. Sri Lanka 151/3 in 55 overs, trail by 242 runs, Thirimanne 30, Mathews 28.

10.07 am: First ball is on offstump and Mathews just opens his face a touch to guide the ball to deep point for a single. Across from Ishant for Thirimanne, who defends and leaves well to begin with and then Ishant induces a genuine outside edge off Thirimanne, but the ball just does not carry to either Saha, diving to his left, or Murali Vijay at first slip. Surely they should be coming a little up then. Sri Lanka 143/3 in 54 overs, trail by 250 runs, Mathews 20, Thirimanne 30.

10.01 am: Pace it is to start – Ishant Sharma to bowl.

9.58 am: couple of minutes to the start of play. Will Kohli start with the spinners I wonder.

9.52 am: Kumar Sangakkara: I used to love watching Viv Richards, I wanted to bat like him. And then Brian Lara came along and now those two batsmen are right up there for me. I also used to love watching Sanath Jayasuriya bat as well. Zaheer Khan and Graeme Swann are the two bowlers who tested me the most.

9.50 am: Sri Lanka start Day 3 on 140/3, trailing India's total of 393 by 253 runs. Angelo Mathews and Lahiru Thirimanne are batting.

9.49 am: Marvan Attapattu, Sri Lanka coach: "First half an hour of the day is important, we need to keep the scoreboard moving. It all depends on how we approach. I don't think we should be too worried about it, we just need to get on with it, try and be as positive as possible and put the pressure on the Indians. The wickets in Sri Lanka now start to turn quite earlier than one could imagine. This pitch had grass and we didn't think it would take much turn, but it did yesterday.

"We as a team have spoken about [Sangakkara's retirement]. We are looking to make a memorable game for him, that's what he wants, we just have to keep our emotions aside and make it memorable."

9.39 am: Day 3 is going to be a different game of cricket, says Jonty Rhodes. He points to a darker patch on the wicket and believes that area could play a part. Apart from that patch, though, the pitch remains good and it is a good day of batting, he adds.

9.38 am: It's sunny skies again in Colombo, which means a start on time. Always a good sign for a solid day of Test cricket that.

9.37 am: B Arun the India bowling coach speaking to Sony Six: It's important the bowlers back themselves. We are really not looking too far ahead, we'd like to win this session first, and if we can focus and execute our plans, it will work well."

9.07 am: India and Sri Lanka would have both felt "alright, that was not such a bad day" after Day 2 of the second Test match at the P Sara Oval, and both teams will now look to strengthen that feeling come Day 3 in Colombo on Saturday.

The India bowlers showed a couple of things they haven't brought to the fore too often – discipline and patience – on Day 2, and more of the same will be needed if they are to restrict the Sri Lanka batsmen.

While Day 2 was a battle of attrition, Saturday could be a lot more exciting (hey, no harm in hoping there is it) and maybe this will be the day that shapes the outcome of the Test match

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