5.37 pm: An attritional day of cricket. India did reasonably well to take their first innings score to 393, with Saha scoring a good half-century. After folding early in the second session, the India bowlers bowled with tremendous discipline, giving absolutely nothing away. Sri Lanka struggled to score runs at a good rate, managing just 140/3 in 53 overs, but they also did not lose too many wickets in a hurry like in the last Test match.

Day 3 is going to be a day of patience as well, and it remains to see who blinks first. That's it from me and IBTimes India for this Day 2 live blog of the second Test match. Stay here for more coverage of the match, and do come in tomorrow for the Day 3 Live Blog. Until they, goodbye.

5.33 pm: Two slips and a silly point for Thirimanne, who defends the first couple of balls well. A little too legside next couple of balls is Ashwin, and Thirimanne happily plays them to the onside. Little turn in the first ball, but too slow to trouble Thirimanne. Final ball of Day 2 is played to the onside by Thirimanne. Sri Lanka 140/3 in 53 overs, trail by 253 runs. Thirimanne 28, Mathews 19. Stumps on Day 2.

5.30 pm: Rohit Sharma fell in the final over yesterday, will it happen today as well? Ashwin to bowl the final over of Day 2.

5.29 pm: Ishant Sharma needs to test the batsmen in this final over, and doesn't start well enough, allowing Thirimanne to leave a wide delivery outside off. Strays down the legside next and Thirimanne flicks the ball to fine-leg for a single. Mathews blocks the next ball and then produces a gorgeous straight drive for a boundary. Definitely prefers Ishant to Umesh does Mathews. The captain then makes sure this is the final over by complaining about something near the sight screen. Can't though, as India get one more over to bowl. Sri Lanka 140/3 in 52 overs, trail by 253 runs, Thirimanne 28, Mathews 19.

5.25 pm: Two slips and a gully now for Mathews as Umesh Yadav continues. Stays at that back-of-a-length, and Mathews makes sure he gets everything behind it this time, to defend well. A couple of balls later, however, he gets that perfect ball again and again Mathews is squared-up. Umesh is looking frustrated at missing the outside edge time and again. Squares him up one more time and this time Mathews outer edges it for a single to get off strike. Thirimanne defends better. Sri Lanka 135/3 in 51 overs, trail by 258 runs, Thirimanne 27, Mathews 15.

5.20 pm: All pace here as Ishant comes in for Mishra. Hardly bowled has the fast bowler today and he doesn't start his spell too well, with Thirimanne latching onto a wide ball to slap it to the backward point boundary. Gets the line and length right after that, though. Sri Lanka 133/3 in 50 overs, trail by 260 runs, Thirimanne 26, Mathews 14.

5.14 pm: Binny is replaced eventually with Umesh Yadav coming in. Two slips for Mathews waiting to pouch a catch and the first ball squares the batsman up, with the ball just missing the outside edge. Gets an outer edge next ball and it rolls all the way to the third man boundary. Gets another boundary in the over does Mathews, and this time it is a lot more convincing – a cover drive, with Kohli unable to stop the ball from trickling onto the ropes. Umesh has the penchant to leak runs, and Mathews helps himself to another couple to the onside. He ends the over with an absolute peach, though, which has Mathews squared up again. Sri Lanka 129/3 in 49 overs, trail by 264 runs, Thirimanne 22, Mathews 14.

5.07 pm: Mishra continues, and it is another quiet over, barring a decent appeal for an lbw as Thirimanne gets hit on the pads. Probably hit him outside off. Sri Lanka 119/3 in 48 overs, trail by 274 runs, Thirimanne 22, Mathews 4.

5.04 pm: Still no Ishant, Umesh or Ashwin, so Binny continues. Binny has been very good in this holding role, but surely a frontline bowler should be bowling to the new batsman. Keeps it outside off to Mathews, and the Sri Lanka captain is happy to let most go. A run is taken off the fourth ball as Mathews flicks a ball on the pads to midwicket. Sri Lanka 118/3 in 47 overs, trail by 275 runs, Thirimanne 22, Mathews 3.

5 pm: Mishra gets to bowl to Mathews first up, and second ball nearly sees the captain dismissed. Goes for an expansive drive and a thick edge falls just short of Binny at short backward point. Sri Lanka 117/3 in 46 overs, trail by 276 runs, Thirimanne 22, Mathews 2.

4.57 pm: This partnership is really crucial now for Sri Lanka, with the onus on the captain and vice-captain to see their side through to stumps. Still Binny despite the new batsman coming in, with Mathews happy to defend, while also taking a single fifth ball to get off the mark, after Thirimanne took a single off the second ball. Not that attacking a field set, with only two slips in place for Mathews. Looking more for the lofted drive is Kohli, doesn't come in this over, however. Sri Lanka 116/3 in 45 overs, trail by 277 runs, Thirimanne 22, Mathews 1.

4.53 pm: Angelo Mathews the new batsman. Sri Lanka 114/3 in 44 overs, trail by 279 runs, Thirimanne 21, Mathews 0.

4.49 pm: Poor fielding from Rohit Sharma allows Thirimanne a couple, instead of a single. Ashwin did well to stop the drive on the offside, but Rohit picked up the ball and threw blindly to the bowler's end, allowing the batsmen to run on an overthrow. A single follows the next ball and then Wicket, Silva (51, 118b, 8x4) gone! Silva has not looked comfortable to Mishra all day, and the leg-spinner has the wicket he deserves. Tosses it up, but Silva goes for the sweep shot, only gets a top-edge and Ashwin completes a simple catch at short fine-leg. Sri Lanka 114/3 in 43.4 overs.

4.44 pm: The grind continues as Silva defends another Binny over. Binny makes Silva play and miss again with that outswinger of his, but that edge just hasn't come along. Still waiting for his first Test wicket. Sri Lanka 111/2 in 43 overs, trail by 282 runs, Silva 51, Thirimanne 18. Drinks.

4.39 pm: Mishra is certainly troubling the right-hander more than Thirimanne, and Silva looks iffy, again, in a couple of balls in the over. He's remained stuck on 50 for a while now, and finally gets past the half-century mark with a single to mid-off off the last delivery of the over. Sri Lanka 111/2 in 42 overs, trail by 282 runs, Silva 51, Thirimanne 18.

4.35 pm: A nice little partnership for the third wicket developing here for Sri Lanka, worth 33 runs currently, as Binny continues. A couple of hittable deliveries in the over, but Thirimanne cannot find the gap, with Binny coming back over the wicket to the left-handed batsman. Sri Lanka 109/2 in 41 overs, trail by 284 runs, Silva 50, Thirimanne 17.

4.30 pm: Thirimanne takes a single first ball and then Mishra gets Silva into a spot of bother a couple of times, but not enough for a wicket. Sri Lanka 108/2 in 40 overs, trail by 285 runs, Silva 50, Thirimanne 16.

4.26 pm: Stuart Binny takes over from Ishant Sharma. Around the wicket to Thirimanne, and struggles a little with his line to begin with, even if he gets a couple of good balls in that goes in with the angle to the left-hander. But, crucially, he doesn't give away too many runs. Sri Lanka 107/2 in 39 overs, trail by 286 runs, Silva 50, Thirimanne 15.

4.20 pm: Mishra replaces Ashwin. Just bowled one over so far in this Test match, and the leg-spinner will be hoping for a long spell here. Much will depend on how well he bowls in his first couple of overs. Mishra gets one corker in his first over, which beats Silva's bat, hits his back pad; more such deliveries, and he will do OK. Good first over from Mishra, a maiden. Sri Lanka 104/2 in 38 overs, trail by 289 runs, Silva 50, Thirimanne 12.

4.17 pm: Ishant again and it is another decent over from the tall man. Comes around the wicket to Thirimanne after a couple of balls over, and it takes him a while to get that third ball through, as he runs in and pulls out a couple of times. When he does bowl, though, he gets the line right. Sri Lanka 104/2 in 37 overs, trail by 289 runs, Silva 50, Thirimanne 12.

4.10 pm: Ashwin continues to cause a few flutters in the Sri Lankan camp. After a ball that lobbed up just short of short cover, Thirimanne is lucky as a ball spins and bounces, misses his bat and goes in between Saha and Rahane. Sri Lanka's 100 comes up with those byes with the batsmen running for a couple. A single then brings Silva back on strike and Silva completes his half-century with a push for a couple to the offside. Sri Lanka 104/2 in 36 overs, trail by 289 runs, Silva 50, Thirimanne 12.

4.06 pm: Good solid over from Ishant, with the medium pacer keeping it fullish and outside off to Thirimanne. Sri Lanka 99/2 in 35 overs, trail by 294 runs, Silva 48, Thirimanne 11.

4.02 pm: Ashwin continues and Silva is happy to defend, before taking a single to the onside off the fifth ball. Not quite found his range yet to the right-hander has Ashwin. Sri Lanka 97/2 in 34 overs, trail by 296 runs, Silva 47, Thirimanne 10.

3.55 pm: Ishant starts with a no-ball, but then it is a really good, testing over, making Thirimanne play time and again. Ishant also gets a little excited as the ball misses Thirimanne's edge by a whisker. The over does get ruined a little, however, by a no-ball off what should have been the last ball of the over. Sri Lanka 96/2 in 33 overs, trail by 297 runs, Silva 46, Thirimanne 10. Drinks.

3.47 pm: A couple of nice deliveries and then again Thirimanne is allowed to take a single straight to get off strike. Three men around the bat for Silva, including a leg slip. Silva takes advantage of a short ball by guiding it to the offside doe a couple. Sri Lanka 92/2 in 32 overs, trail by 301 runs, Silva 46, Thirimanne 8.

3.43 pm: Ishant replaces Umesh. Decent lines overall, but nothing much to trouble the batsmen. Sri Lanka 89/2 in 31 overs, trail by 304 runs, Silva 44, Thirimanne 7.

3.38 pm: Thirimanne and his partnership with Dinesh Chandimal turned the match around in the first Test, and the left-hander shows shades of that counter-attacking ability with a nice sweep shot for a boundary to midwicket. Sri Lanka 88/2 in 30 overs, trail by 305 runs, Silva 44, Thirimanne 6.

3.35 pm: A little on the shorter side is Umesh in this spell, and the batsmen are happy to block defend, comfortably too. Needs to pitch the ball up a little more and invite the drive, especially to the new batsman Thirimanne, who has no trouble in this Umesh over, even if it is a maiden. Sri Lanka 82/2 in 29 overs, trail by 311 runs, Silva 43, Thirimanne 1.

3.31 pm: Thirimanne on strike, but Kohli, for some reason, keeps a long-on in, and that allows the left-hander to get off the mark with a single. Ashwin is getting some drift now, and Silva does well to negotiate him. Sri Lanka 82/2 in 28 overs, trail by 311 runs, Silva 43, Thirimanne 1.

3.27 pm: Umesh continues and Kohli, a little more charged up now, sets a slightly more attacking field, with men in catching positions in the slips. Umesh though slips one in short and the ball sits nicely for Silva to pull it through midwicket for a boundary. That four makes Kohli push to a more defensive field, however, as Umesh keeps bowling it back-of-a-length to Silva, who is more than happy to play those deliveries. Sri Lanka 79/2 in 27 overs, trail by 314 runs, Silva 41, Thirimanne 0.

3.23 pm: Lahiru Thirimanne is the new batsman and Ashwin will now be over the moon after picking up that vital wicket. Sri Lanka 75/2 in 26 overs, trail by 318 runs, Silva 37, Thirimanne 0.

3.20 pm: Ashwin continues and India's main man is still not troubling the batsmen enough, but as I say that Wicket, Sangakkara (32, 87b, 4x4) gone! Ashwin has picked up Sangakkara a few times already and this time as well, off another peach. A ball that turns and bounces, Sangakkara pushes forward and gets the edge and that safe pair of hands of Rahane's closes in on the ball diving to his left. Sangakkara walks out to a standing ovation, in what should be the penultimate innings of his international career. Sri Lanka 75/2 in 25.5 overs, trail by 318 runs, Silva 36.

3.17 pm: Umesh Yadav bowls another good over, his second consecutive maiden. Sangakkara might have been given out, as the Indians go for an appeal for a catch down the legside. There was a slight sound and it could only have come from the gloves, too close to say for sure, though, especially without snicko and hotspot. Sri Lanka 74/1 in 25 overs, trail by 319 runs, Silva 36, Sangakkara 32.

3.13 pm: Ashwin still searching for that rhythm. Not quite there yet, as Silva takes five runs from the over early, with a tickle fine for a boundary and then a single. Runs come easily in the over. Sri Lanka 74/1 in 24 overs, trail by 319 runs, Silva 36, Sangakkara 32.

3.08 pm: Umesh Yadav it is who is given the ball from the other end, which means Sangakkara is back in the helmet. Thankfully, Umesh starts over the wicket. Not as much swing anymore, but he gets his lines right. Maiden over. Sri Lanka 66/1 in 23 overs, trail by 327 runs, Silva 30, Sangakkara 30.

3.03 pm: Ashwin starts off the final session on Day 2. Some turn and bounce again for the offspinner, but Sangakkara reads this one well. Defends when he needs to and happy to let the others go. Sri Lanka 66/1 in 22 overs, trail by 327 runs, Silva 30, Sangakkara 30.

3.01 pm: The players are back. Sangakkara walks in with a cap on, so he is expecting plenty of spin bowling in this session, then.

2.43 pm: An attritional session all-round. India lost their two wickets in a hurry at the start of the second session, before Sri Lanka gritted through a tough phase of play. Umesh Yadav was impressive, but Silva and Sangakkara hung on well, with a little bit of luck going their way as well, putting together 64 runs together. All on Sangakkara here as the left-hander looks to cap his final Test match with a century. See you in about 15 minutes.

2.41 pm: Yup, Amit Mishra it is. Three men around the bat to the right-hander, but Silva gets off strike as Mishra goes down the legside. Sangakkara also takes a single with a drive down the ground while using his feet. Mishra went for the googly first up, knowing that is how he got Silva out in the first Test. Not too much spin to begin with, and Silva defends well. Sri Lanka 65/1 in 21 overs, trail by 328 runs, Silva 30, Sangakkara 29. Tea.

2.36 pm: Ashwin continues. Silva gets off strike with an outer edge to backward point. Sangakkara nearly gets run out as a bit of yes, no, yes no comes to the fore, but Murali Vijay cannot pick up the ball cleanly and the chance is gone. Sri Lanka 63/1 in 20 overs, Silva 30, Sangakkara 28. Mishra for the final over before Tea?

2.33 pm: Binny has been tempting Silva into the drive for a while, and this time the right-hander pounces on a full ball to drive through the covers. Saha was standing up to Binny after seeing Silva batting well out of his crease, and the opener is back there again with the India wicketkeeper pushing back. Sri Lanka 61/1 in 19 overs, Silva 29, Sangakkara 28.

2.27 pm: Ashwin starts the over with a beauty that goes in with the arm. Sangakkara, thinking it will turn, leaves the ball, which misses the offstump by a whisker. Reads the offspinner better the rest of the over, though, and finishes it off with a dance down the track and a loft for a boundary straight back. Sri Lanka 57/1 in 18 overs.

2.25 pm: A half-tracker from Binny to start the over and Silva pulls it comfortably to the midwicket boundary. A single follows and Binny comes around the wicket immediately to Sangakkara. No worries for the legend. Sri Lanka 53/1 in 17 overs.

2.21 pm: Ashwin to Sangakkara again. A couple of them drifts in and spins away, before Ashwin tries to catch the left-hander with the one that goes straight through. Sangakkara reads it and plays it well, before letting go of one that spins away. Sanga plays the fifth ball to the offside, before Ashwin beats his bat with a nice one. Sri Lanka 47/1 in 16 overs.

2.17 pm: Binny still happy to keep the ball outside off to Silva to try and induce the drive. Silva leaves the first two balls, and then defends the next that is just short of a good length. Beats the bat next ball again does Binny, who will be wondering what he needs to do to get that outside edge again. Sri Lanka 47/1 in 15 overs.

2.12 pm: Gee, Sangakkara is looking good now. Short and wide fromAshwin first ball and Sangakkara does not miss out. A bit of turns is there for the offspinner, but nothing to alarm the batsmen yet. Ashwin stays around the wicket to Sangakkara, who is lucky to survive as Rahane drops the great man. Really difficult catch as an outside edge flies to his left. Rahane sticks a hand out, it does not stick and he can't gather the rebound either. Sri Lanka 47/1 in 14 overs.

2.08 pm: Binny continues and he is still getting some decent shape away from the eight-hander. Silva is more watchful this over, though, even if Binny manages to beat the opener's bat with another peach that angles in and just moves away. Binny is doing the kind of job that Angelo Mathews did so well, sans the wickets, of course. Sri Lanka 43/1 in 13 overs.

2.05 pm: Spin now and it is R Ashwin. A silly point in place for Sangakkara, who takes a quick single to mid-off first ball. Nice flight from Ashwin to start with, but no wicket to go with it as Silva picks up a couple to the offside as well. Sri Lanka 43/1 in 12 overs, Silva 19, Sangakkara 20.

2 pm: Binny would have been shattered to see that first Test wicket taken away from him. But he keeps the lines nice in this over. After Sangakkara takes a single off the third ball, Silva nearly lobs one ball to the numerous cover fielders in place for just that shot, but such is SL's luck at the moment, that it goes through one of those minute gaps. Sri Lanka 41/1 in 11 overs.

1.55 pm: Umesh continues, and around the stumps too. No idea, why. Maybe it has something to do with the word aggression. Yeah, it probably does, as Umesh sneaks in a short one, which Sangakkara ducks under.Just a run from the over, but around the wicket isn't troubling the batsman as much. Sri Lanka 36/1 in 10 overs.

1.46 pm: Four overs for Ishant and now it is Stuart Binny. Didn't impress with the bat, so he will hope to do better with the red cherry in his hand. Decentover first up and the final ball Wicket, Silva! Nope, not a wicket, Binny has overstepped. It was a ball that deserved a wicket, with it pitching on off and just holding its line. the outside edge is taken by Saha and Binny thinks he has his first Test wicket. But, Oxenford goes upstairs and asks for the no-ball to be checked, with replays showing the bowler had indeed overstepped. Sri Lanka 35/1 in 9 overs.

1.42 pm: Umesh has bowled brilliantly, but irritatingly, India's penchant to come around the wicket to the left-hander comes into play again. First ball from Umesh is down the legside, the second, onto the pads, which Sanga flicks to the square-leg boundary. Really daft planning this from Virat Kohli, especially with Sangakkara looking uncomfortable with the ball that was leaving him. Back over the wicket to the right-hander, and the line is impeccable again, with Silva playing and missing. The rub of the green went India's way in the morning, and not it seems to have switched over to SL, as another inside edge misses the stumps and runs away for a boundary. Sri Lanka 33/1 in 8 overs.

1.37 pm: Sri Lanka slowly getting a move on in their innings. After that Sangakkara four, Silva also gets one, as he guides the ball to backward point for a boundary. Silva gets another boundary, and this one is not something you will see often. A short ball, Silva ducks under that one, hangs his bat out, though, and it hits the back of the willow and flies over the wicketkeeper for a boundary. Sri Lanka 24/1 in 7 overs.

1.32 pm: Umesh Yadav is bowling some good stuff here. Sangakkara, who is getting cheered with every run he scores, gets off the strike second ball, with Silva then lucky as a genuine outside edge fails to carry to the wicketkeeper Saha. It fell way short, and I get the feeling the fielders might be standing a little too far back here. A huge cheer final ball as Sangakkara gets that cover drive out of his locker to get a boundary off a full ball from Umesh. Sri Lanka 13/1 in 6 overs.

1.27 pm: Ishant keeps the pressure up on Sangakkara, with short balls and the ones that just go away from the left-hander, who plays and misses a couple of times. A little skew past gully, though, gets Sangakkara off the mark, fetching him a couple. A cheer goes through the ground. Sangakkara nearly plays on final ball of the over, but the inside-edge misses the stumps and a single is taken to fine-leg. Sri Lanka 5/1 in 5 overs.

1.22 pm: Umesh Yadav continues and he keeps the ball nice and straight again, keeping it at a decent pace as well. Also drops in a short one to Sangakkara, who is kept from getting off the mark as a leg-bye takes him off strike. Umesh's first ball to Kaushal Silva is a short one, before he defends a full ball well. Sri Lanka 2/1 in 4 overs.

1.19 pm: A short leg is still in play for Kaushal Silva as Ishant keeps it on the stumps, initially, for Silva. Silva is happy to leave anything outside off, with Ishant getting a couple of them wrong, but another decent over from the fast bowler. Sri Lanka 1/1 in 3 overs.

1.13 pm: A great first ball from Umesh. Full and swinging in again, and Sangakkara, only because he is Sangakkara, is able to get his bat down in time. A little more back of the length next ball and Sangakkara defends with a bit more authority. A slight break in play as the fireworks for Sangakkara goes off a little late. Two balls after coming in. Umesh then gets a couple of balls to leave Sangakkara, who plays and misses, twice. Sri Lanka 1/1 in 2 overs.

1.10 pm: Sangakkara walks in and the entire India squad give the great man a guard of honour. Nice touch that, even if it was expected and has become the norm.

1.08 pm: Wicket, Karunaratne gone! What a first ball that is from Umesh Yadav. Gets that ball swinging in to the left-hander, it hits his pads and the umpire Rod Tucker gives it out. Sri Lanka 1/1 in 1.1 overs. Kumar Sangakkara time!

1.06 pm: On offstump first ball is Ishant. Karunaratne looks to drop and run, there is a bit of misunderstanding between the two batsmen, but no damage done. The moment Ishant strays in his line, and lands that ball on the pads, Karunaratne is allowed to get himself and Sri Lanka off the mark with a single to fine-leg. Two slips and a gully it was for Karunaratne, with a short leg also coming in for Silva. Sri Lanka 1/0 in 1 over.

1.02 pm: The players are out. Kaushal Silva and Dimuth Karunaratne, the Sri Lanka openers, walk to the middle as well. Ishant Sharma to begin.

12.53 pm: India will have mixed feelings over their first innings. Could, and probably should, have been better, but 393 is still runs on the board, and it will now be down to the bowlers to see if they can apply the pressure on the Sri Lanka batsmen. A 10-minute break and it will be the turn of the home team to bat.

12.51 pm: Herath continues and Umesh Yadav curbs his slog-the-ball instincts, with the outfield loaded with fielders. Takes a single off the third ball to the onside, leaving Ishant to defend the other three, which he can't. Wicket, Ishant (2, 21b) gone! Ishant defends the first couple of balls well, but goes back to the final one and it is a quicker ball from Herath, with the ball smashing onto the batsman's pads slam-bang in the middle of the stumps. India all out for 393 in 114 overs.

12.48 pm: Tharindu Kaushal from the other end. Down the legside too many times, which gives the batsmen five leg-byes, including a boundary fine. Doesn't take Yadav too long to use the long handle, and a slog-sweep gets him a single and off the mark. India 392/9 in 113 overs.

12.45 pm: Umesh Yadav walks in and defends the remaining three balls of the Herath over. Wicket maiden for Herath to start the second session on Day 2 of this second Test match at the P Sara Oval. India 386/9 in 112 overs.

12.43 pm: Accurate as always is Herath and Wicket, Saha (56, 117b, 6x4) gone! Nice and straight Herath kept it from the beginning and the third ball hits the pad a tad before hitting the bat and Herath goes crazy with the appeal. Oxenford takes his time and raises that index finger. Big wicket for Sri Lanka to open the post-Lunch session, and it is Herath who provides the crucial wicket again. India 386/9 in 111.3 overs.

12.40 pm: The players are in the middle, Herath to bowl to Saha.

12.38 pm: Lunch is nearly over, back to on-field cricket. India start on 386/8.

12.03 pm: A pretty decent session for India, after it looked like it might be a disastrous one to begin with. Saha lived a charmed life and so did Amit Mishra, who came in at the fall of Ashwin's wicket early. Sri Lanka plugged away, with the seamers impressing. The spinners could not quite find their range, though, and once Saha found his touch, he held the innings together really well with Mishra adding 25 precious runs in that eighth wicket partnership which was worth 46 runs. Mishra fell in the second hour of the first session, in which India scored 67 runs, but Ishant came in and hung around till Lunch with Saha 56 (114b, 6x4). Sri Lankawill be disappointed at not bowling India out, which they will try and do as quickly as possible in the post-Lunch session. Join me in half-an-hour.

12 pm: Kaushal to bowl the last over before Lunch. Defends the first two balls does Saha, before guiding down to third man for a couple. Takes a single to long-on, to leave Ishant to see off two balls. Ishant does that well enough. India 386/8 in 111 overs. Lunch.

11.57 am: Herath is given an over just before Lunch. A couple to start with as Herath strays down leg to Saha, before a single is taken – after a brief discussion -- fourth ball. With two balls to face, Mathews brings in four close-in fielders – two slips, a silly point and a short leg – but Ishant defends well. India 383/8 in 110 overs.

11.53 am: Reverse-sweep comes out again, this time from Saha. Doesn't get it as well as he would have liked, but the ball goes over Mathews at first slip for a boundary. That boundary takes Saha to 49, with the right-hander getting his half-century with a single to long-on. Really good innings this from Saha, who rode his luck and ensured he would not give his wicket away after that. Kaushal gets a couple of balls at Ishant, but cannot find the wicket here. India 380/8 in 109 overs.

11.49 am: Not too patient is Ishant so far. After a defensive shot, Ishant is lucky that an outside edge, following an expansive drive attempt with absolutely no foot movement, goes through the gap in the slips for a single to third man. Chameera is bowling well here, lots of aggression, plenty of pace and with the deliveries landing in the right areas. India 375/8 in 108 overs.

11.44 am: Kaushal continues and Ishant shows he might have an aggressive shot or two in him. Doesn't get anything from it, mind, apart from a single to the offside. Saha gets a boundary through a wonderful extra cover drive jumping down the track. India 373/8 in 107 overs.

11.40 am: Ishant Sharma walks in and the lanky fast bowler negotiates the final two balls of his fellow tall bowler, who steams in for a couple of balls but cannot find a way through. India 367/8 in 106 overs.

11.38 am: Chameera still and Saha stays nice and still to take a single second ball to deep point. Wicket, Mishra (24, 50b, 3x4) gone! Mishra's stay is finally over, and not surprisingly it is pace that does the trick. Chameera keeps it outside off, Mishra pokes at one, gets the outside edge and Chandimal takes a simple catch. SL finally break the eighth wicket partnership, which was worth 46 runs. India 367/8 in 105.4 overs.

11.33 am: What Chandimal can do, Mishra can do as well. Kaushal continues around the wicket and Mishra brings the reverse-sweep out, perfectly too, with the ball going to the backward point boundary after he picked it from leg-stump. Mishra definitely prefers the spinners, even if Mathews will feel there is also a good chance of getting him out with the right-hander playing a few more shots. India 366/7 in 105 overs.

11.30 am: Another good over from Chameera, who is a little unlucky to not have Saha's wicket. Induces the outside edge, but the ball, with Saha playing with soft hands, does not carry to second slip. A maiden over. India 360/7 in 104 overs.

11.25 am: Kaushal starts with a full toss, which Saha cannot dispatch for a boundary. Only gets a single to midwicket. Mishra does the same third ball, with Saha then dropping and running again to the offside. Kaushal comes around the wicket to Mishra last couple of balls, with the batsman defending the first one well, before getting an inside-edge fine for a couple. India 360/7 in 103 overs.

11.20 am: Chameera again. Another decent over, three singles taken. India 355/7 in 102 overs.

11.16 am: Tharindu Kaushal for the first time on Day 2, and India's 350 comes up after Saha takes a single to the offside. Mishra takes the score past 350 with a paddle sweep for a single. Decent over from Kaushal, no bad balls. India 352/7 in 101 overs.

11.12 am: Just the one over for Prasad as Chameera is given a go after drinks. Around the wicket to Mishra. The first ball is short, too short that it is called a wide, with the second, down the legside, with Mishra flicking it to fine-leg for a single. Chameera comes back over the stumps for Saha, who defends, before taking a single final ball. India 349/7 in 100 overs.

11.03 am: A matter of time before spin came, and it is Rangana Herath who is given the ball. First ball from Herath is full and Saha drives it straight to long-off for a single. A couple more singles follow, before Mishra defends the next two, before a slog sweep takes an inside-edge and goes down to fine-leg for a single. India 346/7 in 99 overs. Drinks.

10.58 am: Prasad replaces Mathews. Mishra slowly finding bat on ball more frequently. Starts the over off with a boundary as Mishra lofts one over the covers. Tharindu Kaushal is a little unlucky not to prevent the four as his flick inches from the ropes hits his boot as he goes on to touch the ropes. Second boundary for Mishra and more runs for the Indians. Next ball, though, Mishra is lucky as an outside edge does not carry to Jehan Mubarak at gully, who does well to stop the ball from flying to the third man boundary. Mishra gets a little lucky again as an uppish drive goes just wide of Kaushal Silva at short extra cover. A similar shot to the one that dismissed Ashwin that. India 342/7 in 98 overs.

10.52 am: Saha takes a single off the first ball of the Chameera over. Mishra's struggles then continue as he misses out on a short and wide ball, before an inside-edge gets him off strike as the ball misses the stumps and goes down to fine-leg. Good running next from Mishra, though, as he calls Saha in for a quick single as the latter drops one to the offside. Mishra then takes a single with an upper cut, which falls short of the fielder at third man. India 336/7 in 97 overs.

10.46 am: Mathews is bowling really well here (or the India batsman are batting really badly). The Sri Lanka skipper has Mishra in a spot of bother again, as the right-hander comes down the track to try and make something happen. Mishra lives dangerously again as he leaves a ball that goes inches away from the offstump. A second maiden in a row. India 332/7 in 96 overs.

10.42 am: Dushmantha Chameera for the first time now, replacing Dhammika Prasad. First ball is on target, with it tailing in and hitting Saha on the pads. An appeal is made, but the ball was a tad high and would have been going down leg as well. Near the 140s already is Chameera and Saha is not able to do much. India 332/7 in 95 overs.

10.37 am: Mathews still and Saha takes a single, while refusing a second that might have been on, third ball to give Mishra three balls to see off the over. First ball of those three, is a nice one that angles in and then holds its line. It sounds like Mishra might have got a tickle that goes through to Chandimal with Sri Lanka celebrating convinced there is an edge. Bruce Oxenford does not think so and Mishra survives, with the batsman finishing off the over with an outside edge which goes through slip and gully for a boundary. India 332/7 in 94 overs.

10.31 am: It is like India think running is not allowed on Day 2 morning -- it is either a wicket or a boundary, with that boundary, the first of the morning, coming via a nice cover drive from Saha. The right-hander gets his first runs of Day 2 and India score their first runs in 27 balls. Prasad, after that drive, answers back with a couple of bouncers, which Saha ducks under easily. Strays down the leg then and Saha takes a single to deep square-leg. Mishra sees off the final ball, after Prasad gives away a wide with a misdirected short ball. India 327/7 in 93 overs.

10.21 am: Saha nearly gets off the mark today with a nice drive off a full delivery from Prasad, but the batsman cannot pierce the field, so he stays on 19. Saha then goes for a big shot, after so many dot balls, and that is an awful cross-batted heave. It looks like there is an inside-edge and Chandimal makes the appeal for the caught behind. The umpires go upstairs to see if the ball carried to the wicketkeeper, with the soft dismissal being not out. Replays suggest it is close, but probably just carried has it? Nope, the third umpire is not convinced and as it is so often the case, especially with that soft signal of not out, the doubt goes to the batsman. Saha lucky for the second time in a Prasad over. What is it with India and not scoring in the mornings? A third consecutive maiden here. India 321/7 in 91 overs.

10.14 am: Amit Mishra comes in and he sees off the rest of the Mathews over.A second consecutive maiden for Sri Lanka, though. India 321/7 in 90 overs.

10.10 am: Wicket, Ashwin (2, 7b) gone! What a poor shot that is from Ashwin. He got out to lazy shots in the first Test, and this is another one. A good length ball from Mathews, Ashwin, thinking he is Viv Richards, goes for the drive and hits it straight to Kaushal Silva at short cover. So much for Ashwin giving Saha company. India 321/7 in 89.3 overs.

10.08 am: Dhammika Prasad from the other end. Full ball to begin with and Saha keeps it out. Leaves the next ball and then what a lucky escape. A peach of a ball from Prasad as the ball comes in and just moves a touch away. Saha is opened up, and the ball kisses the outside of off-stump, but the bail stays in the groove. A big appeal is made, probably for a caught behind, thinking the sound was off the bat, but boy was Prasad unlucky. Saha should be walking back, but he is still in there. Outstanding first over from Prasad, a maiden. India 321/6 in 89 overs, Saha 19, Ashwin 2.

10.03 am: Nice ball first up, just outside off and Ashwin lets it go through to the wicketkeeper Dinesh Chandimal. The batsman then defends the next ball just outside off. Third ball, Ashwin gets off the mark with a couple straight down the ground, a nice drive that from the batsman. Lets go the last ball of the over. India 321/6 in 88 overs.

10 am: Ashwin to face Angelo Mathews first ball.

9.59 am: The Sri Lanka players are in a huddle, the batsmen – Wriddhiman Saha and R Ashwin – walk out. Play about to begin.

9.51 am: The wicket looks pretty good, says Jonty Rhodes. Batting is going to be fun on the track. The early moisture problem is also not there. A good day for batting on Day 2 adds Jonty.

9.37 am: KL Rahul speaking to Aakash Chopra on Sony Six: "It was important for me and Virat to get the kind of partnership that we did. That partnership was very important as the Sri Lankan bowlers bowled very well initially. After a while I started feeling comfortable, I got my eye in and started enjoying my batting.

"I'm a tall batsman and I like to play forward and use my reach. I wanted to make sure I did not give any space for the ball to move. It worked and I'm really happy. Extremely disappointed at the way I got out. I felt I was set and the last session could have got a few more runs. At 340-350 we could have been sitting pretty. I am still learning, though, and it will get better as it goes on."

9.33 am: There was a bit of rain around yesterday, not so much rigth now, even if it did rain a little in the morning. So there should not be a problem with the Day 2 start, at least, as currently it is nice and sunny.

9 am: India were looking at a good night's rest after having the better of the first two sessions and a bit of Day 1, before late strikes from Sri Lanka swung the pendulum slam-bang into the middle. Day 2 promises to be another don't-know-what's-going-to-happen day of cricket, with India looking to add a few more precious first innings runs, while Sri Lanka look to clean up the tail, before allowing Kumar Sangakkara, in his final international match, to take centre-stage.

Sangakkara will no doubt have his moment in the sun soon, be that a little later on Day 2 or sometime towards the end of this second Test at the P Sara Oval. Until then, however, we must make do with mere mortals batting in the middle.

Those mortals for the moment are Wriddhiman Saha and R Ashwin, who should be the one to come in after Rohit Sharma fell in the last ball of the day.

Hi and welcome everyone. This is IBTimes India's live blog, so please just sit back and enjoy our live coverage and updates of the entire day'2 play on Day 2.

India are on 319 for six, with the away side looking to get past, at least, 400, while the home team look to end this innings ASAP.

Should be an interesting watch (or read) and let's hope we get to see some more outstanding Test cricket today.

The need to watch the match live strong is, I know, so do not worry at all, as all the information you need to do just that is right HERE. The Day 1 Live Blog is right here.