5.36 pm: At the start of the day, you would have put good money on the match not going into a Day 4. But then came Dinesh Chandimal to score a hundred of the highest order. His century has given Sri Lanka hope, with India given a target of 176 to win.

India lost a wicket, of Rahul, who has had a disappointing Test match, in the final 8 overs, with Shikhar Dhawan (13, 26b, 2x4) and nightwatchman Ishant Sharma at the crease.

India need 153 more runs for a victory. Should be an entertaining Day 4. That's it from me and IBTimes for today. Stick around for more coverage on the match and do come back tomorrow morning for the Day 4 live blog. Catch you soon.

5.32 pm: Ishant Sharma gets that big front foot of his out and smothers the Kaushal deliveries. India 23/1 in 8 overs, 153 more runs needed. Close of Play on Day 3.

5.29 pm: Final over of the day to be bowled by Kaushal. Ishant on strike.

5.29 pm: Nope, Herath rushes the over, and Sri Lanka get one more over in, with Dhawan getting four runs off the over with a sweep to the fine-leg boundary. India 23/1 in 7 overs, 153 more runs needed.

5.26 pm: Should be the last over of the day, with four minutes remaining.

5.26 pm: The pressure is on, and Dhawan is taking it on, instead of Ishant, whose job it is to take the pressure off the batsmen. Dhawan takes a single off the fifth ball and Ishant the belligerent gets a four to backward point. India 19/1 in 6 overs, 157 more runs needed.

5.22 pm: Nightwatchman Ishant comes in. Six men around the bat for Ishant as Herath has three balls to take another wicket. With so many men around the bat, there are enough gaps around and Ishant gets a single. India 14/1 in 5 overs, 162 more runs needed.

5.20 pm: Herath from the other end now. Wicket, Rahul (5, 14b) gone! Hasn't looked comfortable against spin. Poor, poor batting this, kept going back when he should have been playing forward. The ball keeps a little low and it hits him smack-bang in the middle. India 12/1 in 4.3 overs, 164 more needed.

5.16 pm: Rahul takes a single to the onside, not too convincingly, first ball and then Dhawan gets a couple with a pull to the onside. India 12/0 in 4 overs, 164 more needed. Five overs to go on Day 3.

5.13 pm: Just one over for Herath, Kaushal comes in.

5.12 pm: Over the wicket from Prasad and goes out with the angle to Dhawan, who is more than happy to leave them. A maiden over. India 9/0 in 3 overs, 167 more needed.

5.08 pm: Oh my, Dhawan could have gone first ball. Dabs at a ball from Rangana Herath outside off and the ball goes between the wicketkeeper and first slip. Dhawan will say he meant that, with a cheeky grin. Mathews has gone to Herath over Pradeep, and there are a couple of woah moments. Rahul then gets his second couple of the game with a flick through midwicket. India 9/0 in 2 overs, 167 more needed.

5.03 pm: Defends thefirst ball back of a length from Prasad, and then plays a wonderful backfoot drive through the covers for a couple to get off the mark. Defends a couple, leaves one and drives another straight to the covers after that. India 2/0 in 1 over, 174 more needed.

5 pm: Dhammika Prasad to start, with Rahul on strike.

4.58 pm: Dhawan does walk in with Rahul to open. In case you're wondering, Dhawan can bat because the injury was an external one, which happened on the field in this Test match.

4.55 pm: Dhawan sat out the entire day with an injury to his hand. So wonder who will open with KL Rahul, could be Ajinkya Rahane.

4.51 pm: The Sri Lanka second innings was about one man. Dinesh Chandimal completely changed the tone of the match with some outstanding attacking cricket. Every time you thought his attack-first attitude would lead to his demise, he kept proving you wrong. The sweep shot was the favourite and India had no answer.

Chandimal finished unbeaten on 162 (169b, 19x4, 4x6), easily theknock of the match. Will it be enough, though, for a win for Sri Lanka?

India need 176 fir victory and with the wicket not having too many demons in it, they will back themselves to get it. But, pressure is a strange thing, and Sri Lanka will know a couple of early wickets, and they just might be able to pull off an incredible comeback. The India chase will begin in a few minutes. The openers have 9 overs to negotiate on Day 3.

4.48 pm: Ashwin now and immediately Wicket, Pradeep (3, 4b) gone! A carom ball does the trick and Pradeep's off-stump is knocked off. Ten wickets for Ashwin in the match. Sri Lanka 367 all out in 82.2 overs, lead of 175 runs. India need 176 runs for victory.

4.45 pm: Nuwan Pradeep comes in and sways away from a short ball before putting bat to ball off the second for a three. Chandimal is back on strike and the man of the moment thumps Ishant over covers for a boundary. Sri Lanka 367/8 in 82 overs, lead by 175. Chandimal 162, Pradeep 3.

4.41 pm: No spin with the new ball and it is Ishant. Wicket, Kaushal (7, 22b) gone! Full from Ishant and Kaushal throws his bat at it, gets an outside edge and the catch is taken by Saha. Sri Lanka 360/9 in 81.2 overs.

4.39 pm: Nice and full from Aaron and Chandimal drives a couple for dots before a short ball – why on earth you would bowl one only Aaron knows – is pulled to the boundary. Chandimal finishes the over off with another boundary, straight back. The lead keeps increasing. Sri Lanka 360/8 in 81 overs, lead by 168 runs. Chandimal 158, Kaushal 7.

4.33 pm: New ball is due and India take it immediately. Varun Aaron with the new ball.

4.32 pm: Mishra now and Chandimal gets a top-edge off a sweep, but the ball falls well short of the fielder in the deep. Chandimal takes a single third ball and gets to his 150. Brilliant stuff from him, absolutely brilliant. The best innings he has played in his career so far. Sri Lanka 352/8 in 80 overs, lead by 160.

4.28 pm: Chandimal takes a single off the fourth ball again, leaving Kaushal to play two balls off Ashwin. He does that comfortably, by dispatching the first for a boundary via a pull shot. Sri Lanka 351/6 in 78 overs, lead by 159 runs. Chandimal 149, Kaushal 7.

4.24 pm: Chandimal just keeps getting better and better. A slap shot over extra cover and that is another boundary with Ishant looking bemused. Still refusing the singles is Chandimal, and why no, because he certainly is scoring enough runs, with Kaushal playing the spinners well enough at the other end. Takes a single with two balls to go to take the lead past 150. Can Ishant get the wicket? Nope, nope, nope, because the outside edge does not carry. Kaushal then takes a single to third man as Ishant bowls a second no-ball in the over. Kohli must be seething. Chandimal takes a single, leaving Kaushal to play one ball, which he does well. Sri Lanka 346/8 in 77 overs, lead by 154. Chandimal 148, Kaushal 3.

4.17 pm: Ashwin gets a full over at Kaushal and the tail-ender responds well by seeing him out. Sri Lanka 337/8 in 76 overs, lead by 145. Chandimal 142, Kaushal 2

4.15 pm: Ishant is back and his clumsiness comes to the fore as he misses a run out chance, after failing to gather a throw from the deep from Ashwin, as Chandimal looked for a couple to keep the strike. Looks for a single off the last ball, but he places his pull short too well and it races fine for a boundary. That means another full over at Kaushal. Sri Lanka 337/8 in 76 overs, lead by 145. Chandimal 142, Kaushal 2.

4.09 pm: Good defence from Kaushal and the No.10 survives the Mishra over, while also taking a couple of runs with a flick to fine-leg. Over to you now Chandimal. Sri Lanka 331/8 in 75 overs, lead by 139. Chandimal 136, Kaushal 2.

4.06 pm: Ashwin now and Chandimal welcomes him with a six over midwicket. What an innings this has been from the right-hander, truly outstanding. Farming the strike now is Chandimal, who refuses an easy single to keep the strike. Finishes the over off with a boundary to the same area, after the field had come in to deny him the single. Sri Lanka 329/8 in 73 overs, lead by 137 runs. Chandimal 136, Kaushal 0.

4.03 pm: Tharindu Kaushal is the new man. Kaushal plays out the final ball of the over. Sri Lanka 319/8 in 72.5 overs, lead by 127 runs. Chandimal 126, Kaushal 0.

4 pm: Kohli wants to pick the tail-ender's wicket, and therefore he invites the single from Chandimal. Almost everyone is in the deep. Chandimal defends a couple, mistimes a drive off the third ball, before taking a single to midwicket off the fourth, leaving Herath to play a couple of deliveries. Herath is a pretty decent bat, so the two balls should not be a problem, but it is Wicket, Herath (1, 15b) gone! Mishra strikes, a ball that comes in from around the wicket and just spins away. It might have taken his bat, but it might have also been off his trousers, but the catch is taken by Rahane and it is a world record. Eight catches in the match, a new record in Test cricket. Sri Lanka 319/8 in 72.5 overs, lead by 127 runs.

3.56 pm: Boy Chandimal is playing some good shots. This time it is a cut with such power that, Harbhajan, just a few meters away from the ball in the deep, cannot stop it. Ishant comes and he gets the treatment as well. If India do not get Chandimal out soon, they might be staring at chasing a big score. Some short stuff for Herath from Ishant, but what for, get him out man, and then it is fine. Sri Lanka 317/7 in 72 overs, lead by 125 runs. Chandimal 125, Herath 1.

3.50 pm: An amazing reverse-sweep from Chandimal. A fielder is on the backward square-leg fence, but Chandimal clears the fielder with his reverse-sweep. Gets another couple with the same shot, and Chandimal keeps scoring those precious runs to get those sweat glands of India's working overtime. Sri Lanka 312/7 in 71 overs, lead by 120 runs. Chandimal 120, Herath 1.

3.47 pm: That was Rahane's seventh catch of the match by the way, the joint-highest in Test cricket history.

3.46 pm: Ashwin looks a little charged up as well now. Gets it to turn away from the left-hander a couple of times, but no wicket. Sri Lanka 303/7 in 70 overs, lead by 111 runs. Chandimal 111, Herath 1.

3.43 pm: First wicket of the match for Harbhajan and the relief said it all. Rangana Herath is in, will he produce another cameo? Sri Lanka 303/7 in 69 overs, lead by 111. Chandimal 111, Herath 1.

3.41 pm: Harbhajan Singh gets to bowl another over and Chandimal sweeps him for a single. The Sri Lanka dressing room looks a lot cheerier now, with Mathews cracking a smile, a smile that grows wider as Mubarak pulls a dreadful short ball for a boundary to move to 49. But then, Wicket, Mubarak (49, 60b, 4x4, 2x6) gone! Kohli's perseverance with Harbhajan pays off, and that ball just spins enough to take an outside edge, with Rahane taking a simple catch in the slips. Sri Lanka 302/7 in 68.3 overs, lead by 110.

3.37 pm: Chandimal continues his merry way, with another sweep shot getting him a boundary. finds the gap between fine-leg and midwicket. India are starting to worry here, because this match is slowly getting away from them. Sri Lanka 297/6 in 68 overs, lead by 105 runs. Chandimal 110, Mubarak 45.

3.34 pm: Mubarak has played really well, been the dominant partner in the alliance, with Chandimal taking a backseat. Extremely fluent the left-hander has looked. Harbhajan still bowls for some reason, geez Kohli certainly likes him doesn't he. Chandimal takes a single and Sri Lanka's lead is at 100. Sri Lanka 292/6 in 67 overs, lead by 100. Chandimal 105, Mubarak 45.

3.30 pm: Ashwin again.Rohit gets another whack, this time off a slap from Chandimal. The sweep shot comes into play against Ashwin, with a single taken to midwicket by Chandimal here. India are definitely rattled, you can see it clearly on Kohli's face. Ashwin beats Mubarak's bat again, but that edge is just not coming. Needs to keep it there, though, but he sprays one down leg and it is an easy couple, twice. Sri Lanka 291/6 in 66 overs, lead by 99 runs. Chandimal 104, Mubarak 45.

3.27 pm: Mubaraktorments Harbhajan again, dances down the pitch and eases the ball over the long-on boundary for a big six. Outstanding shot that. Sri Lanka 286/6 in 65 overs, lead by 94 runs. Chandimal 103, Mubarak 41.

3.23 pm: Ashwin replaces Mishra. Confident batting continues, though, and easy runs in the over. Sri Lanka 280/6 in 64 overs, lead by 88 runs. Chandimal 103, Mubarak 35.

3.20 pm: Over the wicket now Harbhajan, and he finally gets the ball to turn to beat Mubarak's bat. But again, he drops it short next ball and it is an easy single to the onside for Mubarak. The left-hander then backs himself with the slog sweep again, lofts it over midwicket for a boundary; easy enough with Harbhajan getting little to no turn. Sri Lanka 278/6 in 63 overs, lead by 86 runs. Chandimal 102, Mubarak 34.

3.15 pm: Lanka now happy to bide their time, take in a few overs before going into that aggressive mode again. Still no sweep yet from Chandimal. Sri Lanka 272/6 in 62 overs, lead by 80 runs. Chandimal 101, Mubarak 29.

3.12 pm: Harbhajan continues and so does the run-scoring. A paddle sweep fetches Mubarak two runs, with Harbhajan looking insipid. Pointless bowling from Harbhajan here, he is hoping for a wicket, rather than looking like taking it. No turn, no bounce, nothing. Sri Lanka 269/6 in 61 overs, lead by 77 runs. Chandimal 100, Mubarak 27.

3.08 pm: Mishra from the other end. Around the wicket to Chandimal, and he beats the right-hander's bat. Sweep shot hasn't come out yet, only a matter of time, surely. Sri Lanka 266/6 in 60 overs, lead by 74 runs. Chandimal 100, Mubarak 24.

3.05 pm: A single first ball takes Chandimal to 99, before Mubarak thumps one at Rohit at short leg. Too short from Harbhajan, easy for Mubarak, who should have scored a few runs, instead of dinging the fielders. Pretty clear why Harbhajan hasn't picked up a single wicket in this Test match. Mubarak finally takes a single to bring Chandimal on strike and Chandimal drops it to the offside for a quick single to get to his hundred, his fourth in Test cricket. Sri Lanka 266/6 in 59 overs, lead by 74 runs. Chandimal 100, Mubarak 24.

3.01 pm: Chandimal, two runs away from a century, on strike to Harbhajan.

2.59 pm: The Indian huddle is in again, but will there be anything to come out of it.

2.58 pm: The final session is about to start. India need a rethink here. They can't allow Chandimal to keep sweeping them as easily as he has done. Chandimal will look for those two runs for his century before kicking on to extend the lead further.

2.43 pm: I said Sri Lanka needed a minor miracle to keep this Test match interesting and that miracle has come via Dinesh Chandimal, who is on 98 from 98 balls, a truly outstanding knock. Chandimal and Thirimanne's partnership of 125 runs has kept Sri Lanka in the game, with Mubarak coming in and giving Chandimal great company as well. The India spinners just haven't been able to keep control, with Chandimal sweeping them off their stride to great effect.

Sri Lanka scored 155 runs in this session, losing just a wicket, and another similar session post-Tea, and they could even harbour hopes of an improbable victory.

2.40 pm: Mishra continues. Mubarak attacks the leg-spinner and hoicks one to midwicket for a boundary. Runs flowing freely again, and that too minutes away from Tea. Then we have a hold up in play as a monkey runs across the field and scampers somewhere behind into the stands. Sri Lanka 263/6 in 58 overs, lead by 71 runs. Chandimal 98, Mubarak 23. It is Tea time.

2.36 pm: Sri Lanka get to 250 with a single from Chandimal, and then Ashwin strays in his line to Mubarak, who clips him for a three to fine-leg. Drops it short next and Chandimal slaps it to the cover boundary. Not great bowling from the off-spinner, who is just trying too hard. Sri Lanka 257/6 in 57 overs, lead by 65 runs. Chandimal 97, Mubarak 18.

2.33 pm: The sweep shot keeps coming out, and Mubarak gets a couple before a tentative one goes just over Rohit Sharma at short leg. Outside edge, but the ball does not carry, and Chandimal survives. Sri Lanka 249/6 in 56 overs, lead by 56 runs. Chandimal 92, Mubarak 15.

2.29 pm: Chandimal final makes a hash of a reverse-sweep, but the ball misses the stumps as well. He is getting a little carried away with it now, as he mistimes another one. Ashwin is sensing it, I feel, a maiden. Sri Lanka 243/6 in 55 overs, lead by 51 runs. Chandimal 90, Mubarak 11.

2.26 pm: Chandimal moves to within 12 runs of a century with a cut past point for a couple, before taking a single with another paddle sweep. Mubarak takes a single to fine-leg and brings Chandimal back on strike, with the right-hander taking another single. Another good over for the batting team. Sri Lanka 243/6 in 54 overs, lead by 51 runs. Chandimal 90, Mubarak 11.

2.22 pm: Another reverse-sweep and another boundary for Chandimal. Ashwin gives him the stare, but a couple of balls later he goes again, this time for three runs. Sri Lanka 238/6 in 53 overs, lead by 46 runs. Chandimal 86, Mubarak 10.

2.20 pm: Mubarak is on a pair, so that should mean he is nervous right? Nope. Mubarak gets off the mark with a dance down the track and a loft straight for a six. Mubarak then finishes the over with the sweep to midwicket for a boundary. Amit Mishra, welcome back sir! Sri Lanka 231/6 in 52 overs, lead by 39 runs. Chandimal 79, Mubarak 10.

2.16 pm: Ashwin now with his tail pointing north, looks for that second wicket, but new batsman Jehan Mubarak, defends well. Sri Lanka 220/6 in 51 overs, lead by 28 runs.

2.13 pm: Wicket, Thirimanne (44, 76b, 4x4) gone! Man that is an outstanding catch. Kind of like those saves goalkeepers make when they are going the other way. Rahane is going to his left, not sure why, and somehow he puts his hands to his right and the ball sticks. Ashwin gets that outside edge of Thirimanne, and finally India have the wicket they wanted. The partnership of 125 runs for the sixth wicket comes to an end. Sri Lanka 220/6 in 50.4 overs.

2.11 pm: Ashwin is back.

2.10 pm: Aaron again. Starts with a short ball, which Chandimal sways away from. An outside edge then goes past the left of gully the for a boundary. A couple of singles follow. Sri Lanka 218/5 in 50 overs, lead by 26 runs. Chandimal 77, Thirimanne 43.

2.05 pm: Well, this is interesting. Ishant gets a change of ends, so no spin at all now. Maybe Kohli thinks a bit of reverse-swing will do the trick. Ishant strays in line, though, and Chandimal flicks the ball fine for a boundary easy as pie. Kohli is looking a little clueless here, wondering what to do. Bring your best bowler in man, bring your best bowler in. As I say that, though, Ishant nearly gets Chandimal, as the batsman gets an inside-edge which just fails to hit the stumps. A couple of balls later, Chandimal cuts Ishant for a boundary. Sri Lanka 212/5 in 49 overs, lead by 20 runs. Chandimal 72, Thirimanne 42.

1.59 pm: Aaron, the master of the run-leak, has been called in. He doesn't leak many to be fair, with Aaron getting a bit of reverse-swing into the left-hander. But still, SL look in complete control at the moment. Sri Lanka 203/5 in 48 overs, lead by 11 runs. Chandimal 63, Thirimanne 42.

1.54 pm: Harbhajan is having little to no effect as well, and milking the runs easily are Chandimal and Thirimanne. Sri Lanka 202/5 in 47 overs, lead by 10 runs. Chandimal 62, Thirimanne 42.

1.48 pm: Still no sign of Ashwin returning as Ishant continues. Beats the bat of Chandimal and a half-appeal is made. Chandimal then gives Sri Lanka the lead with a dab to third man for a couple. A single then brings the century partnership for the sixth wicket, and what a brilliant one it has been, in just 120 balls. Sri Lanka 195/5 in 46 overs, lead by 3 runs. Chandimal 58, Thirimanne 39.

1.41 pm: Harbhajan Singh is sticking to around the wicket to Chandimal, even if it isn't working too much. The sweep shot comes into play again from Chandimal and the scores are level and with no spin coming from the offspinner, it's easy enough for Thirimanne. Sri Lanka 192/5 in 45 overs, scores level. Chandimal 55, Thirimanne 39. The players will have drinks.

1.37 pm: A boundary from Thirimanne cuts the deficit to a single run, but Ishant keeps it at that. Sri Lanka 191/5 in 44 overs, trail by 1 run. Chandimal 54, Thirimanne 39.

1.33 pm: The counter-attack continues in earnest as Thirimanne goes down the track to Harbhajan, after a Chandimal sweep. The left-hander doesn't quite get it in the middle, but it still gets him three runs, which means another decent over in terms of runs scored. Sri Lanka 187/5 in 43 overs, trail by 5 runs. Chandimal 54, Thirimanne 35.

1.28 pm: Around the wicket comes Ishant to Thirimanne, and keeps it nice and outside off. Plays and misses the first, before finding the fielders on the offside off the next few deliveries. Ishant finally gets the outside edge of Thirimanne, but the ball doesn't carry to the slips. Good over from Ishant, ruined a little by two no-balls. Sri Lanka 181/5 in 42 overs, trail by 11 runs. Chandimal 52, Thirimanne 31.

1.22 pm: Harbhajan is back and he nearly gets Chandimal, whose sweep shot drops just short if Ishant at fine-leg. Harbhajan can't stop the bleeding either. Thirimanne gets that slog-sweep out and smashes a boundary to midwicket. SL in the groove now, this partnership has at the very least ensured India will have to bat again. Sri Lanka 177/5 in 41 overs, trail by 15 runs. Chandimal 51, Thirimanne30. Partnership at 82 runs.

11.17 pm:  This match has suddenly turned into a T20 game. A boundary every over, be that spin or pace. Kohli gives the ball to Ishant to try and change the momentum, but Chandimal replies with a glorious cover drive for a boundary. he then moves to 49 with a lucky boundary to third man which goes through the slips. Chandimal then gets to his half-century off just 48 balls with a quick single to the offside. His second 50 of the Test match. Runs flowing quicker than a leaky pipe at the moment and Ishant can't curb them either. Maybe this is the time Harbhajan finally comes to the fore? Sri Lanka 171/5 in 40 overs, trail by 21 runs. Chandimal 50, Thirimanne 25.

1.11 pm: More aggression from the batsmen as Thirimanne hits a boundary with a slog sweep to midwicket. Ashwin's mojo has vanished for the moment. Sri Lanka 158/5 in 39 overs, trail by 34 runs. Chandimal 41, Thirimanne 21.

1.08 pm: Sri Lanka are going at six runs an over in this session, with the spinners unable to curb the runs. Patience is required, though, especially from Kohli, who should not panic. Another good over for SL, with Mishra not troubling the batsmen. Sri Lanka 152/5 in 38 overs, trail by 40 runs. Chandimal 40, Thirimanne 16.

1.05 pm: First sign of aggression from Thirimanne as the left-hander dances down the pitch and lofts Ashwin straight back for a boundary. Good shot that, and then he takes a single next ball as well. No dull moment while Chandimal is there surely. A reverse-sweep comes out and the ball is just saved from hitting the ropes by Rahane, but the batsmen run three. Happy to play the reverse-sweep again is Chandimal with nobody deep on the offside, and this time he catches it better and gets four for it. That boundary also brings up the half-century partnership. Good over for the home team. Sri Lanka 147/5 in 37 overs, trail by 45 runs. Chandimal 39, Thirimanne 12.

1.01 pm: Nice loop and flight from Mishra, but Chandimal stays in his crease and plays well enough. Sri Lanka 134/5 in 36 overs, trail by 58 runs.

12.58 pm: Sweep shot again, this time just a run for Chandimal with men on the boundary. Thirimanne is happy to defend Ashwin. Sri Lanka 132/5 in 35 overs, trail by 60 runs.

12.55 pm: Chandimal is certainly loving the sweep. Mishra this time gets the treatment, and this one goes all the way for a six. Chandimal counter-attacking here, and counter-attacking well. Sri Lanka 130/5 in 34 overs, trail by 62 runs.

12.53 pm: Plenty of turn and bounce again from Ashwin. Thirimanne plays a dangerous game by trying to swat him against the turn. One ball turns so much that it goes for two byes. Sri Lanka 122/5 in 33 overs, trail by 70 runs.

12.49 pm: Poor ball to start and Chandimal dismissed the half-tracker for a maximum over square-leg. Defends the remaining five balls. Sri Lanka 120/5 in 32 overs, trail by 72 runs.

12.47 pm: Mishra from the other end.

12.46 pm: A single taken first ball by Thirimanne and then Chandimal gets another boundary with the sweep shot. Goes for another sweeps shot and Chandimal is lucky the ball lobs over the wicketkeeper. Sri Lanka 114/5 in 31 overs, trail by 78 runs.

12.42 pm: The batsmen – Chandimal and Thirimanne -- are walking out, with Ashwin to bowl the first over of the second session. No repeat of starting with Harbhajan this time.

12.40 pm: Second session about to start. India need five wickets, Sri Lanka a miracle.

12.07 pm: It looked like Sri Lanka might make a game of this after Sangakkara and Mathews put on a partnership following the first ball dismissal of the nightwatchman Prasad. But India plugged away, persevered with their spin, and Ashwin got Sangakkara, before Mishra dismissed Mathews. It could have been 108/7 easily had a couple of decisions gone India's way, with the umpires missing those. But, still India will take this, with Sri Lanka now needing a minor miracle to get something out of this Test match. Back in half an hour.

12.04 pm: Last over before Lunch and Mishra beats Chandimal's bat with a nice ball that drifted in and turned away. Almost wicket and Chandimal nearly gone! Oh now this would have been unlucky for the batsman. He smashes a drive to the offside, the ball hits Rahul at silly point and bobs up for Mishra to take a simple catch. The third umpire is called in and you cannot say definitively the ball didn't hit the ground as it also hit the fielder's right boot. Probably was out, but you can understand it not being given out as well. India were due some luck, though after those two decisions. Sri Lanka 108/5 in 30 overs, trail by 84 runs. It is Lunch.

11.57 am: Ashwin again and Thirimanne gets a two with a back-foot drive through the offside, before a single is skewed to point. Chandimal sweeps again, but there is Ishant in the deep and it is only a single. Thirimanne survives again as an outside edge drops just short of Rahane in the slips. Sri Lanka 108/5 in 29 overs, trail by 84 runs.

11.55 am: Sri Lanka could have been seven down with the DRS, but nope India will not use it. Cannot understand it at all, and they only have themselves to blame when the inevitable bad decisions comes. Good bowling from Mishra. Sri Lanka 104/5 in 38 overs, trail by 88 runs.

11.53 am: Another life for Sri Lanka as Thirimanne gets a straightforward bat-pad, but Llong shakes his head and India cannot believe it. DRS BCCI, DRS!

11.51 am: Lahiru Thirimanne is the new batsman. Chandimal facing Ashwin and he gets that sweep shot that worked so well in the first innings out for a boundary. Attempts another sweep, but misses.

Big appeal from India and they are convinced there is a glove on this on the way to leg-slip. Bruce Oxenford shakes his head and then strangely looks to the square-leg umpire. But the decision remains not out and the right decision it is too as replays show the ball hitting Chandimal on the helmet. Or was it the right decision, as the ball might have clipped the bat on the way to his helmet. Anyways, Chandimal then finishes the over with a slog to midwicket for a boundary. Can't take your eyes off this. Sri Lanka 103/5 in 27 overs, trail by 89 runs.

11.46 am: Warming up over from Mishra, with Mathews comfortable. But Chandimal does have a "ooh" moment or two.

Wicket, Mathews (39, 63b, 4x4, 1x6) gone! The partnership of 87 runs was broken and now after Sangakkara, Mathews falls. A bit of extra bounce does the trick for Mishra and Mathews is caught by surprise with the ball hitting his bat and going straight to KL Rahul at silly point. Sri Lanka 95/5 in 26 overs, trail by 97 runs.

11.42 am: Amit Mishra finally with two right-handers in.

11.42 am: Sangakkara gets a huge ovation from the Galle crowd who will not see him play international cricket again. The India team claps, Mathews claps and Sangakkara acknowledges the crowd a little reluctantly before going back to shaking his head while walking back to the pavilion. He looked so good and primed for a century. Sangakkara's Galle career is over. Sri Lanka 92/4 in 25 overs, trail by 100 runs. Dinesh Chandimal is in.

11.38 am: Ashwin looking to break this partnership, but Mathews and Sangakkara are in that "cannot break us" zone now. Amazing how flat the pitch suddenly looks when the batsmen are playing well. As I say that, though, Sangakkara plays and misses and India go for a big appeal. Turned down and Ashwin did not seem interested.

Wicket, Sangakkara (40, 70b, 5x4) gone! Turn and bounce from Ashwin, Sangakkara pokes at it and Rahane takes a brilliant one-handed catch diving to his left in the slips. Sri Lanka 92/4 in 24.5 overs.

11.35 am: Still no sign of Amit Mishra as Harbhajan continues. Easily negotiated by the SL batsmen. Sri Lanka 91/3 in 24 overs, trail by 101 runs. Sangakkara 40, Mathews, 37.

11.32 am: Around the wicket to Mathews and the same to Sanga as well. Too flat and quick is Ashwin at the moment after getting hit a little. Not as effective as the first innings. Sangakkara and Mathews are playing the spinners really well. Mathews produces an outstanding reverse-sweep which races to the backward point boundary. Sri Lanka 90/3 in 23 overs, trail by 102 runs. Sangakkara 40, Mathews, 36.

11.28 am: Harbhajan continues and SL continue to milk him for singles. He hasn't bowled too many bad balls yet, but he is almost like Rangana Herath at the moment – tight, but not effective enough. Sangakkara gets a boundary with a lofted shot over mid-on to near the 40s. Sri Lanka 83/3 in 22 overs, trail by 109 runs. Sangakkara 39, Mathews 30.

11.24 am: A stifled appeal as Mathews misses a sweep shot. Hit him on the glove actually, but the ball didn't pop up either. Bowling quicker through the air is now Ashwin, not too sure that is a great idea. Sri Lanka 76/3 in 21 overs, trail by 116 runs. Sangakkara 35, Mathews 27.

11.22 am: There are too many gaps in the field at the moment, too many fielders on the fence. Kohli should be attacking more, even if these two are looking good. Make them play the attacking strokes, because the singles and twos are coming easily right now. Harbhajan can't make much of an impact again. Looks way too easy to play him at the moment. Sri Lanka 75/3 in 20 overs, trail by 117 runs. Sangakkara 35, Mathews 26.

11.19 am: Ashwin wants to bowl to Mathews, because Sangakkara is looking impregnable. Such aa nice player to watch when on-song. As I say that, though, Ashwin produces a ripper, pitches on leg-stump and turns and bounces. Better over from Ashwin. Sri Lanka 73/3 in 19 overs, trail by 119 runs. Sangakkara 34, Mathews 25.

11.16 am: Nothing over from Harbhajan, doesn't trouble Sangakkara or Mathews at all. Sri Lanka 70/3 in 18 overs, trail by 122 runs.

11.13 am: First ball of the last Ashwin over was taken for a six, and Mathews again jumps down the track and clubs the ball to cow corner for a boundary. sweep shot next gives Mathews a single, with Sangakkara then taking another one. Runs coming easily now for the home team via singles and boundaries now. Sri Lanka 69/3 in 17 overs, trail by 123 runs.

11.09 am: Bad start for Bhajji as Sangakkara rocks back to a short ball and hits it to the point boundary. Harbhajan has not been good so far in this Test match, and that start will not give him confidence. The rest of the deliveries are negotiated easily enough by Sanga, no turn to speak off in this over for Harbhajan. Sri Lanka 59/3 in 16 overs, trail by 133 runs.

11.07 am: Harbhajan Singh now, should be Amit Mishra if you ask me.

11.02 am: Attack the best for of defence for Mathews and first ball from Ashwin the right-hander jumps down the track and thumps the ball straight for a six. Ashwin pushes the ball quicker after that six, which he shouldn't. Better in the second part of the over with a long-on for comfort now as well. Is that a wicket? Maybe, not sure. The umpires go upstairs. On the back foot, Mathews fends the ball to leg-slip, with Rohit Sharma going down to take the catch. Not sure if the ball has hit the ground. The soft signal from the on-field umpire is not out, and replays aren't conclusive enough to give it out. Always going to be in favour of the batsman in such situations, even without a soft signal of not out. Sri Lanka 55/3 in 15 overs, trail by 137 runs. Drinks are on the field.

10.56 am: Kohli sticks to the fast bowler from one end plan as he replaces Ishant with Aaron, who picked up a wicket first ball, but has been a little too wayward for comfort. Couple of singles to start the over and then a ball down the legside is easily flicked for a boundary by Sangakkara to fine-leg. Comes back over the wicket and Sangakkara pulls a short ball on legstump for another boundary. Surely there should be spinners in tandem now. Kohli has made some strange decisions in this Test match. Sri Lanka 49/3 in 14 overs, trail by 143 runs.

10.51 am: Almost a catch to leg-slip as Mathews gets into a bit of a muddle with the ball turning and bouncing. Mathews answers back next ball with a nice sweep shot, which gives him two runs – it would have been four if not for some outstanding fielding from Ishant. Turn and bounce this over from Ashwin as the ball kicks up from a bit of the rough that has been created. Sri Lanka 39/3 in 13 overs, trail by 153 runs.

10.47 am: Ishant continues. Around the wicket to Sangakkara again, better lines this time as he makes the left-hander play. A couple of iffy moments for Sanga, but not enough to worry him too much. Sanga is looking assured here, picking off runs every time the bowler starts in line. Sri Lanka 37/3 in 12 overs, trail by 155 runs.

10.43 am: Not much turn and bounce to begin with as Sangakkara plays Ashwin calmly. Sri Lanka 35/3 in 11 overs, trail by 157 runs.

10.41 am: Ashwin for the first time on Day 3.

10.39 am: Ishant continues and sticks to that length outside off to Mathews after Sangakkara takes a single off the second ball. Not too many short balls from Ishant so far. Sri Lanka 34/3 in 10 overs, trail by 158 runs.

10.34 am: Hold up in play as the sight screen goes awry again.

10.32 am: Third short ball wide from Aaron, who needs to just rein in his excitement here. Follows that short ball up with a full one outside off and Sangakkara, who knows what's coming, lends into a drive which fetches him two runs. Aaron is trying to bowl six different deliveries in an over here, and he sprays one well wide of leg-stump, which Saha can only parry. Wayward over overall from Aaron, with a couple of nice deliveries in there. He is like the Indian fast bowler version of Sri Lanka spinner Tharindu Kaushal. Sri Lanka 33/3 in 9 overs, trail by 159 runs.

10.26 am: Dhawan is not in the field right now, owing to the finger injury he picked up when he dropped Kaushal Silva on Day 1. Didn't stop him from scoring that brilliant century, though.

Mathews gets his first boundary of the match with a nice straight drive past the bowler as Ishant overpitches just a touch.Mathews thenfinishes the over with another boundary, via a pull to midwicket. Sri Lanka 29/3 in 8 overs, trail by 163 runs.

10.21 am: Ishant starts the over with a no-ball, but it is also a good ball as it hits Mathews' body, with the skipper grimacing in pain at the body blow. That back-of-a-length attack will work with a few cracks around on the pitch in that area. Mathews calls for the physio as the pain increases.

10.17 am: Aaron again, onto Mathews' pads first ball and the captain clips it to fine-leg for a single. Gets the line right to Sangakkara, on and around off-stump. Sangakkara manages to keep the ball down with a guide to third slip. Ooh, Sangakkara is a little lucky here. A short one from Aaron, and Sangakkara goes for the pull, doesn't time it at all, but the ball, much to his relief, drops just away from Ishant at mid-on. Aaron sticks to the short stuff, but again this one is too high and called a wide. Saha does well to get something on it to prevent it from going for a boundary. Aaron is not consistent enough with his lines and Sanga gets a couple with a flick to square-leg off a ball on his pads. Sri Lanka 20/3 in 7 overs, trail by 172 runs.

10.12 am: Around the wicket to Sangakkara comes Ishant, and does not make the left-hander play enough. That was his problem in the first innings as well, but when he did make them play, he caused plenty of problems. The same thing happens here as well. Ishant makes Sangakkara play and the left-hander gets a thickish outside edge through the slips and gully for a boundary. Sri Lanka 14/3 in 6 overs, trail by 178 runs.

10.08 am: Variable bounce already visible on Day 3. One took off alarmingly from Aaron, while another back-of-a-length one kept quite low, dribbling through to the wicketkeeper. Ishant Sharma to bowl.

10.07 am: Aaron continues with the short stuff as Mathews gets one first up. This bounces way too high, though, and the ball flies over Wriddhiman Saha for a boundary. Aaron is charged up here, and good to see too. Keeps it outside off for the remaining over and Mathews plays him well. Sri Lanka 10/3 in 5 overs, trail by 182 runs.

10.03 am: Still no Lahiru Thirimanne as skipper Angelo Mathews walks in.

10.01 am: Wicket, Prasad (3, 12b) gone! What about that for India. Varun Aaron, first ball, delivers one short and into nightwatchman Prasad's body and all the batsman can do is fend it to Ajinkya Rahane, who takes the catch diving to his left at gully. Sri Lanka 5/3 in 4/1 overs, trail by 187 runs.

10 am: Fireworks go off as Sangakkara walks in. Pressure, pressure.

9.55 am: The India players are out, and Kumar Sangakkara and Dhammika Prasad walk out as well. Play about to start.

9.50 am: The Sri Lanka bowling coach says: "I am not too happy with the spinners, especially Tharindu Kaushal. Rangana Herath did OK, and he was unlucky not to get wickets. Kaushal was wayward, and he has the tendency to bowl toe odd loose one. There is no doubt he is out future, we have faith in him and he is going to deliver."

9.47 am: There are a few cracks that are getting wider, which could aid the bowlers, according to Jonty Rhodes. The odd ball will keep low, he believes.

9.42 am: The sun is out in all its glory again, and the covers have come off. There was a worry when the groundsmen came running in about 15 minutes ago. But, no the covers are off, with the sun definitely back.

9.40 am: Wriddhiman Saha speaking to Sony Six: "I am not even thinking about replacing MS Dhoni. I have just started and the more I play the better I will get. Test match tests a player's skills and temperament, and I just want to play the way I play in domestic cricket. My job is to bat in a crucial position and to do well."

9.38 am: Thesun has come out now, and the covers are being peeled off. Just my extra apprehension getting the better of me.

9.35 am: The covers are on, but that is more as a precaution for yesterday night. It is slowly coming off.

9.32 am: The covers are on, there is a little bit of rain around, but hopefully we should have an on-time start. Definitely not as sunny as the first two days, but it doesn't look too bad.

9 am: "India in the ascendancy", "India on top", "India win the day again" some of the headlines that have been visible after the first two days of the first Test match against Sri Lanka. Will Day 3 provide a change in the lot? We will have to wait and see.

On the surface, it certainly doesn't look like it. India have a lead of 187 runs, with Sri Lanka losing their openers in the final four overs of the day before the close of play.

Day 3 will have to be all about Sri Lanka's batting (read Kumar Sangakkara). If the Sri Lanka batsmen (led by Sangakkara) manage to put up a fight and go past India's total and get to some kind of lead, we might have a game; otherwise this looks likely to end today.

Sangakkara will be the key for Lanka, and how he plays R Ashwin will play a big part. The India off-spinner was turning the ball while getting plenty of bounce already in the second innings, and if Sri Lanka play the 28-year-old the way they did in the first innings, this match will be over in a hurry.

Let's hope SL make a game of it, which should then mean yours truly being right here giving you all the live updates and coverage of this Test match right through Day 3. Hello and welcome, this is IBTimes India's Live Blog of the Test match. Stick around here and enjoy our take on the pattern of play.

The need to watch the match live will come at some point, I know, so if that feeling is too strong to ignore, do not worry at all, because all the information you need to do just that is right HERE.

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