5.31 pm: Not exactly all India on Day 2 of this first Test, but those two wickets in the final four overs have certainly put them on top. A huge margin of 187 runs still separates the two teams and Sri Lanka will need their main man Kumar Sangakkara to play an innings and a half to save this Test match. Kohli and Dhawan took the early plaudits, before Kaushal and Nuwan Pradeep did well to bowl India out for 375. Saha batted well for his 60, but you do wonder what the thinking was behind the slow manner in which India batted for much of that final session. A bit more attacking cricket would have been nice and imagine Ashwin and Mishra getting to bowl more than just a couple of overs towards the end of the day.

Still India's match to lose this, and Sri Lanka need a miracle innings or two on Day 3.

That's it from a tired, tired me and IBTimes India. Stick around here for more coverage on the match and do come back tomorrow morning for the Day 3 Live Blog. Catch you tomorrow.

5.28 pm: First runs off the bat in this innings for Sri Lanka and Sangakkara takes a single. Prasad then gives Rahul a whack on his shins with a drive to the fielder at short leg. Prasad then finishes off the day with a drive through the covers for three. Sri Lanka 5/2 in 4 overs, trail by 187 runs.

5.25 pm: Last over of the day to be bowled by Harbhajan.

5.24 pm: More pressure from Ashwin, but the nightwatchman Prasad protects his batsmen. Sri Lanka 1 for 2 in 3 overs, trail by 191 runs.

5.21 pm: Sanga defends the final ball from Mishra. Sri Lanka 1 for 2 in 2 overs, trail by 191 runs.

5.20 pm: Kumar Sangakkara comes in.

5.19 pm: On target first up and then bowls a no-ball to give Sri Lanka their first runs of the third innings of the match. Has Kaushal Silva in a spot of bother a couple of times, and then Wicket, Kaushal Silva (0, 6b) gone! Silva didnot read the googly the first time and he misreads another one with the ball turning in and hitting the stumps. Amazing stuff for India this, shambolic from the home team. Sri Lanka 1/2 in 1.5 overs, trail by 191 runs.

5.17 pm: All spin here as Amit Mishra gets a bowl.

5.15 pm: Nightwatchman Dhammika Prasad comes in and he keeps the finalAshwin ball out. Sri Lanka 0/1 in 1 overs, trail by 192 runs.

5.14 pm: Turn and bounce already for Ashwin, and that would have lightened his heart right there. Wicket, Karunaratne (0, 5b) gone! After some turn and bounce, this ball comes in with the arm, Karunaratne plays for the turn and is flummoxed with the ball going through the gate and knocking the stumps. Sri Lanka 0/1 in 0.5 overs.

5.12 pm: Yup, it is Ashwin to start the innings for India.

5.12 pm: Four overs for Sri Lanka openers – Dimuth Karunaratne and Kaushal Silva – to survive; 24 balls for Ishant Sharma, Varun Aaron and maybe even R Ashwin to get a wicket or two.

5.09 pm: The India huddle is in, "take a couple of wickets boys," will be the message from Virat Kohli.

5.03 pm: A sound innings from Indian, built on that 227-run partnership between Dhawan and Kohli. A lead of 192 runs is pretty handy. Sri Lanka have a tricky period of around 4 overs to play here. They will not want to lose a wicket.

5 pm: India have no plans by the looks of it to make SL bat today. Again some defending, this time from Aaron, leaves Kaushal a little frustrated. Strange isn't it – most times you get frustrated because the India tail folds quickly. This time that wouldn't be such a bad thing, but they stay adamant. And as I say that Wicket, Aaron (4, 9b, 1x4) gone! The doosra works, and Aaron edges one to Mathews at first slip to give Kaushal a five-for. India 375 all out in in 117.4 overs.

4.57 pm: Bit of short stuff to start with from Pradeep for Ishant, and then the impeccable blocking continues. Pradeep decides to come around the wicket and bowl short into Ishant, the Indian manages well ducking and defending. Ishant moves from 1 in 37 balls to 3 in 38 balls with a dab down to third man. India 374/9 in 117 overs, lead by 191 runs.

4.51 pm: Kaushal bowls. Will Ishant now use the long handle? Nope, not quite. A leg-bye gives him a single and Aaron brings out his front foot far and long to see off the over. India 371/9 in 116 overs, lead by 188 runs. Eight overs to go.

4.48 pm: Varun Aaron the last man in and he starts off with a nice shot for a boundary. Not bad, aye. India 370/9 in 115 overs, lead by 187 runs.

4.44 pm: Pradeep continues and Saha continues to play straight. A couple to start the over and that's it, before Wicket, Saha (60, 120b, 6x4, 1x6) gone! Apoor decision from the umpire as a short ball flicks Saha's helmet and goes through to Chandimal. Sri Lanka players are confident and the finger goes up, but Ishant, at the non-striker's end immediately gestures to his helmet, suggesting it came off there. If Ishant saw it, surely the umpire Bruce Oxenford should have as well. India 366/9 in 114.5 overs.

4.40 pm: A second consecutive maiden as Ishant defends and defends. One runs scored in the last three overs. India 364/8 in 113 overs, lead by 181 runs.

4.37 pm: Twelve overs to go in the day and Saha is still not in T20 mode as he plays out a maiden. What is the plan, Mr. Kohli? Even if there are three days left in the match, surely India need to force the issue, especially if there is rain over the next few days. India 364/8 in 113 overs, lead by 181 runs.

4.32 pm: Herath returns and Saha only takes a single, off the fourth ball, with Ishant just managing to stay at the crease. India 364/8 in 112 overs, lead by 181 runs.

4.29 pm: Saha again refuses a single, which would have brought Ishant on strike against Pradeep second ball. The attacking intent should be there now, "get as many runs as you can" should surely be the plan. Saha, though, plays nice and straight, because he has some other plan, apparently. Again he has heard me, and the attacking shot comes to the fore. Comes down the track to Pradeep and smashes the ball straight down the ground for a six, the first of the innings. Takes a single final ball to keep the strike, good stuff from Saha. India 363/8 in 111 overs, lead by 180 runs.

4.24 pm: A cracking delivery from Kaushal as Ishant fails to read the doosra and gets beaten. Too good a ball for a No.10 really that, should have used it for the batsmen earlier. A maiden for Kaushal, his first of the innings. India 356/8 in 110 overs, lead by 173 runs.

4.21 pm: Pradeep replaces Prasad and immediately beats the bat of Ishant, who wafts at thin air at a ball that bounced a little. Beats Ishant for pace again with the ball tailing in this time, but the appeal is stifled as the ball was going well over the stumps. Ishant gets off the strike after picking up a single to the offside. Saha then gets his first half-century with a delightful pull shot to the midwicket boundary. India 356/8 in 109 overs, lead by 173 runs.

4.16 pm: Ishant is not a pretty batsman is he. But, he survives the first three balls from Kaushal and then sneaks a leg-bye. Is it time to hit out or get out for Saha? As I ask that, Saha hits and he hits to cow corner for a boundary to move to 46. One blow away from his maiden half-century in Test cricket. India 351/8 in 107 overs, lead by 168 runs.

4.13 pm: Saha is batting a foot outside his crease to Prasad, who seeing that sneaks in a bouncer, which the batsman does well to duck under. With eight runs to go to his half-century, wonder what the thought process is here. Again five dot balls from Saha, and no single off the final ball this time, meaning Ishant will be on strike to Kaushal. India 346/8 in 106 overs, lead by 163 runs.

4.08 pm: Saha is not farming the strike as he refuses a single that was on offer, sees off Kaushal's over, and takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike. India 346/8 in 106 overs, lead by 163 runs.

4.02 pm: No farming of strike from Saha as the India wicketkeeper takes a single off the first ball, with Prasad given a crack at Ishant. Tries a yorker first up, but Ishant gets that bat of his down to stop the ball from hitting the stumps. Defender extraordinaire Ishant also ducks down well to a short ball from Prasad, showing his flexibility. Kumar Sangakkara then drops a catch in the slips as Ishant gets an outside edge. Sanga was diving to his left, but could not hang on. Not sure if it carried, but it was a difficult catch even if it did. Chandimal, the wicketkeeper, should have probably gone for it. The ball definitely carried. India 345/8 in 105 overs, lead by 162 runs. Drinks is taken.

3.56 pm: The lanky figure of Ishant Sharma walks in. Fends off the remaining two balls from the Kaushal over. India 344/8 in 104 overs, lead by 161.

3.53 pm: Wicket, Mishra (10, 17b, 1x4) gone! Mishra has looked to take the attack to the spinners, but this is one step too many. Goes down the track, is beaten in the flight by Kaushal and the ball crashes into the stumps. India 344/8 in 103.4 overs.

3.51 pm: Herath is off and Prasad comes in. Mishra is looking confident with the bat, certainly better than Harbhajan. A drive through extra cover gets him a single, with Saha, who has gone past his previous highest of 36, then getting one himself with a help to square-leg. India 342/7 in 103 overs, lead by 159 runs.

3.46 pm: Kaushal is hitting the right lines and lengths more often now, and as a result it is a decent over, with Saha watchful. India 339/7 in 102 overs, lead by 156 runs.

3.43 pm: Herath continues and singles are taken by both batsmen, with the lead going past 150. Mishra gets his first boundary with a dance down the track and a loft straight back past the bowler, nice shot that. India 337/7 in 101 overs, lead by 154 runs.

3.39 pm: Amit Mishra in and first ball he goes down the pitch, can't do much with it. Defends the next and then takes a single with a flashy shot to midwicket. India 331/7 in 100 overs, lead by 148 runs.

3.35 pm: Wicket, Harbhajan (14, 32b, 2x4) gone! Goes well across does Harbhajan, and misses his sweep with the ball clipping legstump. Nigel Llong is not sure what happened and goes upstairs, but the replays show the ball striking timber. Another wicket for Kaushal, his third. India 330/7 in 99.2 overs.

3.34 pm: Herath nice and tight again as Saha picks up a couple with a weird-looking paddle sweep. India 330/6 in 99 overs, lead by 147 runs.

3.30 pm: Kaushal continues and overpitches first, with Saha driving him for four through the covers. A back-foot no-ball against from Kaushal as well, as runs come easily in this over. India 328/6 in 98 overs, lead by 145 runs.

3.26 pm: Harbhajan has finally decided to get a move on now. He attempted a big shot against Kaushal in the last over and here he brings out the slog sweep, doesn't get it perfectly, but there is enough on it to carry through to the midwicket boundary. Next ball a big appeal is made by Herath, with Oxenford turning it down. India 320/6 in 97 overs, lead by 137.

3.22 pm: Spin from both ends as Kaushal also returns. Tidy over from the off-spinner for once. India 316/6 in 96 overs, lead by 133 runs.

3.19 pm: Herath replaces Prasad and Harbhajan is watchful again, with Herath also managing to beat the batsman's bat with a ball that spat and turned. Harbhajan is definitely better off attacking, as his defence is not working too well, with Herath missing the offstump by a whisker. India 312/6 in 95 overs, lead by 129 runs.

3.15 pm: Happy to see off the new ball are the India batsmen. A good over from Pradeep. India 312/6 in 94 overs, lead by 129 runs.

3.11 pm: "Harbhajanthe watchful" so far, rather than the "Harbhajan the swashbuckling". Waiting for that ball he thinks he can put away. Gets one on the hips, but finds the fine-leg fielder and it is only a single. India 311/6 in 93 overs, lead by 128 runs.

3.06 pm: Pradeep starts the third session of Day 2 of the 1st Test. Threedecent balls and then a stunning push through the covers from Harbhajan gets him off the mark. Impeccable timing that, and the ball flies to the boundary. India 310/6 in 92 overs, lead by 127 runs.

3 pm: Almost there for the final session of Day 2. Sri Lanka players are out on the field and the two India batsmen are walking out as well.

2.57 pm: Indiahave a lead of 121 runs, they will want to get that past 150, at least, and nearer 200. A few big hits from Harbhajan might do the trick. SL have bowled well with the new ball, so it will not be easy. Money should be on Lanka finishing of this India innings quickly.

2.43 pm: Finally a winning session for Sri Lanka in this Test match. Dhawan and Kohli, perhaps, were a little too circumspect to start this second session of Day 2, and one wicket turned to two, with Kaushal dismissing Kohli and Rahane in quick succession. Then Angelo Mathews took the new ball and Nuwan Pradeep picked up Dhawan, whose brilliant innings game to an end, with R Ashwin also throwing his wicket away with a lazy shot. India only scored 77 runs in 28 overs in this session, with Sri Lanka picking up four wickets.

Another 50-odd more runs, though, and India will be happy. SL need to keep picking up those wickets to end this first innings of India ASAP. Back in a few minutes.

2.40 pm: Saha stonewalls Pradeep in this over, with Harbhajan pacing down at the non-striker's end waiting for a crack. Saha obliges by taking a single down to fine-leg, giving Harbhajan three balls. First one is a play and a miss as Harbhajan just flays his bat at a ball outside off without any feet movement. Next is a ball that flies to the boundary off his thigh pads, but it is deemed a dead ball as Harbhajan wasn't offering a shot. Final ball of the over is defended well. India 304/6 in 91 overs, lead by 121 runs. Saha 25, Harbhajan 0. And it is Tea.

2.35 pm: Harbhajan Singh walks in. always entertaining when Bhajji bats, but his first ball is a good defensive shot. India 302/6 in 90 overs, lead by 119 runs. Five minutes to Tea.

2.32 pm: Ashwin gets off the mark with a streaky shot to third man. The ball does not carry to the ropes and the batsmen run three, which also brings Saha back on strike against the confident Pradeep. Ashwin is favouring the third man boundary, as he throws his hands at a short ball from Pradeep and gets a boundary to take India's score past 300.Next ball, Wicket, Ashwin (7, 4b, 1x4) gone! Lazy, lazy shot from Ashwin as he goes for an expansive drive after that third man four, misses it completely and Pradeep strikes timber. India 302/6 in 89.5 overs.

2.27 pm: Saha now the senior batsman, and he calms the buzz around with a solid defence-first over. India 294/5 in 89 overs, lead by 111.

2.23 pm: Nuwan Pradeepat the other end. Swing and seam for Pradeep as one zips away from Saha, who nods his head at the bowler in approval. No worries after that ball, however. Dhawan, though, is struggling a little bit, having batted the whole day today. It is humid out in Galle and it takes its toll. Wicket, Dhawan (134, 271b, 13x4) gone! He wasstrugglingforfitness and a tired shot follows which leads to a chop-on onto his stumps. Pradeep has his first wicket, India 294/5 in 88 overs, lead by 111. Ashwin in.

2.18 pm: DhammikaPrasad is given the new ball and after three decent deliveries, Saha brings out the cover drive for a three. Prasad then strays down leg to Dhawan and the left-hander does not miss out, whipping it away to the square-leg boundary. India 291/4 in 87 overs, lead by 108.

2.12 pm: New ball taken.

2.11 pm: Probing over from Kaushal, but the India batsmen play him well enough. India 284/4 in 86 overs, lead by 101.

2.07 pm: Saha is growing in confidence as he takes a couple off Herath and then comfortably defends the rest, before getting another two with an edgy shot through the slips. India 282/4 in 85 overs, lead by 99 runs.

2.04 pm: Saha survives an lbw appeal from Kaushal as turn and bounce again troubles the batsmen. Too much bounce probably saves Saha as he goes back on the stumps and fails to get his willow down in time. Takes a single next ball to get off strike, with Dhawan then oozing calm. India 278/4 in 84 overs, lead by 95 runs.

2.01 pm: Another over from Herath without too many runs. India 277/4 in 83 overs, lead by 94 runs. New ball to be taken soon, surely.

1.57 pm: Kaushal startshis over by beating Dhawan's bat, he's getting turn and bounce now, with the batsmen very wary. Just needs to ball all six of them in the same area. Does pretty well for five balls and then Saha drives a full ball for a boundary. India 275/4 in 82 overs, lead by 92 runs.

1.54 pm: With the spinners on top, the new ball isn't taken. Herath is not threatening too much, but he is keeping things tight. India 270/4 in 81 overs, lead by 87 runs.

1.52 pm: Saha doesn't look like he will last too long at the crease as an inside edge nearly goes to short leg, just wide of the fielder. Too survival-oriented is the wicketkeeper right now, and he needs to play a few more shots now, it is not like India are trying to save the Test match. Not daft shots, mind, but good cricketing strokes. As I say that Kaushal drops a full toss and Saha drives him straight for his first boundary. India 269/4 in 80 overs, lead by 86 runs. New ball available.

1.49 pm: Sri Lanka are pumped up now and Herath gets one to turn and bounce and beat Saha's bat. A bit appeal is made for an edge, but there was nothing there, just a little bit of extra excitement. India 264/4 in 79 overs, lead by 81 runs.

1.46 pm: First ball after drinks from Kaushal is a full toss, Dhawan drives it uppishly and Lahiru Thirimanne at short cover cannot hang on to the catch. It was a really difficult one, with Thirimanne diving to his right, but these need to stick for Sri Lanka, really do. Three straight full tosses from Kaushal, but India don't take full advantage. India 264/4 in 78 overs, lead by 81 runs.

1.39 pm: Stead over from Herath to keep the pressure on. Dhawan is key here for India, he cannot get out. India 258/4 in 77 overs, lead by 75 runs. It is time for drinks.

1.36 pm: This is where India's lack of batting depth will be tested as Wriddhiman Saha comes in at No.6. Saha survives this Kaushal over. India 257/4 in 76 overs, lead by 74 runs.

1.33 pm: Wicket, Rahane (0, 5b) gone, Kaushal on fire! Sri Lanka are fighting back. Another ball in line from Kaushal, Rahane misses his defensive shot and this ball hits him plumb in front. No hesitation at all from Llong. India 257/4 in 75.2 overs, lead by 74 runs.

1.31 pm: Herath returns and Rahane faces his first ball after Dhawan takes a single off the second ball. Defends well does the Mumbaikar and sees off the Herath over. India 256/3 in 75 overs, lead by 73 runs.

1.27 pm: Wicket, Kohli (103, 191b, 11x4) gone! Right after his hundred, Kohli plays a poor shot. Wrong length to play the sweep shot, with the full ball rapping him on the pads and it looked good the moment it his him, with Nigel Llong raising his finger as well. Kaushal gets his first wicket of the match and breaks the third-wicket partnership worth 227 runs. India 255/3 in 74 overs, lead by 72 runs. Ajinkya Rahane now.

1.26 pm: Dhawan got to a century with a boundary and so does Kohli, who gets to his 11th century with a nice drive off a full toss from Kaushal. The arms are raised in delight and Ravi Shastri leads the congratulations in the dressing room. Kaushal bowls another no-ball, this time it is a back-foot one, with the off-spinner going too wide of the crease. 

1.22 pm: No short ones to greet Dhawan from Prasad, as he stays over the wicket, sticking to that angle which might trouble the left-hander. Dhawan is happy to leave them after Kohli moves to within two runs of the century with a single. India 248/2 in 73 overs, lead by 65 runs. Dhawan 118, Kohli 98.

1.18 pm: Dhammika Prasad replaces Nuwan Pradeep. Surprising that, though Angelo Mathews might want to keep Pradeep on after he rattled Dhawan with that bouncer.

1.17 pm: Kaushal continues and Dhawan will feel a lot better as he caresses a boundary straight back. A no-ball it was as well, as the problem that faced the off-spinner on Day 1 comes back. Bowls a couple of beauties as well, though, as Dhawan gets beaten on two occasions off that ball that drifts in and spins away. India 247/2 in 72 overs, lead by 64 runs. Dhawan 118, Kohli 97.

1.12 pm: Kohli checks the back of Dhawan's head to see if there is a cut. The physio also comes into the field, but Dhawan looks like he just wants to get on with the match. Scary moment it is nowadays when a player takes his eyes off the ball, turns away and gets struck on the helmet.

1.10 pm: Kohli moves to 96 with a swat to fine-leg for a boundary. Pradeep answers with a short ball that was just way too short to trouble Kohli. A single to midwicket then means he only needs three more for his hundred. Dhawan then gets a scary smash on the helmet as he takes his eyes away off a short ball from Pradeep. He looks alright, thankfully, with a sheepish smile coming to the fore. India 242/2 in 71 overs, lead by 59 runs. Dhawan 114, Kohli 97.

1.06 pm: Kaushal replaces Herath. Turn and bounce to begin with, but going down leg and it doesn't cause any problems to Kohli. Needs to start outside off, but can't get that line right. When he pushes it outside off, though, the turn isn't there as much. India 236/2 in 70 overs, lead by 53 runs. Dhawan 113, Kohli 92.

1.02 pm: Pradeep continues and he starts around the wicket to the right-hander Kohli. Kohli moves nine runs away from a hundred with a pull to square-leg that fetches him a single, before Dhawan keeps playing carefully, with no loose strokes in there. India 235/2 in 69 overs, lead by 52 runs. Dhawan 113, Kohli 91.

12.58 pm: Dhawan looks quite comfortable against Herath, jumps down the track and gets a single straight down the ground. Then a big appeal is made as Kohli misses a sweep shot. Umpire Nigel Llong turns it down with the ball hitting Kohli on leg stump. Probably slipping down. Herath keeps troubling Kohli every now and then. Kohli then moves to the 90s with a single. India 234/2 in 68 overs, lead by 51 runs. Dhawan 113, Kohli 90.

12.55 pm: No sense of aggression so far from Dhawan, despite being well past the century mark. Happy to leave the balls outside off as Pradeep looks to induce the edge coming around the wicket. Kohli gets a couple of harmless short balls, which he sways past comfortably. India 232/2 in 67 overs, lead by 49 runs. Dhawan 112, Kohli 89.

12.51 pm: Justwarming up again are the India batsmen, with singles coming comfortably against Herath. Kohli inching closer to his hundred. India 231/2 in 66 overs, lead by 48 runs. Dhawan 111, Kohli 89.

12.48 pm: No change in bowling at the other end either as Nuwan Pradeep steams in. Good over from Pradeep with Kohli and Dhawan not given a bad ball to put away. India 229/2 in 65 overs, lead by 46 runs. Dhawan 110, Kohli 88.

12.43: A single to mid-on from Kohli brings up the 200-run partnership for the third wicket. India 228/2 in 64 overs, lead by 45 runs. Dhawan 110, Kohli 87.

12.41 pm: Rangana Herath to start the second session for Sri Lanka.

12.40 pm: The Sri Lanka players are in the middle and Dhawan and Kohli are also walking out.

We're about to begin the second session. More of the same India will say, while Sri Lanka look for a break from somewhere.

12.03 pm: Another big session for India. Dhawan and Kohli have done exactly what was required. India began Day 2 on 128/2, with the partnership at 100. They have added 99 runs in this first session, with Dhawan completing an outstanding hundred, and Kohli just 14 runs away from breaching the three-figure mark as well.

The partnership is now at 199, and there is little doubt which team will be having the better Lunch on this 40-minute break. Sri Lanka need to find some kind of bowling mojo in the post-Lunch session, or else this match will get away from them.

Play to restart at 12.40 pm, be back in about half an hour.

12 pm: A single to mid-off from Kohli takes the third-wicket partnership to 199, with Dhawan happy to let go of the deliveries outside off as Pradeep comes around the wicket to the left-hander. India 227/2 in 63 overs, lead by 44 runs. Dhawan 110, Kohli 86. It is Lunch.

11.57 am: Final over before Lunch to be bowled by Pradeep.

11.57 am: Herath returns, with just one more after this to go before Lunch. no worries for India at all. India 226/2 in 62 overs, lead by 43 runs. Dhawan 110, Kohli 85.

11.54 am: Pradeep replaces his fellow pacer Prasad. Decent over from Pradeep for five balls, with the batsmen happy to take the singles again, and then Dhawan gets a boundary off the final ball. India 225/2 in 61 overs, lead by 42 runs. Dhawan 110, Kohli 84.

11.49 am: More runs flowing off the Kaushal over as Kohli gets that cover drive out again for a boundary before a paddle gets him three more. India 218/2 in 60 overs, lead by 35 runs. Dhawan 105, Kohli 82.

11.45 am: Around 15 minutes to go to Lunch, and India continue to look untroubled. Kohli has knuckled down now after a bit of a "might be in trouble there" start. Prasad again giving it his all, but the batsmen are comfortable. India 210/2 in 59 overs, lead by 27 runs. Dhawan 104, Kohli 75.

11.40 am: A quick over from Kaushal, with Kohli and Dhawan taking three singles. India 208/2 in 58 overs, lead by 25 runs. Dhawan 103, Kohli 74.

11.38 am: Prasad has been good, on target always and never giving any free runs away. Kohli moves to the 70s with a clip through midwicket for a couple, before a single to the offside brings Dhawan back on strike, with three balls to get to that century. Nearly gets the hundred with a drive, but it finds the man at extra cover. A second drive through gets past extra cover and Dhawan gets a boundary to complete his hundred, his fourth in Test cricket. Dhawan raises his arms in delight and the players in the dressing room stand up to applaud. India 205/2 in 57 overs, lead by 22 runs. Dhawan 102, Kohli 72.

11.31 am: Change of ends for Kaushal as the off-spinner replaces Herath, who has bowled all morning. Kohli starts the over with a single, with Dhawan taking two to move to within a boundary of a hundred. Another two takes him to within two runs. India 198/2 in 56 overs, lead by 15 runs. Dhawan 98, Kohli 69.

11.27 am: Kaushal is taken off after a couple of unimpressive overs and Dhammika Prasad comes back in. Full and around off stump, Dhawan hits a couple off the middle, but can't find the gaps. Then Prasad comes around the wicket and throws one outside off, which Dhawan plays at and misses. Leaves the next couple and it is a maiden. India 193/2 in 55 overs, lead by 10 runs. Dhawan 94, Kohli 68.

11.22 am: So much more comfortable is Kohli to Kaushal, but he gets that drove working again against Herath, even if only for a single. Dhawan goes to within six runs of a century with a help to fine-leg for a couple and a single after that. India 193/2 in 54 overs, lead by 10 runs. Dhawan 94, Kohli 68.

11.18 am: The running between Dhawan and Kohli hasn't been great and there is a bit of a misunderstanding there again, even if it all works out OK. Dhawan then sweeps a Kaushal ball to the backward square-leg boundary, before he gets another three runs to third man to give India the lead in the Test match. Kohli thenincreasesthat lead with a typical whip cover drive for a boundary. India 189/2 in 53 overs, lead by 6 runs. Dhawan 91, Kohli 67.

11.14 am: Dhawan takes a single off the first ball of the Herath over, and then Kohli brings out that sweep shot for the first time this morning. Doesn't time it too well, but gets two runs for it. India 177/2 in 52 overs, trail by 6 runs. Dhawan 84, Kohli 62.

11.11 am: Herath has applied the pressure from one end, keeping things tight with runs not coming easily. It hasn't been the same from the other end, though, with Pradeep and Kaushal not able to stem the runs. The deficit is into single figures. India 174/2 in 51 overs, trail by 9 runs. Dhawan 83, Kohli 60.

11.07 am: Herath again, as the left-arm spinner looks for that vital wicket. He will want to bowl to Kohli more, as Dhawan has looked untroubled against the left-arm spin. Drawing Kohli onto the front foot is Herath, but Kohli is solid enough. India 170/2 in 50 overs, trail by 13 runs. Dhawan 81, Kohli 59.

11.01 am: The first ball is a decent one, outside off, which Dhawan is happy to watch. Next ball, though, is down the legside and Dhawan sweeps it fine for a boundary. This was Kaushal's problem on Day 1 as well, he couldn't keep the pressure on, despite bowling a few good deliveries. Gets another ball on target and Dhawan missed while playing across. A big appeal is made, but umpire Bruce Oxenford shakes his head. It was close, and the ball might have been sliding down leg, or maybe just hitting it, tough one. India 169/2 in 49 overs, trail by 14 runs. Dhawan 81, Kohli 58. Time for drinks.

10.58 am: Kaushal comes in for the first time.

10.57 am: Herath continues, and after a couple of dots, Kohli clips one fine for a two. Two more singles follow. India 163/2 in 48 overs, trail by 20 runs. Dhawan 75, Kohli 58.

10.54 am: First boundary of the day, nearly an hour into play, as a full ball from Pradeep is dispatched to the cover point boundary. Kohli is definitely looking like the more likelier batsman to get out, as another ball hits him on the pads. Again sliding down leg, though, so the appeal is a strangled one. India 159/2 in 47 overs, trail by 24 runs. Dhawan 74, Kohli 55.

10.49 am: A chance almost as a bat/pad from Dhawan falls just wide of the short-leg fielder. Herath is frustrated, but you feel he is getting closer and closer to a wicket, as Kohli plays and misses a ball that turned and bounced. Dinesh Chandimal makes an appeal for a stumping. The third umpire is asked for and no problems at all as Kohli's foot is in. India 153/2 in 46 overs, trail by 30 runs. Dhawan 69, Kohli 54.

10.45 am: Pradeep again. Singles on offer, and India are taking them. Time for the unpredictability of Tharindu Kaushal maybe? India 152/2 in 45 overs, trail by 31 runs. Dhawan 68, Kohli 54.

10.41 am: Herath comes around the wicket to the left-hander Dhawan, looking for a change in angle. Dhawan isn't troubled, but not too many runs are leaked either. India 149/2 in 44 overs, trail by 34 runs. Dhawan 66, Kohli 53.

10.38 am: Nuwan Pradeep replaces Dhammika Prasad. Kohli loses his concentration for the first time this morning, as he throws his hands at a wide delivery from Pradeep. The ball just falls short of the wide fourth slip. Lucky there for the skipper, and he needs to be more careful. Better judgement follows and it is a decent first over from Pradeep. India 148/2 in 43 overs, trail by 35 runs. Dhawan 65, Kohli 53.

10.34 am: A brief holdup in play as the ball is changed.

10.32 am: Herath continues and India are happy to bide their time. India 146/2 in 42 overs, trail by 37 runs. Dhawan 65, Kohli 51.

10.28 am: Prasad hasn't bowled to Dhawan too much this morning, but he gets a crack at the left-hander this over. Starts with that angle away, which Dhawan is happy to leave/defend. India 144/2 in 41 overs, trail by 39 runs. Dhawan 63, Kohli 51.

10.25 am: Mathews has been on the defensive from the off on Day 2 morning, but a silly point and short leg now comes in for Dhawan as Herath looks for the wicket. No problems for the left-hander, though, as he flicks one to deep midwicket for a single. The silly point stays for Kohli as well, with the skipper also taking a single, this time to mid-off. Herath bowls into Dhawan's pads again and it is another easy single. Kohli is the batsman Herath wants to bowl to as he hits the his pads again, but the ball was sliding down one more time. India 143/2 in 40 overs, trail by 43 runs. Dhawan 62, Kohli 51.

10.20 am: Prasad continues and keeps the ball just short of a good length to Kohli, with a couple of full ones thrown in. No movement or swing to speak of for Prasad, who is running in hard, trying to force a mistake from the India batsmen. Watchful is Kohli, not playing any over-the-top attacking shots. A maiden here from Prasad. India 140/2 in 39 overs, trail by 43 runs. Dhawan 60, Kohli 50.

10.16 am: Herath again and Dhawan takes a single first ball to get Kohli, on 49, back on strike. Defends a couple does the India captain, before a clip to midwicket gets Kohli his half-century. India 140/2 in 38 overs, trail by 43 runs. Dhawan 60, Kohli 50.

10.13 am: Prasad keeping it back-of-a-length for Kohli, who has no problems defending it, before slapping a wide one to deep point for a single to move to within one run of a half-century. Dhawan then guides one past the left of gully for a couple. Dhawan takes a single to fine-leg to finish the over. India 138/2 in 37 overs, trail by 45 runs. Dhawan 59, Kohli 49.

10.08 am: First ball is fired in and it raps Kohli's pads, but the appeal is turned down as the ball was sliding down the legside. Kohli then takes a single to mid-off to get off strike to the left-armer, who did trouble the India skipper a couple of times on Day 1. Dhawan takes a single behind point next ball, with Kohli watchful over the next two deliveries, before finishing the over off with a single to the onside. India 134/2 in 36 overs, trail by 49 runs. Dhawan 56, Kohli 48.

10.05 am: Rangana Herath to start from the other end.

10.04 am: Opening ball of Day 2 from Prasad is back-of-a-length, with Kohli getting on to his toes to guide the ball to the offside and run for a quick single. Next up is a full-length delivery and Dhawan drives through the offside for a couple as the man from deep point gathers the ball near the extra cover boundary. Four dot balls follow. India 131/2 in 35 overs, trail by 52 runs. Dhawan 55, Kohli 46.

10 am: Kohli to face the first ball bowled by Dhammika Prasad.

9.58 am: Dhawan and Kohli are walking into the middle. Play about to begin.

9.56 am: A few minutes away from play, the players are getting ready to walk onto the field.

9.42 am: "It was a good toss to lose," says Amit Mishra. "The moisture early in the morning helped the bowlers. The pitch has slowed down now, and we got to bat at the right time. But the wicket should take a lot more turn in the next few days."

9.39 am: Jonty Rhodes with the pitch report, and the South African does not see too many demons on the wicket. Says there isn't enough rough there at the moment to cause problems to the batsmen. Over to Dhawan and Kohli now, then.

9.35 am: It is nice and sunny again, so an on-time start and let's hope the rain stays away for another full day of this Test match.

9 am: Day 1 was fun – if you are an Indian fan – and tortuous for a Sri Lankan fan, and what awaits us on Day 2 of this India vs Sri Lanka Test match in Galle?

Virat Kohli lost the toss on Wednesday, with Angelo Mathews jumping at the chance to bat first, but from there India dominated to take the Day 1 honours in a canter.

After bowling Sri Lanka out for 183, courtesy some outstanding bowling from R Ashwin, India finished the opening day of this first Test match, and the penultimate of that man Kumar Sangakkara, on 128/2, with Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli batting.

So, how will Kohli and Dhawan fare on Day 2? To find out, stick around here to this wonderfully entertaining and enlightening (a little bigging up is allowed isn't it?) IBTImes India live blog, where we will give you live updates as it happens so that you feel like you are right there in Galle watching these men in whites play the sport with the bat and the ball.

Kohli and Dhawan will know the importance of taking the current exact 100-run partnership past the 200 mark, while Sri Lanka will know the quicker they take the wickets, the more chances they have of staying with India in this opening match of this three-Test series.

Ashwin was a happy chappy after his brilliant Day 1, while Dinesh Chandimal gave praise to the India bowlers. And if you feel like scrawling through Day 1 As it Happened, do feel free.

If you want to go the video way and watch Day 2 of the first Test match live, all the info you need is right HERE.