5.34 pm: Onlyone team were in it on Day 1 of this first Test match between Sri Lanka and India. R Ashwin set the match up with his six-for – the best ever figures by an India bowler on Lankan soil -- shutting Sri Lanka out for 183, before the India batsmen made sure Ashwin's hard work would not go for naught – and we haven't been able to say that too often in Test cricket – by finishing Day 1 on a strong 128/2, trailing Sri Lanka by 55 runs. Dhawan and Kohli, in their unbeaten partnership of 100, played intelligently and with panache when needed as well, with the Sri Lanka bowlers, apart from a few moments here and there, unable to trouble the batsmen enough.

It will be an interesting Day 2 tomorrow. Dhawan and Kohli will look for big innings, while Sri Lanka will want to get them out as early as possible and try and trigger a batting collapse.

That's it from me and IBTimes India. Do tune back for reactions and more on Day 1. See you tomorrow morning for the live blog of day two.

5.30 pm: Kaushal replaces Herath as Mathews looks for that one more wicket before close of play. India make Kaushal wait with a glove change for the batsmen to ensure this will be the final over. Singles taken in the first couple of balls and that brings up the 100 partnership between the two for the third wicket. India 128/2 in 34 overs, trail by 55 runs. Dhawan 53, Kohli 45. And that is stumps.

5.25 pm: Another over goes by as the batsmen wait for the day to end. India 126/2 in 33 overs, trail by 57 runs, Dhawan 52, Kohli 44.

5.21 pm: Same old story from the Herath over. India 125/2 in 32 overs, trail by 58 runs. Dhawan 51, Kohli 44.

5.18 pm: Pradeep continues and Dhawan gets to his half-century with a single to mid-on. Kohli then plays the shot of the day, an absolutely wonderful on-drive that sped to the boundary. India 124/2 in 31 overs, trail by 59 runs. Dhawan 50, Kohli 44.

5.13 pm: Herath, expectedly, takes over from Kaushal at the other end. Nice and tidy again from him, with Dhawan and Kohli happy to defend. An appeal is made as Kohli is struck on the pads, with the ball clearly going down leg. Kohli replies next ball with a whip to midwicket for a three. India 117/2 in 30 overs, trail by 66 runs.

5.09 pm: Pace returns as Pradeep replaces Herath. No issues to speak of for Dhawan or Kohli. India 113/2 in 29 overs, trail by 70 runs. Dhawan 48, Kohli 37.

5.03 pm: Kohli definitely prefers batting to Kaushal, and after a two to start the over, he takes the off-spinner for a boundary for another productive over. India 109/2 in 28 overs, trail by 74 runs.

5 pm: Another tight over from Herath, giving very little away is the left-arm spinner. India 100/2 in 27 overs. Half an hour to go to the close of play on Day 1.

4.58 pm: Overs going through quickly here, as the match settles into a rhythm. Batsmen happy to take the singles and wait for the bad ball, with the spinners looking for a mistake. Kohli then also brings out his new sweep shot into play, perfectly as well, for a boundary to backward square-leg. India 99/2 in 26 overs. Dhawan 43, Kohli 29.

4.55 pm: Kohli does look a little tentative playing Herath, not quite confident against the left-armer. Good over from the experienced spinner, a maiden. India 92/2 in 25 overs.

4.51 pm: Another ball that just turns away beats Dhawan's bat, with the outer edge then found with the ball falling short of the slips. A short one follows and Dhawan gets off strike with a single to the offside. Kohli takes on as well, and it is another steady over for India, made better by another no-ball from Kaushal. A big appeal is made off the final ball as Dhawan pads one away, but Llong shakes his head, with the ball clearly not coming back enough to hit the stumps. India 92/2 in 24 overs.

4.48 pm: Beautiful use of the feet from Dhawan, gets onto the pitch of the ball and drives Herath through the covers for a boundary. Takes a single to mid-on next ball, and Kohli plays out the final delivery of the over. India 89/2 in 23 overs.

4.45 pm: Lucky, lucky is Dhawan. Hits it to mid-on and goes for a single, Kohli is not interested, even if it isn't his call. Dhawan has come down past halfway and only survives because the throw is wayward. Kaushal is getting just enough turn to trouble Dhawan here. After beating the bat, he throws one short, though, and Dhawan guides the ball to third man for a three. Next ball is a full toss, and Kohli does not miss out, whips it straight back for a boundary. India 84/2 in 22 overs.

4.35 pm: No-ball-free over from Kaushal, and a decent one as well. India 75/2 in 20 overs.

4.31 pm: Spin from both ends now as Rangana Herath comes in.

4.29 pm: Kaushal again after his bizarre no-ball heavy first over. He bowls another no-ball in his second as well, with the batsmen happy to take a couple of singles. And then, off the fifth ball, Kaushal finds the outside edge of Dhawan, with Mathews dropping the ball at first slip, diving low to his left. Kohli then drives the knife in with a nice drive through the offside for a boundary. India 70/2 in 18 overs.

4.25 pm: Thebatsmen happy to bide their time and wait for the loose balls. Not too many coming from Prasad in this over, until the last ball that is as a short and wide one is spanked to the boundary by Kohli. India 62/2 in 17 overs.

4.20 pm: An unorthodox action for an off-spinner, and Kohli and Dhawan do not have too many problems first up, even if not too many runs are taken. Not that much spin to begin with for Kaushal, but he does flummox Dhawan once with a doosra, the ball that goes the other way. The over is ruined by three no-balls in the over, unacceptable for a spinner. India 58/2 in 16 overs.

4.16 pm: Spin at last as Tharindu Kaushal comes in.

4.15 pm: Still no sign of spin, as Dhammika Prasad returns. A couple of shots to the offside fails to pierce the field from Dhawan, who has scored almost exclusively in that area. Prasad then drops it short and wide, and Dhawan smashes it one-day style over the infield for a boundary. India 54/2 in 15 overs.

4.10 pm: Kohli now gets into the act. Takes a couple to start the over, and then plays a beautiful cover drive for a boundary. India 50/2 in 14 overs.

4.06 pm: Pradeep went for a few in the last over, but he comes back by troubling Kohli with a ball that nips back and bounces, leaving the batsman in a spot of bother. Dhawan isn't in bother, however, and a push through the covers earns him another couple of runs. A better cover drive earns him a boundary. India 44/2 in 13 overs. Spin time soon?

4.02 pm: Kohli has got a couple of balls down the legside, but failed to find wood on it to get off the mark. The India skipper has been out of touch and needs a few runs. No better time than the present, they say. Eight balls played, without a run by Kohli, and he then gets off the mark with a quick single to mind-off. India 37/2 in 12 overs.

3.58 pm: Nuwan Pradeep replaces Dhammika Prasad and he is greeted by a gorgeous cover drive by Dhawan. A couple of balls later, Dhawan brings out the straight drive, which also races away for a boundary. India 36/2 in 11 overs.

3.54 pm: Mathews just keeps pulling rabbits out of his hat. A wicket now after his wonderful half-century. A wicket-maiden, India 28/2 in 10 overs.

3.49 pm: Wicket, Rohit (9, 24b, 1x4) gone! Rohit is not made for Test cricket is he, everyone knows that surely by now, except maybe Shastri and Kohli. Another misjudgement, and Mathews raps Rohit on the pads, with Llong raising his finger. This time there is no no-ball, and Rohit has to walk. The end of a poor innings, and one quite symptomatic of his Test career. India 28/2 in 9.3 overs. Virat Kohli now.

3.46 pm: You need to be wary of the ball that comes back in from Prasad, and playing across the line is a big risk. Rohit would have learnt from his mistake, hopefully, and this is surely a golden opportunity to take full toll of the life that has been given to him. India 28/1 in 9 overs.

3.42 pm: Wicket, Rohit gone! And nope, not gone, what a life for Rohit as Prasad oversteps the mark. Rohit plays across the line to a Prasad straight delivery. It hits him on the pads and Oxenford gives it out lbw, but he asks Rohit to wait to check for the no-ball, and replays show it is one. Really unfortunate for Dhammika Prasad, who has been really good up front for Sri Lanka. Big, big life for Rohit.

3.39 pm: Rohit is lucky to survive as Mathews brings himself on. Shoulders arms to a delivery that comes in and it hits him on the pads. The ball probably would not have come back enough to hit the stumps and Llong shakes his head to the appeal. Next ball, Rohit says enough of the watchfulness, and he throws his hands at a wide delivery with the ball racing away for a boundary. India 26/1 in 8 overs.

3.35 pm: Patience the key for the India batsmen as Sri Lanka continue to bowl well. Nice lines and lengths, giving very little away.As I say that, Dhawan plays a flashy shot outside off, which goes into the gap between slips and gully. India 21/1 in 7 overs.

3.31 pm: Another tidy over from Pradeep, as Dhawan shows a little bit of patience, leaving the balls outside off, even if the around-the-wicket-angle is making it easier for him to do that. India 18/0 in 6 overs.

3.25 pm: Rohit Sharma comes in and gets off the mark third ball, with a shot backward of point. Not too convincing, as it was that open face again, which is asking for trouble early on. Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli has backed Rohit at the No.3 position, let's see how he goes. India 18/1 in 5 overs.

3.21 pm: Pradeep is getting a bit of shape back in to the left-hander, and that probably suits Dhawan a little more than if it goes away. Solid over from Pradeep to back the Prasad over. India 16/1 in 4 overs.

3.15 pm: After Dhawan, it is Rahul's turn for the cover drive. This one does not go for a four, though, but three runs are taken. A couple of leg-byes follow as Prasad drifts down the legside. Dhawan is an elegant player, isn't he. Even when he defends he looks good, and the timing is so good on even that, it fairly speeds to the fielder. The problem with that, though, is the edges also carry, so Dhawan will have to be careful. Wicket, Rahul (7, 7b) gone! Just when he was looking good, Rahul is walking back. A ball from Prasad tails-in, and it catches Rahul, stuck in the crease, on the pads. Umpire Bruce Oxenford takes his time, and raises his finger. A good call it looks like on the replay as well. India 14/1 in 3 overs.

3.11 pm: Up and upper seems to be the mantra for Sri Lanka to start with, with both bowlers keeping it nice and full. Rahul is looking solid to begin with – his first four balls that is – as he gets off strike in the second ball of the over with a quick single to the offside. Expect more balls on the angle for Dhawan, and so it is. The left-hander leaves one alone, while also finding the middle of the bat on another occasion, but not the gap. He then brings out that cover drive, with the ball speeding to the boundary for his first runs. India 6/0 in 2 overs.

3.06 pm: First ball is on Rahul's hips and he plays it to square-leg. Another similar delivery follows, with Rahul clipping it to fine-leg to get himself and India off the mark. Outside off on the angle for Dhawan, who leaves it wisely. Another delivery is left alone and then he cannot resist having a waft outside off, which he duly misses. More balls like that and Dhawan will give you a chance. India 1/0 in 1 over.

3.01 pm: Rahul takes strike, Dhammika Prasad to bowl.

3 pm: Time for the final session of Day 1 of the first Test, with India beginning their batting innings. The openers Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul are walking out.

2.44 pm: Brilliant bowling from India, especially Ashwin and Ishant Sharma. The fast bowlers set the tone for the innings with some good stuff up front, and then Ashwin took over. Sri Lanka could have played better and taken a leaf out of the book from Angelo Mathews and Dinesh Chandimal, but it was not to be.

The only disappointment for India will be that Harbhajan Singh did not look too good, but there is another innings at least to rectify that problem. It will be all about the batsmen from the perspective of India now as we take Tea. Back in a few minutes.

2.40 pm: Herath will go hell for leather now won't he. Yup, that reverse-sweep comes out and he finally makes decent enough contact to get a couple of runs. Boy, he loves that reverse-sweep. A big appeal for lbw follows, but Llong shakes his head. Really close, with the only question being if it struck him outside off. Doesn't matter, however, as next ball Wicket, Herath (23, 24b, 4x4) gone! Ashwin strikes timber as Herath misses his sweep and Sri Lanka are all out for 183 in 49.4 overs.

Ashwin finishes with figures of 13.4-2-46-6.

2.37 pm: Mishra does himself no favours with the hat-trick ball as it goes down the legside and Nuwan Pradeep survives it. Sri Lanka 181/9 in 49 overs.

2.33 pm: Wicket, Kaushal (0, 1b) gone! Mishra on a hat-trick! Tharindu Kaushal goes for a golden duck, a simple bat-pad which is taken by Rohit at short leg. Sri Lanka 179/9 in 48.2 overs.

2.31 pm: Wicket, Chandimal (59, 77b, 9x4) gone! Goes for the big shot down the ground, but only gets an outside edge which is pouched safely by Rahane at first slip. First wicket of the Test match for Amit Mishra. Sri Lanka 179/8 in 48.1 overs.

2.30 pm: The counter-attack from Herath is on as he spanks a couple of sweeps off Ashwin for fours. Brilliant stuff this from the left-hander, and valuable runs these are he is scoring, inching Sri Lanka closer and closer to 200. Ashwin is immediately defensive, so the chances of a wicket diminish as well. Sri Lanka 179/7 in 48 overs.

2.27 pm: Herath is certainly entertaining the crowd here. A full toss from Mishra is swept for a boundary as runs keep coming for the home team, with Herath wafting at thin air again as he attempts another reverse-sweep. The next ball is a more conventional shot, a drive, and a pretty one too, for another boundary. Apart from Ashwin, the other two spinners have been disappointing. Sri Lanka 171/7 in 47 overs.

2.21 pm: An inside-edge leads to a single first ball for Chandimal, before a ball down the legside is clipped to fine-leg by Herath. The batsmen look to run three, and there is a direct hit at the non-striker's end. An appeal is made, the third umpire has some work to do, with replays showing Herath just making his ground in time. Herath then gets back on strike and attempts an outrageous reverse-sweep, which comes to nothing of course. An Ashwin over without a wicket then. Sri Lanka 161/7 in 46 overs.

2.16 pm: After that dreadful Aaron over, he is unsurprisingly taken off, with Mishra getting a bowl for the first time in the second session. Decent over, keeps Chandimal quiet, even if the right-hander takes a single off the final ball to keep the strike. Sri Lanka 156/7 in 45 overs.

2.13 pm: Herath survives the three balls of Ashwin. Sri Lanka 155/7 in 44 overs.

2.11 pm: Ashwin gets a crack at Prasad and with his third ball he takes a Wicket, Prasad gone! A ball pushed in quicker, catches Prasad on the back foot and hits him on the pads. As plumb as they come and Nigel Llong has not hesitation in giving it out to give Ashwin his five-for. Sri Lanka 155/7 in 43.3 overs.

2.08 pm: wicket or no wicket, Chandimal continues to spank the bad balls. A shortish one from Aaron with enough room is spanked to the backward point boundary. Keeps it short does Aaron, only he knows why, and Chandimal goes over midwicket, standing halfway back from the boundary line, for another boundary. The moment he pitches the ball up, though, he looks better as Chandimal plays and misses. Chandimal is going into one-day mode here, as he flays a ball outside off over the covers for a boundary to bring up his half-century, before hitting another one to finish of the over. Sri Lanka 155/6 in 43 overs.

2.03 pm: Dhammika Prasad is in, and he plays out the remaining three balls of Ashwin, who broke a 79-run partnership between Mathews and Chandimal. Sri Lanka 139/6 in 42 overs.

2.01 pm: Wicket, Mathews (64, 92b, 6x4, 1x6) gone! A stunner from Rohit Sharma at short leg. The match was crying out for Ashwin to be brought back and the off-spinner has his fourth wicket. A bat pad flies to Rohit at short leg, he fails to latch onto the ball with his left hand the first time, but then dives back and pouches it with his right at the second attempt. Brilliant stuff. Sri Lanka 139/6 in 41.3 overs.

1.58 pm: Aaron mixing up his lengths, but with little to no effect. The pitch has definitely eased out here, and this phase is all about patience. As that is written, Aaron strays down the legside and Mathews just helps the ball along fine for a four. Mathews is lucky next ball as he throws his hands at a wide ball, and the outside edge flies past the only slip for another four. Sri Lanka 138/5 in 41 overs. Mathews 64, Chandimal 38.

1.53 pm: Pressure immediately as well as that turn and bounce returns. Even Mathews, who has looked calm and serene, looks a little uncomfortable. Only Kohli can explain his thinking behind the strange decisions in this session. A couple of balls on the stumps is taken for a single and a two by Mathews and Chandimal, with the sweep, respectively. Sri Lanka 129/5 in 40 overs.

1.50 pm: Ashwin returns, finally!

1.49 pm: Aaron continues. A little wayward is the fast bowler, and Chandimal helps himself to another boundary, with a cut through point. Sri Lanka 125/5 in 39 overs. Surely time for Ashwin now, surely.

1.41 pm: Harbhajan's figures might read 7-1-8-0, but he has made little to no impact. Doesn't matter says Kohli and Harbhajan continues. Mathews says thank you very much, and hits the first ball of the over for a six straight back to bring up his half-century, a brilliant one too. Harbhajan immediately drops it short, and a couple more runs are taken. Kohli is making some strange decisions here, really strange. Sri Lanka 118/5 in 38 overs. Drinks break. Partnership at 58, with Mathews on 54 and Chandimal on 28.

1.37 pm: Varun Aaron replaces Ishant. A couple of full deliveries to start with and then Aaron drops one short, which Chandimal pulls for a couple. Takes the partnership to 49 with that couple. Sri Lanka 109/5 in 37 overs.

1.32 pm: Dhawan has taken one catch and dropped another, but he should have inflicted a run out here. Chandimal hits to mid-on and takes off for a single, with the batsman well out of his crease as the ball passes the stumps. Dhawan had three stumps to hit, and he should have hit one of them. India haven't covered themselves in glory in the field today.

Meanwhile, Harbhajan has another nothing-really-happening over. Sri Lanka 107/5 in 36 overs.

1.28 pm: Chandimal continues to attack, after ducking down a short delivery, he hooks the next one to the midwicket boundary for a four. Another short one follows, and Chandimal keeps it down and takes a single. Sri Lanka 106/5 in 35 overs. Mathews 45, Chandimal 25.

1.24 pm: No Ashwin from this end, as Harbhajan continues. Chandimal is certainly favouring the sweep shot, misses out this time, but Harbhajan sticks to the same middle and leg line. Harbhajan is clearly not having enough of an impact here. Sri Lanka 101/5 in 34 overs.

1.20 pm: So, two overs for Ashwin from this end, and Ishant returns. Kohli is showing that rawness as a captain isn't he? As long as he learns, it will be fine, but I still wonder, whose idea it was to bring Harbhajan on first up after Lunch. really, really strange decision and one I can't wrap my head around.

Good little over from Ishant, keeping the ball outside off and beating the bat a couple of times. Mathews brings SL's 100 up with a two through the offside. Sri Lanka 100/5 in 33 overs.

1.16 pm: Harbhajan is bowling well, but surely Ashwin should be bowling from this end, surely. What is Kohli thinking here? Sri Lanka 98/5 in 32 overs.

1.13 pm: Around the wicket to Chandimal comes Ashwin, and the Sri Lankan batsman takes advantage of the middle and leg line with another sweep, this time to the fine-leg boundary. Saha must be ruing that missed catch a fair bit now, because Chandimal is looking good and dangerous. Sri Lanka 96/5 in 31 overs. Mathews 42, Chandimal 18.

1.09 pm: A bit of bounce nearly gets a wicket for Harbhajan as the ball falls just short of leg slip. Decent over from Harbhajan, who finishes the over off with an absolute peach, that went in with the angle from around the wicket to beat Chandimal's bat. Sri Lanka 90/5 in 30 overs.

1.06 pm: Ashwin is back bowling from the other end. should be bowling from the end he took three wickets, surely. Chandimal gets a boundary with a nice sweep shot to the square-leg fence. Sri Lanka slowly but surely building a bit of momentum here, with runs coming quickly enough. Sri Lanka 89/5 in 29 overs.

1.03 pm: Chandimal looks to take the attack to Harbhajan, dances down the pitch, but the off-spinner beats the batsman in the flight. Unfortunately for Harbhajan, though, the ball falls in no-man's land, just behind square. Sri Lanka 84/5 in 28 overs.

1 pm: Just onto the pads strays Ishant, and Mathews flicks it past the right of mid-on for a boundary. a no-ball follows – his third of the match – before a couple is taken by Mathews via a drive past mid-off. Good batting from Mathews, even if he gets a bit of a lucky boundary, with a pull-slap past mid-off. Not sure he meant that. Sri Lanka 82/5 in 27 overs.

12.56 pm: Strange that Ashwin has been given a break after a long break. Harbhajan is creating a few problems, but not as many as Ashwin. Sri Lanka 71/5 in 26 overs.

12.52 pm: It was a peach of a delivery from Ishant, just outside off and Chandimal was drawn into the drive, with the outside edge carrying through to the wicketkeeper comfortably. Almost took it a little too easy did Saha, and no-one could believe that he had dropped it.

Ishant throws in an lbw appeal a couple of deliveries later as well, before Chandimal drives through the covers for a three. Sri Lanka 70/5 in 25 overs.

12.49 pm: Dropped, oh my what a drop too. Regulation outside edge and Chandimal should be walking as Ishant celebrates, but Saha drops a sitter, an absolute sitter.

12.45 pm: On target with the first ball is Harbhajan, before going down the legside, almost as if he heard me, and wanted to prove me wrong. Mathews negotiates Harbhajan easily enough in the first over of the second session, a maiden. Sri Lanka 65/5 in 24 overs.

12.42 pm: Interesting, no Ashwin to start the second session. Harbhajan Singh to bowl his first over of the Test match.

12.40 pm: The players are back in the field, second session just about ready to go.

12.35 pm: Five minutes to go before the second session. India will say more of the same, while Sri Lanka will want to stem the rot.

12.02 pm: All India in this first session, with the fast bowlers starting well, picking up the openers, before Ashwin came to the fore in some style, first dismissing Sangakkara, before scalping Thirimanne and Mubarak as well. Sri Lanka need to regroup in the break and find a way to produce a big partnership between Mathews and Chandimal.

Back in about half an hour. Play will start at 12.40 pm.

12 pm: Mishra bowls the final over before Lunch. Thought Kohli might just give Harbhajan a go, even with two right-handers at the crease. Nothing-much-happened over this one. Sri Lanka 65/5 in 23 overs at Lunch.

11.57 am: Dinesh Chandimal is in, and he starts with a lofted sweep shot for a boundary off his second ball. Sri Lanka 65/5 in 22 overs. Three minutes to Lunch.

11.54 am: Solid in defence is Mubarak, and again, as I say that, Wicket, Mubarak gone! Ashwin is certainly in his groove. A ball onto the stumps, Mubarak defends, gets a bat-pad, which carries through to Rahul at short leg. Sri Lanka 60/5 in 21.3 overs.

11.52 am: Mishra has not got his length right so far. Mathews pulls for a couple to start the over, before a cut past backward point fetches him a three. That brings Mubarak on striker and Mishra bowls better lengths to the left-hander. Sri Lanka 59/4 in 21 overs.

11.49 am: Brilliant bowling from Ashwin, and Mathews will hope Jehan Mubarak stays with him for a while now. Sri Lanka 54/4 in 20 overs.

11.46 am: Ashwin looking for that crucial wicket of the Sri Lanka skipper or the vice-captain. Break this partnership before Lunch and as I say that Wicket, Thirimanne (13, 38b, 2x4) gone! The perfect off-spinner's delivery. Around the wicket to the left-hander, drifting in, pitches and then turns, with the outside edge carrying through to Rahane at first slip. Sri Lanka 54/4 in 19.4 overs.

11.44 am: Nice little partnership developing here for Lanka, with Mathews, in particular, looking good. Not a great amount of spin for Mishra in his first over, still finding his rhythm and line. Sri Lanka 53/3 in 19 overs.

11.39 am: Right on cue, Mishra comes in.

11.38 am: Ashwin continues, but Kohli might be thinking about bringing Harbhajan or Amit Mishra from the other end. a bit of turn and bounce gives Mathews some trouble. Good bowling from Ashwin here. Sri Lanka 50/3 in 18 overs.

11.36 am: Couple of boundaries in the Aaron over. First one from Mathews, who pulls a short ball to the midwicket boundary, with the second coming via Thirimanne's blade, courtesy a beautiful cover drive off a delivery that was just too pitched up. Sri Lanka 49/3 in 17 overs.

11.30 am: Plenty of turn again for Ashwin, who is enjoying bowling to the left-handers. Thirimanne plays and misses at one that turned and bounced again. Mathews looking a lot better playing the offie. Sri Lanka 40/3 in 16 overs.

11.26 am: Mathews is looking to swing the momentum back to Lanka's side, going for his shots. Aaron gets his lines a little wrong, after replacing Ishant. Sri Lanka 38/3 in 15 overs.

11.21 am: Some aggression shown by Mathews, and he nearly loses his wicket as well. Steps out and goes for the big heave, gets the inside half of the bat and the ball just goes in between of midwicket and mid-on. A little more patience needed from Mathews here, because another wicket....

Mathews isn't listening though, as a full ball from Ashwin is spanked to the wide midwicket boundary. Sri Lanka 33/3 in 14 overs.

11.16 am: Ishant keeps the pressure on Sri Lanka with a tidy over, even if he doesn't make Thirimanne play as much as he would have liked. Sri Lanka 27/3 in 13 overs.

11.12 am: Perfect first over for Ashwin, who will be encouraged by the wicket and the spin. Angelo Mathews, the skipper walks in and negotiates the next few balls of the over. Sri Lanka 27/3 in 12 overs.

11.10 am: Ooh, some spin and bounce there for Ashwin and Sangakkara (5, 12b) is gone! What a big wicket this is for India, the great man is dismissed. Ashwin balls it nicely, it takes a bit of turn, Sangakkara gets the bottom half of the bat and KL Rahul takes a really good catch at silly point. Sri Lanka 27/3 in 11.3 overs.

11.08 am: Spin right after drinks, as R Ashwin is given the ball.

11.04 am: Sri Lanka need a solid partnership between the two left-handers here. Another decent over from Ishant, as Thirimanne gets lucky, with an outside edge going through the gap between slip and gully for a boundary. Rahane went for the dive to his right, but couldn't get to it. Sri Lanka 27/2 in 11 overs. It's time for drinks.

10.59 am: Thirimanne gets off the mark with a push down the ground for a two. Sri Lanka 23/2 in 10 overs.

10.54 am: Definitely bowling better to the left-handers is Ishant, with the around the wicket line working for him. Sangakkara gets off the strike in the second ball with a single, with Thirimanne blocking a couple as Ishant targets that off-stump, with a little bit of bodyline thrown in as well. Ishant then throws in the carrot outside off, and Thirimanne plays and misses. Sri Lanka 19/2 in 9 overs.

10.48 am: First runs for Sangakkara – a whip off a short ball for a coupleto midwicket. Sri Lanka 18/2 in 8 overs.

10.43 am: Wicket, Silva (5, 24b, 1x4) gone! Another short ball does the trick. Silva goes for the hook shot, hits the glove/back of the bat and the ball goes the other way to the slips, with Dhawan, this time, hanging onto the catch. Silva does not look happy with the decision as he walks back, but Varun Aaron has a wicket as well now. Replays show, Silva was a little unlucky, as the ball might have struck the arm-guard, and not the gloves or bat. Sri Lanka 15/2 in 7.1 overs. Sangakkara, in his penultimate Test, walks in.

10.42 am: An outstanding over from Ishant. Around the wicket does the trick for India for once. Thirimanne solidly defends his first ball. Sri Lanka 15/1 in 7 overs.

10.40 am: Around the wicket Ishant as well to Karunaratne. A couple of edges fall short of gully, giving India hope. Ishant is making the left-hander play, and then shows a bit of aggression as well with a short ball.

Wicket, Karunaratne (9, 19b) gone! A gorgeous ball fromIshant. Short and right into the left-hander's body. Karunaratne has no idea how to play it, fends at the ball and the ball loops nicely for Rahane to take a simple catch running in from gully. Sri Lanka 15/1 in 6.5 overs. Lahiru Thirimanne in, not Kumar Sangakkara.

10.35 am: Aaron around the wicket for left-hander Karunaratne. He is at least making the batsmen playing, it is now down to the fielders to take the chances on offer. Concentration is so key in slip fielding isn't it, and Dhawan looked a little asleep, with his technique letting him down as well. Sri Lanka 15/0 in 6 overs.

10.30 am: Nice and tight over from Ishant again, without really threatening to take a wicket. Again not making the batsmen play enough. Sri Lanka 14/0 in 5 overs.

10.26 am: Should have been the first boundary of the Test match as Karunaratne drives a full ball outside off from Aaron. The ball, though, holds up in the heavy outfield and the batsmen run three. The next ball, though, Kaushal Silva gets that first boundary, and his first runs, with a square cut off a short ball from Aaron. Overcompensates too much after that full delivery does the India fast bowler.

Kaushal Silva is dropped by Dhawan. Silva goes for another cut, and the ball goes through straight down the throat to Dhawan, who grasses it. Man India are awful in the slips aren't they. This was as easy as they come, with Dhawan caught in two minds over whether to reverse-cup or go in a conventional manner. India could regret this drop, because Silva is capable of the big innings. Sri Lanka 14/0 in 4 overs.

10.21 am: A bit of nip off the seam for Ishant and Kaushal Silva gets an outside edge, which does not even remotely carry. Good carry again, though, for Ishant as Silva lets a few go. Not making the batsmen play enough is Ishant. He was on his way to a maiden, but oversteps in the final ball, which gives Sri Lanka a run. Decent pace from both bowlers to start, in and around the 140km mark. Sri Lanka 6/0 in 3 overs.

10.15 am: Karunaratne gets a couple with a thickish outside edge through slips and gully. Aaron testing the left-hander here with some nice lines – either right on the stumps or just outside off. Karunaratne clips the final ball to backward square-leg for a couple. Decent first over from Aaron. Sri Lanka 5/0 in 2 overs.

10.13 am: Varun Aaron from the other end. Good first coupleof balls to start with to Karunaratne.

10.10 am: A little bit more on the money to the right-hander Silva, who lets his first couple of balls go through. Decent carry for Ishant to start with as the ball is taken by Wriddhiman Saha at his eye level. A couple more balls are let go, and that is the end of the first over of the Test match. Not much movement to speak of so far, but then Ishant doesn't swing the ball as much as most. Sri Lanka 1/0 in 1 over.

10.06 am: Play starts finally. Ishant onto Karunaratne's hip and it is a single first ball for Sri Lanka.

10.04 am: This is ridiculous really. The sight screen is swaying in the breeze, and now a solution needs to be found. Couldn't someone have picked that up before the start of play?

10.02 am: Hold up before the start of play as the batsmen complain about the sight screen.

10.01 am: Karunaratne to take strike, Ishant to bowl.

10 am: The outfield does not look the greatest, showing the strains of the heavy rain in recent days.

9.58 am: The Indian huddle is in, and the Sri Lanka batsmen are walking out onto the pitch.

9.57 am: The players are walking onto the field, play about to start.

9.49 am: "We are up for it," says Ravi Shastri. "We're looking for consistency with bat and ball, irrespective of the opposition. Execute the plans and that's the sign of a good side. Nice blend of experience and youth.

"You play to win, if you can't win and then you go and try to draw a game. You never go out there to draw a game, and that's not how I will allow this team to play, and the captain thinks the same way."

9.46 am: Sri Lanka coach Marvan Attapattu: "It's an important series for us. We didn't finish the series off against Pakistan, although we had plenty of chances of winning it. So we have to show now what we are capable of.

"Test cricket is all about doing your basics well. Hold onto your catches, play long innings and be disciplined in your bowling.

"It will be difficult for someone to play Sangakkara's role. But in time somebody will take up the challenge, and hopefully go on to break his records. If that happens, Sangakkara will be the happiest I guess."

9.42 am: India have to make the running here, after SL won the toss. On a flat pitch (for Day 1) the bowlers will need to stay patient, keep their lines and lengths, or else this could prove to a be long day out of the field. Sri Lanka will be delighted to bat first, and the openers – Karunaratne and Silva – need to ensure they take advantage. See off that early little spell and then make hay while the sun (hopefully) shines.

9.40 am: Here are the teams: India: Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (capt), Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha, R Ashwin, Harbhajan Singh, Ishant Sharma, Varun Aaron, Umesh Yadav.

Sri Lanka: Dimuth Karunaratne, Kaushal Silva, Kumar Sangakkara, Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews, Dinesh Chandimal, Jehan Mubarak, Dhammika Prasad, Tharindu Kaushal, Nuwan Pradeep, Rangana Herath.

9.38 am: Kohli says he was looking to bat first as well. Pretty hard pitch he says, looks good to bat on. India to play with three spinners, so Amit Mishra gets a look-in along with R Ashwin and Harbhajan Singh. Ishant Sharma and Varun Aaron are the pace bowlers.

9.35 am: Sri Lanka win the toss and will bat first. Mathews has no hesitation in batting first on this dry pitch. Pressure already on India. Team news in a jiffy.

9.34 am: Jonty Rhodes doing the pitch report. Dry pitch, and plenty of turn on the wicket says the South African fielding master.

9.30 am: Toss time. Or so I thought, but apparently, talking about the series is more important.

9.28 am: Good news, there is no rain this morning. So, should be an on-time start.

9.14 am: Toss in about 15 minutes time, if there is no rain that is.

9.07 am: India and Test matches – the kind of combination that makes you want to shut your eyes, or allow work to actually distract you.

Well, India and Test matches will be a common combo in the next few months – thankfully most of them at home – and how Virat Kohli moulds this team will be the most interesting aspect of this first Test match of the three-match series against Sri Lanka.

Ravi Shastri has done most of the talking off the field (and boy did he talk, it was like listening to a commentary stint again, loaded with clichés) but only time, and the weather, will tell if India can do the talking on the field, starting with Day 1 in about an hour's time.

Hello and welcome to IBTimes India's live coverage of Day 1 of this first Test match (nice intro wasn't it?). Sit back, relax (as much as you can at work that is) and let us take you through the day's play with our wonderfully entertaining live blog (let's just hope it won't be dominated by rain updates).

Sri Lanka, who suffered a surprising Test series loss to Pakistan, have their own problems to worry about, but they will try to raise their game for their greatest son in Kumar Sangakkara. The man known lovingly as Sanga to everyone will call it quits in international cricket after the second Test match, which means we at least have two more Tests to enjoy the brilliance of this was-underrated-most-of-his-careeer-but-is-now-getting-deserved-plaudits left-hander.

The toss, as it always seems to be nowadays, will be crucial, and if those clouds are hovering overhead, there is a slight chance of the winning captain bowling first. But with the pitch expected to take turn in the final few days, maybe batting first, and negotiating the early morning spell, will be the better idea.

Either way, India will have to bat really well, considering they are going to play with five batsmen and Wriddhiman Saha.

And in case you want to watch the match Live -- HERE is all the information you need.