Tesla model car

The most populous of three Baltic States in Europe, Lithuania knows how to pitch a business proposal. Lithuania is chasing Tesla – US automaker and energy storage company – to build its next factory in the country.

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Elon Musk's Tesla is famous for making electric cars. Lithuania built a virtual factory inside Minecraft, a popular building block video game, to woo the California-based company.

Vladas Lasas, the leader of the project, told Hollywood Reporter that the video was a message to Musk, to prove there are "plenty of skillful" people in Lithuania and the country is a perfect site to build a massive factory.

The site that Lithuania puts forth is Kruonis. Located in the central part, Kruonis houses a hydroelectric plant and two airports.

Lasas said the virtual factory was built by 41 computer geeks in two days.

The factory is estimated to cost 5 billion euros ($5.4 billion). There are no details on factory announcement yet.

Nevertheless, Tesla took note of the virtual factory and tweeted, "Lithuania knows the way to our heart: a Gigafactory 2 pitch using Minecraft." Tesla also shared the video. 

Lithuania replied back saying, "we are ready to welcome you!"