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Tesla's Autopilot is life-savingFacebook/Tesla

If you have only been hearing about Tesla's life-saving autopilot system from the company's CEO Elon Musk, here's dashcam video footage to prove just how efficient it is.

How is the self driving car industry thriving after the Tesla crash?

A freeway car crash on the highway in the Netherlands was caught on camera by a Tesla Model X driver, which also shows the car's autopilot system predicting the accident much before the driver could.

In the video, the Tesla Model X's autopilot warns of a potential collision due to a braking vehicle, which is not in the driver's view. The autopilot basically tracked two cars ahead of the Model X and prevented what could have been a fatal accident for its driver.

Tesla released the version 8.0 software update in September, which added a new feature that looks ahead of the car driving immediately in front of the Tesla. The new radar-processing capacity in the system bounces underneath or around the vehicle in front to see the cars ahead of the Model S or X.

The new feature was rolled out in all Tesla vehicles equipped with the first-gen autopilot and the auto-maker will soon push the OTA software update to second-gen hardware as well.

Electrek's Hans Noordsij, who shared the video on Twitter, confirmed that everyone involved in the accident "turned out to be OK", which is a bit surprising as the footage shows the SUV roll over twice.

Tesla cars are not labeled as 'fully automated self driving machines' despite their highly-capable autopilot systems. Drivers are required to stay vigilant and be prepared to take control of the vehicle whenever necessary, or when prompted by the car.

Tesla autopilot's safety was brought into question after two fatal accidents occurred earlier this year.

In May, a Model S driver was killed in Florida when his car failed to detect a tractor-trailer crossing in front of it. In another incident in September, a Tesla Model S driver died from a collision with a road-sweeper in China.