Scott Disick Sofia Richie
Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are reportedly very much in love.Romain Maurice/Getty Images

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have been together for over a year and it seems dad Lionel Richie is finally accepting his daughter's much-older boyfriend and the 15-year age difference between the two.

Reportedly when 20-year-old Sofia began dating 35-year-old Scott Disick, Lionel Richie wasn't exactly pleased about the situation. However, it appears that the famous singer has finally made his peace with it.

A source close to the 'Hello' singer revealed to Hollywood Life, "It's no secret that Lionel has never been a fan of Scott's and that he wished his daughter had fallen in love with a man more age appropriate—but, as time's gone on it's grown apparent that Scott isn't going anywhere, so Lionel has had to bite the bullet and learn to tolerate Scott, and the funny thing is that he's actually starting to grow on Lionel."

Apparently, Lionel Richie is warming up to Scott's various quirks. "Scott is genuinely really charming, funny and super smart, and when he's not playing the part of 'Lord Disick,' he's a pretty humble and nice guy," the friend shared. "It helps a lot that Scott clearly loves Sofia, and Lionel has come to realize that, in addition to realizing that Scott hasn't got any ulterior motive for dating his daughter, and really does genuinely care for her. Lionel loves to still bust out with the protective dad act, and bust Scott's balls from time to time, but they've developed this schtick between them now, and they're even developing somewhat of a friendship, It's kind of cute actually, and it makes Sofia really happy to see the two men she loves most in the world getting on together finally."

Sofia and Scott did have a few ups and downs with Richie being uncomfortable about the reality star spending time with his ex, Kourtney Kardashian.

The former couple had checked into the same hotel on a trip to New York City along with their kids and reportedly Sofia wasn't too happy about the co-parenting situation. But, it seems that her man did his part in making his lady feel secure and the two could not be happier together.