aliens on Mars
ET Data Base/NASA

Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that aliens had lived on Mars in the ancient days and remnants of the Martian civilization are still present on the Red Planet. Now, popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring has claimed that he has discovered irrefutable evidence of alien existence on Mars.

In a recent post on his website, ET Data Base, Scott C Waring revealed that he has spotted several mysterious structures on the Red Planet, and interestingly, all these structures have a similar shape, just like ancient 'E'.

"I found some really amazing structures in the southern part of Mars. The structures appear to be above the ground tunnel like...almost as if a dome was stretched out. One of the structures is in the shape of a capital E. This must be a structure in the shape of alien writing. The word might have a religious or cultural meaning," wrote Waring on his website.

Waring also blamed NASA, the United States space agency for covering up real facts about alien life by giving mundane excuses.

"NASA tries to explain the formations as carbon dioxide freezing and creating these structures, but we all know that NASA cannot be trusted to tell us the truth. The structures do appear ancient, but are still in extraordinary condition and might be a good location for a future Mars base one day since the structures are already completed," added Waring.

Waring also uploaded a video on YouTube describing his findings, and it is now receiving positive responses from alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that NASA could not lie about alien existence anymore, as Waring has put forward an undeniable proof that substantiates extraterrestrial presence on Mars.

"Very interesting Scott, looks to me like those things are on a dry sea/lake bed, looks like they may have been seed pods of some kind, notice that some are round while others are opened up or tried to. Just a thought," commented God's Love, a YouTube user.

"It's possible that they could be giant Bunkers that go deep underground for protection against the elements of the planet or attack's from above great work Scott," commented George Mair, another YouTuber.

A few days back, a research report published in the Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science had suggested the possibility of extraterrestrial existence on Mars even now. In the study report, researchers claimed that they have spotted algae and fungus on the Red Planet. Researchers made this conclusion after analyzing several photos taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover.