alien base on mars
UFO Sightings Daily

Scott C Waring is a self-proclaimed UFO researcher based in Thailand who has been making unbelievable claims about alien existence over the past few years. In his website, UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C Waring has posted several images, and most of them showcase anomalies in NASA images apparently taken from the Mars and the Moon. Now, Waring has uploaded another photo that shows some weird structures on the surface of the Red Planet.

After analyzing the photo taken by NASA's rover, Waring claimed that he has spotted an alien base, a tunnel and a pyramid on Mars. The self-proclaimed researcher also outlandishly claimed that the alien base is connected with the pyramid through this tunnel.

"What would an ancient alien base look like on Mars? Well this photo from the NASA website clears up that question. I found an alien base at the bottom of the photo. The thing that really stands out is the square structure with a tunnel connecting a pyramid area. What this tells me is that the aliens that created it did not just roam around the planet freely but instead used the tunnels to stay safe," wrote Waring on his website.

Waring also added that this alien structure is actually one of those many buildings he spotted on the surface of Mars. The Taiwanese researcher even went ahead and claimed that human scientists who changed the course of humanity with their inventions could be influenced by aliens or they may be real aliens who might be disguised as humans.

"Those creative geniuses that changed the world with their art, religion, math, science and technology...were either influenced by aliens to do the work or were aliens themselves. So...if we knew the truth about aliens it would force humanity to look back in history and see where aliens influenced us the most. Our entire history might change forever," added Waring.

Even though Waring is adamantly continuing his outlandish claims about aliens, no one from the scientific community has responded to his findings. Most of the experts who had previously analyzed the findings of Scott C Waring believe that his discoveries are actually classic cases of pareidolia. It should be noted that pareidolia is the peculiar capability of human beings to form recognizable images on unknown patterns.